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Malibu's Most Wanted

6/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've been doing some digging, and turns out, the Malibu brawl last weekend was the tip of the iceberg.
Back in the day of "Celebrity Justice" (Memba Them?), we found a Malibu-based gang known as Malibu Locals Only (MLO). The gang had allegedly been assaulting college students and tourists that hung out on parts of the beach MLO considered its turf. One altercation led to a lawsuit against a famous celeb's son.

And there's more...

In 2004, Brawley Nolte, Nick's boy, was sued for allegedly being part of a Malibu group that beat a teenager from the San Fernando Valley so badly, he was left with permanent brain damage. That case was dismissed.

Cops tell us that MLO isn't officially considered a gang because they don't meet gang criteria. Yes, we thought that too. If this happened in Compton, we're thinkin' it might be another story.

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MLO is a bunch of kooks    

MLO is a bunch of kooks who think they can surf when they cant. Anyone who seriously considers themselves a gang in Malibu obviously does not have anything better to do. It must be a really hard initiation to get into that gang, I bet the only way to get into the gang is if your parents have a membership to the country club. These guys are not surfers just a a bunch of kooks who still live with their parents. If they are really locals then why is Matt McConaughey. Also to let everyone know, nobody in MLO surfs they just sit on the beach and try to act tough.

2275 days ago

Troc Blailor    

If you lived in Malibu you would understand what an annoyance paps, TMZ, and valley trash is. Malibu is not a tourist town, yet all this garbage comes from the valley to see "celebrities" and screw up the roads & beaches and TMZ just makes it worse by jerking off over this "story". These idiots photogs got what they deserve and there should be open season on paps - anytime & anywhere.

2275 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Yes, gangs are bad - even white ones. I've seen people with that tattoo down south, though ... but not on anyone I found intimidating. Maybe TMZ is doing an experiment ... to see how much horrible stuff they can say about a white gang, and still have said gang accepted by you people. If they were black surfers (haha) these articles would have 1000+ racist statements.

GANGS AND VIOLENCE ARE BAD - no matter what color the people are, and no matter who they're attacking. It is WRONG.

2275 days ago


i love it, TMZ and X17 are grasping to so hard to take the heat off of them. That they are trying to show regular people that are just fed up with the paps on the beach that they are some how a gang. MLO, is old school. Those guys in that video werent MLO. Heck the average age of MLO guys haveto be inthe early 50's now. TMZ is a joke. The PAPS are going to lose again!

2275 days ago


It's ridiculous the criteria for a gang. How can anyone determine what someones intent is when they start a gang? I think using the name MLO pretty much says it all. It is to keep anyone but locals out and how else are they going to do that but through violence considering everyone has the legal right to be there.

I have to say I'm more than impressed with TMZ's detective work. They always find information that no one else seems to be able to.

2275 days ago

Troc Blailor    

PenisForBrains is correct. The average oldschool MLO is well over 40. Maybe TMZ should write a story about the 2nd generation of MLO...

2275 days ago


What does Compton and Malibu have to do with each........................not a damn thing! Yes, they are both in CA but, other than that.................nothing!

TMZ, in all your digging to make this a STORY, why not dig for some REAL news!

2275 days ago

idaho potato    

#3 - lol

TMZ could be considered a 'gang' by some standards as well. This is nothing; no news. Two guys and the bikini chick (love her) put tmz in its place and... oh, oh, now they're a gang problem?! Get out of private lives and you won't get your butt kicked. Next time, show the unedited video from start to finish. You (tmz and others) instigated it and got what you deserved. Stay tune, I'm sure there's more to come.

2275 days ago


if celebs deserve being "shot" by paps because thats the price they pay for being famous, then paps deserve getting their asses kicked because thats the price they pay for being stalkers.

2275 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Troc Blailor - yeah, I've read what you guys have to say about how sick of the paps people in that area are. I bet if none of you posted comments on TMZ, the amount of comments would drop by at least 90%, and then maybe TMZ would take a hint. It's worth a shot, right? God knows that beating them up on cam hasn't helped anything ... it seems they've only profited from it.

2275 days ago


We live a block from a beach so we're considered "locals". As locals we hate when people visit the beach and show no respect. I stand behind anyone who does their part in keeping the beach clean and free of c**p. Whether they are called a gang or not I stand behind these guys shutting down the paps!

2275 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

You guys at TMZ just can't believe that the public views you like a vulture on society. You guys deserve to get the crap kicked out of you. You try to justify the outlaw behavior of your minions by getting a story on silly girls with no underwear or hunks on surfboards? Right.

STFU. America has decided and you suck.

2275 days ago


None of this negates the fact that cities need to regulate pap's. That is what bothers you guys the most and what is behind your smear campaign against surfers and beach-goers. The Govenors and State Legislatures are now going to crack down on your operations and force restrictions and permits on you. Something obviously overdue.

2275 days ago


Keep trying, TMZ. You're going to garner very little sympathy for these vultures. You wanna be a pap, you better figure on getting some ass-whuppings. It goes with the territory. Isn't that what you say about celebs? Quit being such crybabies.

2275 days ago


Yes sir, I see my boys are sill running strong down on the surf. havent been on A board in a few, maybe I'll have to hang ten some time in the near future. dont get me wrong, if the paps had a little more class and didnt verbaly beat down the celebs just to get a responce out of them or swarm them lick flies on $hit and stand back have A little respect then maybe this kind of stuff wouldnt happen. MAYBE TRY BEING A LITTLE MORE RESPECTABLE FOR TWO WEAKS AND SEE HOW YOUR PAP TO CELEB RELATIONSHIP CHANGES.

2275 days ago
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