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Jen Aniston Snaps at John Mayer

6/29/2008 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Relationships are temporary. Photos last forever.
Jennifer Aniston hung out by the stage to take some shots of boytoy John Mayer during his performance at London's Hyde Park yesterday.


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Can't hate on Jennifer, but I don't think this relationship is going anywhere. It's not an age thing, it's a maturity thing, and John Mayer has a long way to go. Jennifer - find yourself a real man!

2272 days ago


Alright, first of all, we should all know the game of exgirlfriends/exboyfriends making up false stories about THEIR ex's new girlfriend/boyfriend. To actually believe that John said "I don't get the whole Jennifer Aniston thing" to his then-"girlfriend"-at-the-time, aka Minka Kelly, is just absurd. From what sources are saying John and Minka had a constant on again off again relationship, and during an off time with her he was introduced to Jen A. by a friend they were both mutually close to. So it would make sense for Minka throw in some psycho-babble B.S. about "John not getting the whole Jennifer Aniston thing". And what does that mean of course? Either, at least, two things: A) He doesn't understand the whole hype surrounding her (as if she doesn't deserve credit), or B) he thinks she is awesome and gorgeous and doesn't understand why she is still single. And if he did say it, obviously him "not understanding her" makes her a mystery to him and we know how men are about mysterious women, especially if they are hot. He's dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, and Minka Kelly. With the exception of Cameron, he is probably ready to date someone hot that HAS A BRAIN, someone who knows chicken of the sea is actually tuna fish, as if chickens could even survive in the ocean........ maybe what he meant to say was "I don't get the whole Jessica Simpson thing" Now that would be completely believable!!!!!

2272 days ago


I don't get why some here are saying things like 'she's absolutely amazing', 'she's beautiful here'..........WHAT? First, that is not a really good shot of her. She IS average----not ugly at all but not the most beautiful she has the body of a 12 year old adolescent. Where is her career? She is NOT a great actress..but what else is she going to do??? She won't be getting a regular she stays in Hollywood trying to pretend she is this She is known for Friends...that's it and that's exactly what she and John Mayer will turn out to be----FRIENDS and nothing more. Jenn doesn't have it and she really looks desperate. I'm tired of her and all the fawning over her honestly. People just feel sorry for her because Brad Pitt left her and has already settled into a new life and seems very passionate and happy with Angelina Jolie.

2272 days ago


Desperate..................stop fawning over this pathetic woman please. Brad is not coming back! John Mayer will be leaving soon. She needs to get a life. All she does is hang onto men and hang around Courtney Cox and her husband...........

2272 days ago


Take all the pictures you want Jennifer because John will definitely be moving on. Kissing a human chain smoking ashtray gets old real quick.

2272 days ago


I know everyone wants the best for Aniston because of her marriage breaking up, but I don't really. She had the chance to be happy with Brad Pitt, but she wasn't ready to have a family with him so HE moved on. I mean how many men will we have to watch her with before she finds one that isn't a either Vince Vaugn type or the man whore she is with now. I mean John has had his penis inside Jessica Simpson. That should tell you to stay the hell away.

2272 days ago

robert hansen    


i'm happy for jen; she deserves a good man....

sounds like you're walking
around blind without a cane;

with this guy, you don't need to read braille to
see that they've run out of human beings........

2272 days ago


Bitter old hag? #14, you must be nuts! She looks fabulous. He is adorable. And big deal about the so-called age difference. Always a double standard...look at that doddering old fool Hugh Hefner and his "girlfriends." That's somehow okay?

2272 days ago


Jennifer Aniston seems like the biggest high maintenance pain in the butt there is. Once Mayer moves on to the next one, it's a sure bet she will end up in rehab.

2272 days ago


I am sure Aniston is not losing sleep over Brad and Skeletor anymore. Sounds like perhaps she never was. Aniston with the body of a 12 yr old? She actually has curves unlike (until pregnant) Jolie with veins protruding from her forehead and arms. Frankly, I am happy she is having different relationships. I don't think that makes her sound desperate. Honestly, I thought she seemed more lonely, etc right after the break-up with Pitt and I was afraid she would jump into the first relationship and marry the guy right off. Good for her for hunting around--and at least the guys she hooks up with are actually single.

2272 days ago

that's all    

Much as I can't stand the stick bony self mutilating woman AJ, Jennifer makes a fool of herself fawning publicly over John Mayer or whoever hanging over men humping them in the hopes that Brad P. will get jealous. AJ also is very jealous of their prior relationship and does every thing possible to show her big belly which only makes her look like Mrs. goth Potato head with bony arms, and she has BP tote all those kids around that are tall enough to walk and their legs are nearly dragging on the ground. She figures she'll keep him occupied from other woemn with a nursery full of brats from the 3rd world and keeping pregnant. Good luck. It will get old. They are both jealous of each other and are competing with one another face, it. And why? I don't get it. Brad P. to me anyway, was never anything special and isn't way as cute as Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale, and a few other dark hairs. I never liked the way his jaw stuck out. The only one time he looked good was in the vampire movie. to me anyway. Both these bitter hags need AJ and JA need to stop being jealous of each other and move on with their pathetic lives. Obviously money and fame don't buy self-esteem or rpeace of mind.

2272 days ago


For the very first time, I start to feel pity for this sorry excuse of a woman. She is FORTY years old, dressed and groomed like a very inadequate 20 something. The upper lip collagen went just a bit too much this time. Really, I know your superstar husband left you taking the superstardom with him, but is this all really worth it? Just to stay in the limelight with your nipple sticking out from your shirts? It's so 90s, and FYI, it's THE PAST. Oh Lordy.

2272 days ago


Jennifer ONLY uses NIKON gear -- Yeah!!! (Canon is consumer-driven; Nikon is technology-driven)

2272 days ago


What in the world has happened to her nose and lip area? She looks like a pig/turtle combination.

As for the relationship - I could care less who she/he is with but it would be tough to date someone that dated Jessica Simpson. I used to like John but his choices are strange.

2272 days ago


Annie2 - Speaking about veins, did Angelina get rid of the big purple snake she had on her forehead? I wondered if it was gone or covered up.

2272 days ago
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