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Jen Aniston Snaps at John Mayer

6/29/2008 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Relationships are temporary. Photos last forever.
Jennifer Aniston hung out by the stage to take some shots of boytoy John Mayer during his performance at London's Hyde Park yesterday.


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What I know now at 40 is better than what I knew at 20. This society has become so superficial and self-absorbed. There is more to life than a woman's looks. Looks fade over time, and you can't stop the aging process. You only have one life to live on this earth, and you better make the best of it while you can. Looks are only a small part of life. There is more to a person than just their looks and age.

2272 days ago

The Hulkster    

Is that a rock hanging from the ring finger of her left mean that skank got a ring before i did ??

2272 days ago

that's all    

She's ugly. Always had a big, odd, rectangular mouth. She's nothing special. And I think she IS desperate.

Well hell, Angelina Jolie is no prize, either. She has a grotsquely skinny body, knees like doorknobs, and is only pretty from the neck up as jennifer is pretty from the neck down. Brad can't get any woman right all over. Not that he's any prize to begin with that ugly goatee and stupid Robert Redfor jackets.

2272 days ago

Really, really sad    

I can never understand the fascination about getting old. If you take care of yourself, you can look good until you're 70. I'll never forget Letterman's interview with Lohan when he said hey, your co-star Jane Fonda was on my show...she is 70 and looks great and you are...long pause.

I'd rather have Jane Fonda's body and skin, then Lohan's. Look at Jen's body compared to Misha Barton or Tara Reid. Who would you rather look like? I don't think it matters if you are 20, 30, 40 or even 50 (Madonna!). You can look great at any age if you eat right and take care of yourself. Jen is a gorgeous 39 year old with a perfectly toned body... she will look like that until she is 70. Believe me.

2272 days ago

Make It Right!!    

#44, well said. And that is exactly WHY Brad Pitt moved on. Got tired of waiting for his life to begin...with the family he so desperately wanted to have with Jen. And why does everyone presume Jennifer Aniston IS going to have a kid?? She seems pretty secure in not having a kid, ever. Why will having a kid validate her existance? Why would her getting married do that either? It is her fans who think that until she marries and has a child of her own, she will remain Brangelina's victim and they will always pity her. Lauren Bacall never married after Humphrey Bogart and she said he was a man impossible to replace. Maybe that is the case for Ms. Aniston and Brad Pitt? Or maybe the whole experience has changed her mind about marriage in general. What if Jennifer Aniston CHOSES to never marry again and to never have kids? Will you still, 10 years from now, still blame Brangelina for her choice??? Brad wanted family, she didn't. They went their seperate ways. END OF STORY PEOPLE! It happens everday in this country. Maybe every hour of every day! Maybe every minute of every day that a couple decides to go seperate ways. What makes Brad and Jennifer's split so dang special that it has to continue to play out in the media over 3 years later??? Let Jennifer BE HAPPY WITH HER CHOICE!!

2272 days ago


Why is he dating his MOM?

2272 days ago


Ahem, I bet your really ugly - usually ugly comments come out of ugly people, not necessarily ugly on the outside, but ugly from the core. Thgey just criticize and judge, and make fault of everything and everyone because there own life is empty, bitter and lonely, they don't like who they are. Damn it sure is true misery loves company cause there sure are some miserable people commenting needing company. All you people spouting off about her being desparate because she can pull a man 9 yrs her junior, should just stop hating already - let people love/like/lust who they want and if they get a moments pleasure, happiness, love from it be happy for them and hope for the best - Life is short stop making the simple things so if I am allowed at 40 something to be attracted to, love by, adored, or even simply played with by someone younger - solve world hunger or global warming stay out of people's bedrooms.

2272 days ago

Staci's the missing Olsen triplet. YIKES!!!!!!!!

2272 days ago

that's all    

No, actually I'm not ugly, but if it makes you feel better to think so go right ahead. I don't worship celebreites like you do and I happen to be bored at work and looked at tmz. Not everyone worships AJ like you krackheads do, and I have plenty to say nice about some stars who are real and down to earth, not phony baloney attention whores like these two. So get a life, and get over the fact I simply think the b1tch is ugly. don't worry. it's only entertainment.

2272 days ago


John is sooo cool, but I continue to be mystified at the interest in Jen. She was good on an ensemble TV show, has done a bunch of B movies---B at best---and contributed nothing to improving life. A Shelley Long in the making!

2272 days ago


Shes just looking for stud service I heard her latest movie is a big dud too, shes a whine-box and selfish thats why no man want she for more than a couple month, poor Brad was a sap.

2272 days ago


Ironically, Brad is the neediest of all the parties involved. He is the one who morphs into the belle du jour, depending on who he is dating. He winds up looking like a sibling to them...which could be just how Jolie likes it. Just like his production company, Plan B, which seems to summarize him in a word. When something isn't going your way, go to Plan B.

2272 days ago


Old lady cooter. Yuk.

2272 days ago


Your ad here,

Lauren Bacall married Jason Robards around 1962, and they had a son named Sam in 1963. That marriage didn't last even a few years. Yes, Bogart was a tough act to follow.

2272 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Well then, it is not the first tme today that I stand corrected! Thank you for enlightening me! I heard the interview when the film The Mirror Has Two Faces came out and both the question asked and the answer that followed made it out that Bogart was Bacall's ONE AND ONLY LOVE in her life. They made no mention whatsoever of her marriage or her child with Jason Robards. Thank you. Learn something new everyday! So maybe Jennifer will get married again as well...but if not, it does not define a person. Neither does it define her if she has a child or does not. She is living the life she chooses to live. People should just let every one live their lives as they choose to. And I love the people who come on to TMZ and cry about the problems in the world and why are we on here worrying about celebrities lives....well, I do my part in my community and this is for my fun. My question is, why are the on TMZ looking for global NEWS and expecting the people on here to be concerned with things that have nothing to do whatever with this website! I am a member of the UNHCR as well. But there is no place for that on TMZ.

2272 days ago
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