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Jen Aniston Snaps at John Mayer

6/29/2008 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Relationships are temporary. Photos last forever.
Jennifer Aniston hung out by the stage to take some shots of boytoy John Mayer during his performance at London's Hyde Park yesterday.


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Make It Right!!    

Plan B was a name Brad and Jen came up with what the name implies must then imply to the both of them!
But it was under his sole control that he Produced Martin Scorcese's The Departed. Smart choice Brad! It is even on the posters and dvd box...produced by Brad Pitt.

2305 days ago


Who cares? They make beautiful music together. Go Jen, get it while you can! Those of us married gals in looooonngggg term commitment live vicariously through Jennifer Aniston. When you are done with him, I've heard Guy Ritchie's available...

2305 days ago

that's all    

#73. Old Hollywood was just as whacky as the new one probably even moreso. Plus, they had waaay more make-up on back then. Ever saw some of those old stars from the 30's and 40's without pancake on? Gah!

2305 days ago


Pathetic. Jennifer is desperate. John Mayer is a nobody and he dated too many young celebrities before her, He had 1 hit song and thats it , he probably wants to use her so he can be an actor

2305 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I have never heard either Brad or Angie say anything bad about any of their exes. In fact the opposite! I have only heard them say positive things about their exes. And Brad sent Gwyneth flowers when she won her Oscar even tho he was with Jennifer and Gwyneth speaks highly of him now...and Angelina and Billy Bob are still I just don't see the two of them turning into Kim/Alec or Denise/Charlie when they split up. I think they will handle themselves like real grown ups and be very civil with each other.

2305 days ago


she's a skank

2305 days ago


I know that, #77. It's just too much fun to make fun of Brad Pitt, I couldn't resist. Aniston was supposed to be in the Pearl movie first until he moved on to his next thing with Jolie then it went to her. Just shows how wishy-washy the guy is. He's a first rate loser. You make him sound like some sort of genius for The Departed. Doesn't take too much to figure out one should hook up with Scorcese when given the opportunity.

2305 days ago


she seems like a psycho and maybe a little worried that he' ll leave.

2305 days ago


I do like Brad as an actor, though, unlike his current squeeze. He's just not the sharpest tool in the shed.

2305 days ago


Old Hollywood....gag me.
She is a grade b star at best.

2305 days ago

Single Mom    

I hope Jen is getting fabulously laid by Mayer. She should just enjoy herself, but not get too stuck on him because he is known to be a player.

2305 days ago


Brad belongs to the "Ego Maniac Club" along with Cruise and Clooney. Matthew McCoughney has applied for membership but I don't know if they have accepted him yet. Jen can do so much better than that freak Bfrad.

2305 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Well Annie2, I saw the interview with Jennifer Aniston just after they acquired the rights for A Mighty Heart and she said herself that she would NOT be starring in the film. But, as far as guys in general go, musicians are way hotter than actors! Except for Mr. Johnny Depp!! He covers both grounds nicely!!

2305 days ago


Jen is nasty... her aging man face is not going to snag many more roles. John Mayer will soon move on, I'm sure. As far as Brad, he has definitely upgraded!!!

2305 days ago


Yeah,theres a LOT of pathetic women having babies to cement relationships(i was one).Truth told=MEN can leave/dump women and have babies til they're 90.Us poor pathetic gals bragging up pregnancy to have the men forever end up miserable when we see the babies daddy with YOUNGER prettier women....................i think Jen was wise waiting before she destroyed her beautiful belly on Brad Pitt.At least she can play the field,and,kick up her heels and have fun.I watched ~WANTED~what a horrible actress AJ is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty, but, lousy actress.Her career was built on her looks.Shes definitely wayyyyyyy to skinny now.The movie is pretty good despite her with the other GOOD actors in it.BBT is better looking in my opinion than PITT,and,way more intelligent.I would have had his babies just for that reason.Pitt is not the smartest guy(interview)sic.But,he cannot help that.All in all.........Jen in my opinion is better off.I still think Brad loves her and a part of him always will.Just like other guys before him=he couldnt resist a young,pretty gal.His character flaw=not Jens.And,Jen is lovely............................her pic is gorgeous.

2305 days ago
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