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Obama Vandal -- One Dumb Cracker

6/29/2008 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Democratic candidates for Prez should just steer clear of Florida.
Barrack Obama
Anti-Barack Obama vandals spray-painted 60 vehicles last night at Orlando's city hall -- with enlightening comments like "Oboma [sic] smoke crack" and racial slurs.

The weirdest part? Business cards left at the scene apparently belonged to supporters of Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: Hillary's camp just sent us this statement: "There's no tolerance for this kind of activity in the political process. Hillary Clinton strongly supports Barack Obama and urges all of her supporters to do the same."

We're waiting on a comment from Barack's people.


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Obama's campaign probably did the spray painting--you can just imagine Obama heading a 3-day meeting about how dumb, bitter people would spell things like smoke (sic) and Obama (sic).

It probably took them a whole day to try to figure out which business cards they should leave behind--Clinton or McCain's.

What a sad gimick by the Obama folks to try to get some pity.

More smoke and mirrors coutesy of Obama.

*This message not endorsed by Hillary Clinton or John McCain*

2273 days ago


TMZ that is messed up that u would put the word "cracker" up there when we dont even kno the color of the person that did it. But it really funny to me that the person that did cant even spell the man name right who in the world is Oboma.

2273 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    


Haha, yeah, Obama's going to risk his credibility and entire campaign just to have a few vehicles spray painted. That would be totally in tune with how he's campaigned so far. Great theory you've got there (rolls her eyes).

2273 days ago


Oh come on. I cant believe Hillary even has to answer to this. I too believe crap like this is only going to get worse. One step forward 10 steps back, people are never going to change. Idiots.

2273 days ago

Big Bear    

FIBiker rides a bicycle!!! FI could not ride a Harley unless it had training wheels.

2273 days ago


If this vandalism had happened at a republican function: 1) It never wouldv'e made mention. 2) Folks at TMZ would be falling off their chairs laughing. Florida is not the problem, haters on both sides who are intolerant of other's views and beliefs are the problem. BTW, nice way to label people from Florida as "crackers"(but becuase the south is viewed as being predominantly conservative, that's OK right?)

2273 days ago


Well you know between Obama busing in supporters, and the whole fiasco with the fainting ladies--I wouldn't put it past him.

He's having a lot of trouble shoring up support among Clinton supporters. What should he do?

If you witness his strategy up to this point, he should play the race card. It has worked like a charm--scaring grown up women and men, usually fair minded journalists and pundits, into weak willed jellyfish afraid to be labeled a racist.

I admit it's genius because it acts as a real deterrent to criticizing anything about him.

But it's also disillusioning. I used to support the guy, but toppling race relations and setting us back as a country so he can win is bad form.

It's terrible that the DNC mishandled the election. Giving Florida and Michigan half votes and not penalizing other states that assigned delegates outside of the DNC rule window...looks shady.

So too was it shady to flat out give Obama 4 of Hillary's Michigan delegates.

Unfortunately, it has left the sour taste that Obama was selected not elected.

That's why he's having trouble with Clinton supporters. Obama should have stopped using his lawyers to block re-votes in Florida and Michigan.

He wanted the nomination handed to him. He didn't want to earn it. Now that laziness is biting him in the butt.

But he figures that he'll just label non supporters racist.

2273 days ago


Hillarys supporters are a bitter group. It's hard not to feel sorry for them, there is no way Obama can win the white house.

2273 days ago


Republicans blaming Hillary - this is so indicative of their practices. This is only the beginning and now we will see copycat pranks for both candidates now.

Where in the world were the security City Hall, no less. They had time to do this to SIXTY cars?

Karma always finds a way back people to whoever did this....

2273 days ago

TMZ - Pot calling the kettle black    

I think this article is hilarious. Not because of the racially charged language – because it is inexcusable. And, certainly not, because of the disgusting graffiti that was written on those cars. I find it funny because TMZ is making fun the spelling and grammar of the individuals that wrote the graffiti. TMZ needs to read the material that they post. The number of misspelled words, omitted words, and grammatically incorrect sentences is ridiculous - especially considering they are so called "journalists". So, how is it that the writers at TMZ felt justified in ridiculing others for the very thing that they do numerous times a day?

2273 days ago


Spineless, I was thinking the same thing--there must have been cameras everywhere.

Why not release the footage? Is it because the folks doing the tagging were wearing Obama gear?

I'd like to add to what Pete said in asking: How long did Obama and his campaign discuss the color of the paint?

"Use pink. Clinton supporters are women."

"No, no too obvious."

::::Four hours later::::

"Use baby blue like the color that we both wore at that unity thing."

That Clinton had to answer to this is flat out ridiculous.

2273 days ago


I did few research on different news sources... TMZ just picked this photo out of few because it is so exciting. There was more different photos of cars being spray painted in different anti-obama tags and racial slurs. Someone on here claims that there was spraying of anti-McCain on some car... I looked for the photos... nothing. So, prove it?

My verdict: Dumb teenagers or someone who is racist did this dumb vandalism. I think it is hilarious to whoever does not know how to spell Obama. Oboma?!

I think based on the photo evidence is that whoever sprayed the car with misspellings obviously did it sloppy and was in a hurry. To check out more photos from a LOCAL FLORIDA NEWS:

You suck TMZ!!!!!!

2273 days ago


Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 0Obama 088Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08 And by the way,John mccain is old and wears diapers

2273 days ago

I'm guessing it was an Obama supporter so they can make people feel sorry for them. Pretty much what they have been doing for the last several months.

2273 days ago


It was probably some dumb hicks down in florida,you know them hicks aren't very good at spelling,or math or anything except spewing hatred and banging their sisters.

2273 days ago
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