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Obama Vandal -- One Dumb Cracker

6/29/2008 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Democratic candidates for Prez should just steer clear of Florida.
Barrack Obama
Anti-Barack Obama vandals spray-painted 60 vehicles last night at Orlando's city hall -- with enlightening comments like "Oboma [sic] smoke crack" and racial slurs.

The weirdest part? Business cards left at the scene apparently belonged to supporters of Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: Hillary's camp just sent us this statement: "There's no tolerance for this kind of activity in the political process. Hillary Clinton strongly supports Barack Obama and urges all of her supporters to do the same."

We're waiting on a comment from Barack's people.


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60 cars? By one cracker?

That's about as likely as sitting in a church for 20 years and not knowing your preacher was a racist. LOL

2307 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Truth is an absolute defense and has no color. Obama admits that he smoked cocaine, not crack, in his youth, so the tag was pretty spot on, wasn't it, tmz and left-wing kooks? And did you know that racism is "prejudice based on race," any race, FIGHT? Check out your Funk and Wagnall's and see for yourself.

2307 days ago


Black people can't possibly be racist. Reverend Wright said so.

2307 days ago


Maybe they should learn how to spell before they do something like that first of all. Secondly, really? They have nothing better to do? I always thought a majority of the women who were supporting Hillary were the bitter ones who hated life and men - guess I was right.

2306 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Haha, yes. I'm well aware that racism applies to all races. All I was saying is the term "cracker" is based on something that actually happened. It wasn't a phrase coined to oppress, or dehumanize people. It was to describe a slave driver, a whip cracker ... it has (had) truth to it. I never said it was okay to use. I just don't care if it's used on a website most frequently visited by white racists. Just like I probably wouldn't care if racial slurs were used on Al Sharpton's site, or David Duke's. I think that racists of any color are swine. You just so happened to be a white one, right? You can all suck penis as far as I'm concerned ... black, white, brown, yellow, red ... if you're racist, go suck one.

2306 days ago


Hey #46,yeah just like george(bandar)bush sniffed coke and was an alcoholic.Obama voted aganist the"War on Terror' or whatever fox news' phrase of the day is. republicans ruined this country in every imaginable way,and it seems like they are proud of it.

2306 days ago


FIGHT, you may talk a good talk but you by far are the biggest racist on this post. Do you just come around on racial blogs to let out your frustration. It is always obvious you are looking for fight, as your name says. Yes, racism comes in every color and based on your opinions it ia apparent you have many deep issues you need to address.You call white racist crackers? What do you call other races that are racist. I am sorry you were not born caucasion, maybe you would not have such pent up anger. How many white people are you friends with? I am guessing not many.If you do have white friends, they must be aware of your views and have to be very careful of what they say around you because you just look for reasons to yell at white people and call us racist.

2306 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

patch of blue must be a new visitor to this sight. FIGHT's an ass, but I think he's been consitant with his hatred for racists of all colors. this vandalism was obviously done by republicans to make all democrats look stupid as they are. as a republican i thank you, nice try, but better luck next time, we're not fooled.

2306 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

So What ... I've also posted on this site about Nick Hogan, Amy Winehouse, Mel Gibson, and others ... when there were articles I cared about. I don't post about Britney, Paris, and all those because I simply don't care. I am not a racist, and I feel you're only calling me that to make yourself feel better about your own prejudices. Whatever makes your navel pucker.

Have I ever used a racial slur on this site, other than toward myself? No. I would never call a racist white person a cracker, but I wouldn't care if someone else did ... I also wouldn't call a racist black person the N word, but I wouldn't care if someone else did. I think people should get what they give in life. Who cares what's said to hate-spewing racists?

Yes, I use every chance I get to "preach" about equality, and that's your biggest complaint about me? That makes me racist? Your logic is off. Please try again.

2306 days ago

Obama supporters are so blind that it makes me sick. Go ask someone why they are voting for him. "We need CHANGE! No more McSame!" HAHAHAHAHA, They have NO idea what he stands for except stealing money from people who actually work hard for it and giving it to people who don't. They are being blinded by his fancy rhetoric and BS promises. Liberals, always wanting something for NOTHING!
Obama is a joke and will never be in the White House.

2306 days ago


Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08Obama 08. Just say no to a third bush term.John mccain voted with bush 95% of the time.His campaign is run by lobbyists. And in closing,john mccain is VERY old and wears diapers.

2306 days ago

um who cares    

Obama is right for this country. Thank you Mr Bush for screwing it all up! We had a good economy when Mr.clinton left office. We had a balance budget etc etf .Now the Bushes have destroyed it.What do we have now?? Extremly high gas prices, high food prices, Housing is in the hole! Repo country! comon people if you just love the way the country is now Vote for Mc Cain! If you wnat change then Obama is your man! A persons skin color doesn't mean anything unless you are a racist! If they see what needs to be doen for this country & he can bring change then let him do it! If you all want to be living on the streets with no money by all mean hello Mc Cain! If you want our Service men & women to stay in Iraqq Hello Mc Cain!
Take the blinders off people if you want a world tha is good for out children & our children children then it needs to change or Hello great depression round 2~ Because that is where we are heading!

2306 days ago


I can't believe AOL/Time Warner/TMZ would use a racial slur in a story! What hypocrites!

How do we know a black didn't do this crap? Obama *IS* 1/2 white you know. Why did AOL/Time Warner/TMZ assume it was a white person who did it?

I hope people start boycotting the ads on TMZ pages. Get Firefox with Adblock... :)

2306 days ago


Yes FIGHT, we know you are nat a racist.You are a perfect person and no matter who post to you, you will come back and claim that you are not. I stand behind my post, get help, I fear your children will grow up with the same pent up resentment and views you have. The cycle will continue, very sad. Now this cracker is outta here, enjoy you debates, that is obviosly what gets you off.

2306 days ago


Wow, nothing like a little racist slur to rile up the masses. Are you kidding me?? You people amuse me-Thanks!!

2306 days ago
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