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Aniston Lands -- All Hell Breaks Loose

6/30/2008 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She was flying solo, literally, but last night at LAX Jennifer Aniston somehow still managed to set off a papper gangbang of near-Britney proportions.


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How would you know carroll? No, I didn't think so.

2274 days ago


I find it amazing that stars of greater worth are able to exit an airport without all of this frenzy. If this is not a set up I don't know what is.

2274 days ago


Some of you haters need to : F'UCK OFF!

2274 days ago

love them    

so predictable, angie is in the news and here jen comes, can she stay there? they like her more than we do, go away, show that fugly mug, who's the next bed mate this time, this has got to stop, does any one really care still? i am starting to get sick of her, i thought her career was over already., oh i forgot, that's the point of this.

2274 days ago


Jen, my girl, you are rocking the Cougarlicious Fan Club!

You are one of our favorite COUGARS OF THE MONTH.

All our readers want to know how you do it! Your body is amazing! Enjoy that hot young meat -- we all know that sex with a younger guy is so much better! Rock on, lady! Brad, for what it's worth, is snuggling up to his skeletal bag of bones each night. How sexy? NOT Talk about "man hands" ----- she has anorexic man arms! She ain't got NOTHING on you. And, Brad, well, he is just TROY who is nothing but a big blowyard. He is an aging TROY. I, on the other hand, will always love the Goonies!

2274 days ago


You paps need to be looking for Moe the Chimp rather than taking pictures of Cousin It.

2274 days ago


this is why i try to stay away from la la is geting really beyond sick

2274 days ago

that's all    

And, Brad, well, he is just TROY who is nothing but a big blowyard. He is an aging TROY. I, on the other hand, will always love the Goonies!

He looked real good in Troy. Especially, his butt when he was nude. But yeah, I don't know why he picked skeletor.

2274 days ago

Dave the pig    

This biatch her chance to make her man happy. She is a plane jane who got lucky with a t.v. show and even luckier when she landed the big prize - Mr. Brad Pitt himself. What did she turn around and do .... she wanted to become a "movie star" and not a woman with a family when she knew it was no secret that he wanted kids.

She is all into herself and I don't blame Brad for finding a woman who would give him children. Good for him for finally having the life he has longed for.

Now look at poor Jen, she is roaming around with different men and making an azz of herself. Poor, yoga addicted, spa addicted Jen, ciggy addicted Jen ...... it must hurt to be that lonely!!!!

2274 days ago


Get over it people. It is ok to like both Jennifer A. and Angelina at the same time. It is ok. As for Brad Pitt - he is not saint. This guy dated as many women as John did when Brad was John's age. Brad if you can remember that far back because the man is in his MID FORTIES has dated every single one of his women co-stars. Even went out with Geena Davis for a little while. So by all accounts - Brad Pitt is a man whore as well. He's just old now.

2274 days ago

diana g    

Why can't the paparazzi ask her the only question we all want to hear....

"Jen, how do you feel about your gorgeous ex-husband having more beautiful babies with that amazing Angelina?"

oh and please get a close up of her face.....

that way all the people that can't get over how she got dumped can keep on pitying her some more....

2274 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Peace people. Let Jen get some attention, she is dating a 9 year younger musician, she has the dog movie coming out at the end of the year, she is 39.5 years old, and the woman just wants to have fun. Angie (33) and Brad (44) are living quietly out of the public with their kids waiting for their twins' birth, and even so Angie has a hit movie that she didn't even walk the red carpet for. So let Jen have her time in the spotlight. That Friends reunion show is getting ever closer to reality, as 40 year old women are not cast as romantic leads in rom coms, so Jen's time in those type movies is short. Don't get mad at me, that's just reality. Men run the studios and they cast 20 something women as leads with 40-50-60 year old men. Jen stayed in Friends too long, she is now typecast and that's the truth. Maybe she can get some mommy type roles but then she ain't a mommy is she. Reality is reality whether you like it or not.

2274 days ago


Ahhhh. Just in time for the lull in her career. So funny how things work out that way in Hollywood.

2274 days ago


Oh well, she can always play a mommy in a made for television movie to practice for being one if real life. Or better yet, get a dog, I hear it's almost the same as having a kid .

2274 days ago

love them    

she's p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c really, she's an aging tv sit, com star and she can't give up the lime light, she has stooped to new lows, i have no more respect or pity left for her any more, jennifer peers are even talking about her, she has used the pity card all up, i think jen have mental issues, if she had any class at all, she would not have slept with all those guys, posing with her butt in the air, dating a known player, following him around the world to be ignored, her friends need to talk to her, she is another britney now, the spot light can be addicting, some body needs to help jen. she has nothing to do with brad any more, stop bringing up his name when referring to her, btw brad is still a hottie, jen don't believe the hype, you are not that important any more, show so class and disappear.

2274 days ago
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