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Aniston Lands -- All Hell Breaks Loose

6/30/2008 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She was flying solo, literally, but last night at LAX Jennifer Aniston somehow still managed to set off a papper gangbang of near-Britney proportions.


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They knew when she was coming because of the pictures at the London airport. The paps are going crazy. She has
the right to date whoever she wants and if she is having fun fine. Actually I think she and John look cute together.
She didn't go all out at his concert to get attention, she stayed in the wings and watched it. I happened to like his
music too. I like her movies because they are comedies and will continue to go to them. She looks great, is happy,
and is leading her own life. She's been single for three years and can certainly stand on her two feet. If she and
John have fun and are happy together, good for them. Brad is the ex-Mr. Pitt and has nothing to do with her life
anymore. Forget about it. She has.

2273 days ago


Who is the tards saying how old and over the hill Jen is????????? She is only ONLY 4 years older than ANGE and 8 years younger than BRAD PITT.............TARDS! if 37 is old and over the hill..................makes 40 an old hag!

2273 days ago


Your Ad, I slept liks a baby, thanks for the bedtime story. I can't read all that, off to work. If I have trouble sleeping tonight I will come back and read later. :) Have a great day people. LOL

2273 days ago

No Granny Clothes For My Baby    

Your Ad Here! ------- it sounds like you are spewing the words of Angelina, herself. Might you be her? Because we all know your JEALOUSY and COMPETITIVENESS comes out with a VENGEANCE whenever one of Brad's ex's gets any more press than you, don't we, now? That arrogant self-righteous tone is exactly what drove the relationship between you and your dad, isn't it? Don't worry, I won't tell. We all keep secrets, now, don't we? How about the one where you publically declared how you would not have sex with a married man and yet you obviously DID several months before Brad was actually divorced, given the date of your delivery. So, that kind of makes you a LIAR, don't you think? You branded yourself that. And, for that, you definitely deserve an OSCAR. Such a class-act! NOT

2273 days ago


. EWWWWW! WE ALL KNOW WHO'S ~JEALOUS~of Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this gal rocks,and,the worm has turned.People are tired of gossipping about two OLD pregnant people(Brad and AJ)and started watching the FUN=Jen and her happy go lucky lifestyle....................Brad,keep changing diapers and adopting(lol)Ange.....too late to doctor those pregnancy battle scars! Its not about you two anymore(get the F..k over yourselves!)........Jen is FUn,Fun,Fun........Ask most the young girls in America who they'd rather=Brad or John?It'd be John ALLLLLLLLL the WAYYYYYYYY.Jen may be a cougar now,but,Brads a toothless OLD lion.LMAO.TMZ! GOOD REPORTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (show aj's post twin stretchmarks!)lol.I bet BRAD REALLY thinks that'd be SEXY.HOOTS! LOL.ROLFMAO

2273 days ago


W T F??? Stalkarazzis are CRAZY!!! Chasing after this washed up actress who WAS on a hit show (how many years ago?), who has NEVER had a hit movie and who WAS married to Brad Pitt...very yesterday! I mean, get over her paps & TMZ!

2272 days ago


Why are people blaming Jenn for the publicity she's getting? She's walking through an airport for heaven sakes-do you really think she called the press for that? It seems she is just living her life-these aren't posed pics-the paps are out in force. You should be asking the 'why' question of them-not her. If you don't like her, quit looking at the pics/stories about her..

2272 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Jen is 39, not 37. And no, I'm not Angelina Jolie...she is far too busy to bother with trash like TMZ. And I did not once say anything really horrible about Ms. Jennifer Aniston! I actually said I think this is a real relationship and NOT a publicity stunt and that they MUST really like each other! My posts were merely statements of the events about the individual film careers and family lives of certain individuals. It was someone who WAS JEALOUS of Brad that claimed JA has made more movies than Brad and that JA couldn't have a career and family at the same time. Angelina is not at all arrogant and smug like I am! And I still think, in my humble opinion, that it is ludicrous to use the fact that she got pregnant with Shiloh while he was still "legally" married to Jennifer Aniston a total joke! What world do you people live in?? Brad and Jennifer were legally seperated and clearly Brad and Jennifer were "not taking a break" from their marriage to sort their differences out and then see if they might get divorced. No, they legally seperated and after the legal amount of waiting period that is required for a legal separation, Jennifer Aniston then filed for Divorce and the process began and proceeded at the rate that Justice takes in a regular divorce proceeding. Now, why Brad didn't go the route of Bill Murray and do a quickie private divorce that only takes a month? Maybe it is because it was Jennifer who filed for divorce so he didn't have a choice in the matter once she had done that. But I, for one, wish he had dumped her THAT QUICK and been done with her in only a month so all the haters couldn't claim this ridiculous notion that Angelina slept with a married man based solely on legalities!! You are the same people who cry justice is not served when a criminal gets off on a technicality, but you cling to that technicality for dear life here, with Angelina! And she did not get pregnant alone! Brad Pitt deserves all the hatred you want to spew at him as he was the one married, Angelina has been quite dignified in handling all the negative press hat gets lumped on her like this is her and only her fault! Brad and Jennifer are more accountable in all this than Angelina.

2272 days ago


tmz paps are all a-- holes and should be jailed.

2272 days ago

Make It Right!!    

And I never said I didn't LIKE Jennifer Aniston. I don't think you have to "take sides". I don't think you can only be a Jennifer fan or an Angelina fan. Geez, for everyone on here who is out of High School, grow up! You are too old to be playing playground games like "taking sides" and bullying on the person who is on the opposite side! If you find my statements of fact hurtful...why? Because it doesn't make Jennifer look good? Well, sorry, but that is how the facts play out. Find me arrogant, sorry if you read arrogance in my words. My notes to Kelli were clearly in jest and she took my posts in it is solely your interpretion of my "intent" and not the actual post in and of itself. I am sorry that the facts lay bare for everyone to see that Jennifer Aniston has not faired so well in her years following her seperation and divorce from Brad Pitt. She had two years without a film role. She could have had TWO of Brad's babies during that time if she had chose to and he would have waited for her then. Clearly, she chose NOT to have his kids at all and that is why they split. He was madly in love with Jennifer. He would have waited for her if she had set a time for their children. Clearly, she did not.

2272 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Hopefully, this will be my last statement here...Brad Pitt continues to give Jennifer Aniston accolades and says he still loves her. Angelina Jolie in Vogue said that when she met Brad, "clearly, he was with his best friend." And she went on to add that Brad STILL loves Jennifer Aniston. I am a woman who was left for another woman. If you don't think those words by the supposed "other woman" aren't meaningful? I can't tell you how much better it would have made my life and picking up the pieces after all that went down if my ex and his new girlfriend had ever acknowledged that he and I had been in love, were best friends and that he still loves me!! That is definitely not something a jealous woman says about their partner's ex unless she is very secure in her own relationship and believes it to be true about her partner and his ex and yet is not threatened by it! And clearly she is jealous of all Brad's exes? Gwyneth speaks very highly of them!! No, that is not a "fact" that we all "know". That is merely your speculation and your conclusion. It wasn't Angelina timing the Cannes Film Festival to coincide with the release of the fotos of "Maniston". Hardly. The fotos of "Maniston" were timed to be released at the same time as Cannes. You have it backwatds!! A whole Film Festival does not schedule itself around the love life of Ms. Aniston! Angelina is required by contract to attend to promote the TWO movies she had opening there.

2272 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Oh wait...I forgot...among all of Angelina's talents, I forgot that she also had the ability to foresee the future so she got pregnant three months BEFORE Jennifer and John hooked up so that when they went public with their relationship three months after that, she would be 6 months pregnant with Brad's baby(ies) at Cannes!! Because, yeah, she so has to have the publicity!!

2272 days ago


I'm sorry AD HERE but everything you are dumping out is just mindless chatter that has already been read a gazilllon times.
You go on & on & on about AJ like she is the next mother theresa or something. She frenches her brother for christ sakes.
For every interview I have seen her in she has defended that to the limits.
She can't even find forgiveness & love w/ her very own flesh & blood??
Her poor father is out their in the media begging for her forgiveness... HOw sad is that?
The women has 4 kids & has time to make 2 movies a year?? WOW.. Id LOVE to see a " real" mom do that!
That;s right.. they have money & tons of it so that makes is SUPER ok for nannys to jsut take care of them LOL o...........k
Jen is adorable, great personality, and loves & respects what she does.
I never did like freakjalina.
Now, low life who we all can CLEARLY see by yours posts who sits on a damn comp allllllllllllllllllll day, im sure just a mowing down on cheetos.... GET A LIFE! & Stop worrying soooooooooo much bout AJ& BRADS ... Good gawd!

2272 days ago


Your Ad? Are you Jen A,s publicist? Holy COW!!! That is a lot of information partner, try and relax. I hope a Friends Reunion is coming up but that is about as much as I care. LOL!!

2272 days ago


You pap's need a life, try college and get a real job, not going down to circuit city buying a camera and calling yourself media.

2272 days ago
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