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Aniston Lands -- All Hell Breaks Loose

6/30/2008 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She was flying solo, literally, but last night at LAX Jennifer Aniston somehow still managed to set off a papper gangbang of near-Britney proportions.


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Make It Right!!    

So, I post alot on JA and AJ stories! They are the only celebs I have any interest in posting on! While I see you other people posting on every single story that TMZ posts, I just post on the one or two that are about AJ and Brad or JA and John. So, by one thread, it looks like I spend all day on TMZ, but I actually spend less than half an hour of my total day on TMZ!! I NEVER go on TMZ from work!! Go ahead, look at the other stories you are all posting on!! I am not on there!!! And one of you is accussing me of being Angelina Jolie while the other says I am Jennifer Aniston's publicist!! I'M SWISS!!! Just trying to make reason out of the madness, unfortunately, there are no other reasonable people on here I guess.

2303 days ago


What a washed-up hag! She's pathetic & one big media HO! Get out of here Aniston!

2303 days ago


Desperate ex-house wife to 40 year old groupie. Jennifer Aniston is the most desperate piece of **** I have ever seen. Nice alerting the paps. Desperate hobag is following Jessica Simpson steps.

2303 days ago


34. so predictable, angie is in the news and here jen comes, can she stay there?

So since IncestAngie makes the news America's Sweetheart Jen is supposed to stay at home and hide??

I do like Brangelina too, but ya'll must be smoking crack if you think they are "sitting at home out of the public's eye".. there is nothing un-public about either of them..


(and who cares if she hasn't done a Blockbuster Hit recently, she's still worth more than your life! :)

2303 days ago



it's funny that you're looking at TMZ if you don't care about any of this..

2303 days ago

love them    

do john really date this? i don't get it, maybe it's her money, i thought only attractive women were movie stars, who did she have to sleep with,? oh!! man i forgot, brad pitt, why are they taking her picture? what did she do? this old hag need to cover her face and be done with it already, man she's old looking, maybe she is mentally ill like britney.

2300 days ago

Angelina has high morals and class    

So sad that bitter Jenloonies like Carol cannot discuss Jennifer Aniston without dragging Brad and Angelina into it. I bet Jen must be SO proud of her fans who live in the past. You only bring Brad and Angie into it, because you know you have no other way of defending Jen, the 39 year old, almost 40 year OLD woman. Its sad and bitter Jenloonies like you that won't let it go, DESPITE the FACT that Jen herself in their JOINT press statement, said that an affair was NOT THE REASON for their divorce, yet you can't even believe her! Its bitter, nasty and repulsiver lowlifes like you, that cause people to be disgusted at all the hate on an innocent woman such as Angelina, that are causing a current revolt and people to flee Jen's side in droves, becoming an Angie fan because they are horrified of the type of 'fans' Jen attracts. You guys are your own worst enemies. But most of all, Jen's worst enemy.

2299 days ago

Angelina has high morals and class    

And we all know that Aniston and Huvane are behind this. They are so predictable, like clockwork. Angelina is in hospital about to give birth - JEN pops up all of a sudden. Gees, who apart from the rose-colored glass wearing gullible trashy Jenfans don't SEE STRAIGHT THROUGH THIS?!?!!! Jen is the biggest attention-wh)re there is, and the most manipulative and vengeful.

2299 days ago

Angelina has high morals and class    

#71, by ur ad here is NUTS; You are completely NUTS and very mentally disturbed if you take ONE QUICK kiss ON the lips, NO frenching, no tongue, just a kick closed mouth kiss on the lips, like that. It shows what a liar you are, and what a sick and filthy mind you have, to make up such LIES. You are obviously into incest, because its clearly on your mind. Just because you screw your brother and your father doesn't mean everyone else does. Greeting family members with a kiss ON the lips is normal European custom. Stop being such a racist xenophobic uncultured bigot. You really are a sick f*(ck, and clearly the product of a sick and deviate upbringing. Place your ad here is the only rational one on this forum speaking sense, and you can't stand it that your heinous lies, sick slurs, and immature and sl*tty garbage is countered and reasoned with facts. Go away, you incest freak.

2299 days ago

Angelina has high morals and class    

72. I find it amazing that stars of greater worth are able to exit an airport without all of this frenzy. If this is not a set up I don't know what is.

Posted at 2:21PM on Jul 1st 2008 by imjustsaying

This post is so right on the money, it deserves re-posting. Of course its a set-up. Jen hates it when Angelina gets more attention than her, she SEETHES with jealousy. She is so self-absorbed, manipulative and vengeful. There is no other way to explain the amount of paps, unless it was a set-up from Huvaniston. And it clearly WAS a set-up. Jen is so low, and such a publicity-wh0re, its cringe-worthy. No wonder the slag has been in therapy for years. She is sick and needs to be committed.

2299 days ago
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