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Jen and John - Who's Really Gettin' It

6/30/2008 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston were all over each other in London this weekend. Paps can't get enough of these fools -- they're both bigger in the tabs now than they had been in the past. The question is ...


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damn, she's gettin old.....she has man hands!! YIKES!!

2219 days ago


Ms. Aniston is the publicity whore. Doesn't she have a couple of movies coming out?? Brad knew all she really cared about was moving from TV to movie actress. I understand from friends who know her, she's not too bright & pretty superficial. John Mayer rolls with whatever comes in his path. Have a good time John! By fall he'll be with someone else.

2219 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

She is all over him like a 20 something groupie, he is smirking at the camera. She was never like this with her exs, guess that is one reason why they are exs. She seems so desperate, guess the getting ever closer to 40 is really bugging her.

2219 days ago

diana g    

That's actually a pretty hot pose for Mayer there!

What a slut. She's been jumping from guy to guy to guy.

Hopefully John doesn't leave her like he has done with every other hot, successful woman out there.

2219 days ago


Those go way beyond man hands. Those are werewolf feet.

2219 days ago


Obviously he is in it for the press. His eyes are all over the camera and not the hot babe all over him!

2219 days ago

Brown Sugar    

I say Jennifer. No one talks about her anymore.

2219 days ago

diana g    

How come she has been acting like a groupie.
Yeah, I think she's getting pretty desperate for attention.


She must be having a midlife crisis. I thought her privacy meant so much to her?? I guess not....
Oh Jen don't you know John is a heartbreaker?? You're the millioth successful, beautiful, wealthy woman he's hooked up with. Be careful!

2219 days ago

patsy ramsey    

jenifers body is hot, but her horseface is subpar

2219 days ago


those of you who make those "manhands" comments must have never seen or felt a real mans hand. you must be used to hanging around men who work in banks, offices, clothing shops and such. my fellow coworkers and i have cuts, calluses and have to dig little pieces of metal out of our hands from the "mans job" we do.

"manhands", what a lame putdown for good looking mddle age women.

2219 days ago

love them    

class ? i think not, desperate ho bag comes to mind, this old broad is so desperate, omg no standards, what a whore, she is getting old and disgusting, i'm embarrass for her, she is just trying to stay in the spot light, ugly mug, don't make me throw up, sad sad sad, i don't feel pity for her any more. disappear already, ugh.

2219 days ago


Hey Jen,how about holding on to a guy for a while.Me and Courtney would like to have a romantic get away without a third wheel always around.It was cool for a while,cause i got to stare at your ass all day,but everytime we're trying to get busy,you're knocking on the door.

2219 days ago


Bobbyozone, I'm the one who called them werewolf feet, not man hands. I didn't intend to insult the dignity of hands that have seen the callouses and marks of honest labor.

Looking at this picture, it reminds me of that old pic with Calum Best and Lindsay Lohan where he's pretending to be kissing her while staring at the pap's camera. It's the classic "Publicity-hungry snake" look that he's got plastered all over his face.

2219 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

bobbyozone, You are so right. She is middle aged and acting like she is a teenage rock groupie and that's her business. Maybe John is the LOVE of her life. But John is a player, she ain't the LOVE of his life. That you can count on.

2219 days ago

No Granny Clothes For My Baby    

What is the best equation for mind-blowing sex? younger guys with older chicks

Why? simple ---- both are closer to their sexual peeks at the same time

This topic was even on the homepage of MSN this weekend, talking about the exact same thing.

Books are written about this as well.

If you have never tried it you would have NO CLUE what the experts are talking about!

Sex with younger guys is the BEST. yummmmmmmmmmmmm

2219 days ago
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