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Kobe -- Shaq's Ass Got Your Tongue?

6/30/2008 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We finally caught up with Kobe Bryant in NYC this afternoon, his first public appearance in the city where Shaquille O'Neal publicly invited him to sample his backside.

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SHAQ AIN'T NOTHIN BUT a hater! Kobe has his whole career aheah of him and Shaq cannot accept he is done! Mitch made one good trade!!!

2243 days ago


Aren't these guys too old to be playing basketball?
Like, retirement calls.....

2243 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Trash talking between NBA players? No, stop! I can't beleave it! Enough of this. Where's the girl-on-girl club pictures? Where's the famous star going commando? Come-on, lets get some real dirt!

2243 days ago

carroll cole    

one fact for sure, the ONLY lip service
around kobe's household is one sided.

he may know how to take the rock to the hole on
the hardwood court, but wouldn't have a clue
on how to score the big points in the bedroom.....

2243 days ago


He won't say anything because he won't stoop to that level.. Good for him... Shaq just looks more and more bitter every time he opens his mouth and says something against Kobe.

2243 days ago


don't u think these guys are a little to big to act so immature and stupid?? if they have nothing else

to do with there time..donate it to charity.

2243 days ago

TMZ Staff Are All Deuche Bags!!!    

Shaq is a sore loser he got traded an is jealous at the fact Kobe when to the Championship without him. Give it up Shaq your Ego sucks and your carrer is over. What You need is to comeback to the real team and teamate that made you and gave you champiships and retire Ya Bum!!

2243 days ago


I can hear it now in NBA cities across the league...especially when the Lakers are losing.......Kobe...tell me how my *ss tastes. This is going to get out of hand.

2243 days ago


Vanessa is an idiot! She thinks she has everything. the one thing she will NEVER have is a FAITHFULL HUSBAND.....

2243 days ago

Susie Q    

I hope Kobe has time to rape before leaving for Beijing. You know, get it out of his system.

2243 days ago

carroll cole    

susie Q;

there isn't an athlete nor entertainer that NEEDS to
" rape " or force themselves upon another person.

anybody famous or with REAL money in the business,
get sex thrown at them GLADLY and regularly for free.

whenever there's a " situation " it's usually based upon the assumptions,
perceptions and undesired outcome of those encounters that perhaps warrant a label.

specifically, in the kobe situation in colorado, he disrespected
and SACRED that young woman AGAINST her wishes.

if you actually read kobe's police report statement, it read
better than any porn movie could ever have been scripted.

in kobe's words, " well i pulled myself out of her mouth and told her i
wanted to finish all over her face. she BEGGED for me not to do that.

so i want ahead and did it anyways.

after that, i TOLD her to clean herself up and then GRABBED her by the neck and looked
her in the eyes and TOLD her she could NEVER tell anybody that she was EVER even here "

so this consensual sexual encounter turned into a
nightmare and in fear, the unstable young lady spoke up.

if kobe would have been a gentleman and perhaps held her afterwards
and even walked her downstairs, everything would have been kosher....

2243 days ago


I just want to say what short memories people have. Just because the case was dropped doen't mean he didn't rape her.

All for the love of basketball. It's the most rediculous game I have even seen. Back and forth, back and forth until the last
minute. How stupid is that?

2243 days ago

Ms. K    

#7 John obviously you're not an NBA fan. Why would Shaq be jealous of Kobe? He's WON an NBA championship since leaving the Lakers and Kobe has NOT.

2243 days ago

kevin coe    


" back and forth that lasts a minute "

surely you're confusing a sport
with your own lover's performances.

please refrain from sharing YOUR
sexual experiences and frustration.

2243 days ago


If Vanessa can be big enough to forgive anything he did, you dumb asses should not even give it another thought. Trust when I say she would of been fine cleaning house if she left him! She might have even had more money! She can forgive, so get over the rape thing. I am so sick of hearing people talk about the ONLY bad thing they can keep bringing up about him. He is a GREAT player and that is all people should be concerned with. You are retarded if you think these famous players have faithful marriages. Not with the way these nasty bitches are making it so easy for them to cheat!

2243 days ago

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