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Surfers and Paps -- BFFs ... 'Til the Cops Leave

6/30/2008 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when we thought the surfer/paparazzi war was about to go nuclear -- the surfers decided to give paps a chance by passing out peace flowers. We'll see what happens when the popo decide to back off the beach.
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carroll cole    

save face people;

NO more FIRST !!

2216 days ago

Malibu Local    

Puhleeezzee! This is so ridiculous and blown out of proportion. MLO
hard qualifies as a gang more like a bunch of grommets (young
surfers) and preteens that live in Malibu who are looking for
something to identify them socially as being from an elite area. The
surfers were just a couple of surfers that got into a fight, it
happens. Sure the paps are annoying but a couple of drinking surfers
are hardly representative of the population (surfing and non) of
Malibu. This story is blown way out of proportion. I myself am a MLO
(Malibu Local) --not a gang member. My boyfriend surfs this area
everyday and has for many years, he would never fight anyone unless
forced to defend himself.

The truth is the city of Malibu is just looking for reasons to get
rid of paps and stories like this only serve to give them more
justification in enacting tougher laws. In other words -- TMz and X17
, you're doing your self in on this one. The paps are invasive and
obnoxious. It's sad that Harvey turns a blind eye to some of the
methods they use to "get the story" and tougher laws need to enacted
EVERYWHERE! I, like most of Malibu ,don't like the methods the paps
use which are a lot of times dangerous in traffic. Malibu is
comprised of well educated individuals who respect the law and the
rights of others and citizens of Malibu are more inclined to change
the laws than fist fight.

2216 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

I hate these surfer clowns not...They messed up now...I am specifically going to be looking for local Malibu people to pick on esp freakin local I got something for all of them..Only morons will start trouble where the "live"..We know all of you will be back..Its a waiting game!

2216 days ago


Just what I said, a gay outing. What men walk around the beach carrying flowers. Where's Matthew and his gay buddies? This is hilarious !!!!!

2216 days ago




2216 days ago


I'm pretty sure that is stinkweed. I think it also causes behemoth bouts of flatulence and intense itching of the nether regions.

Just what the paps need. Ha-ha-ha!

2216 days ago


TMZ why are you even there everyday filming locals that are not celebrities? Wouldn't this qualify as harassment?

2216 days ago


john lennon said it best when he sang "all we are saying ,is give peace a chance".

2216 days ago


This proves the surfers and beach locals are peaceful people. It also proves that the pap-nazi's keep showing up trying to stir up trouble. There will be laws passed soon to stop you camera-felon's.

2216 days ago


Hopefully the paps and Malibu people will make up.

The flowers are nice, hopefully that's not a phony act that they are doing.

The paps should be allowed to go on all beaches, the public loves to see celeb photos on TMZ and in magazines.

2216 days ago

that's all    


2216 days ago

unreal reality    

Who cares? Should we start calling you the stalkerazzi instead?

2216 days ago

unreal reality    

LOL! Funny... I say who cares, and call them stalkerazzi, and my comment gets pulled!

2216 days ago


"TMZ why are you even there everyday filming locals that are not celebrities? Wouldn't this qualify as harassment? "

Do you actually think that TMZ really read all of these comments and would even acknowledge that what they're doing is considered harrassment? Yeah I watch their show weekly on Sunday nights here in's a trip to watch the stalkerazzi's go crazy but what I really look forward to is seeing the two cute blond with short hair and the other with long hair. I think the two of them have some homophobic issues.

2216 days ago


Sometimes I don't like surfers and their locals only attitude but this time I thought it was a hoot that they were trying to beat up on the stalkerazzi's...what even amazes me is that TMZ fans felt sorry for the stalkerazzi's. Surfers...why bother giving these jerks the yellow rose. What for? Beat these guys up and I'll be a longtime TMZ fan for a long time

2216 days ago
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