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Tim McGraw: Security Specialist

6/30/2008 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tim McGraw regulated on a rowdy fan in Washington last week -- and his laid-back version of what happened was a far cry from the burly Tim we saw nearly give a guy a country-size knuckle sandwich.


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calling it like i see it    

Re garding Shay,

Please turn off your computer, you know I grounded you from the computer and the tv today. Now, go pick up your room and write this line, I am an idiot 100 times and I'll deal with you tonight when I get home.


2216 days ago


Tim is a douche Bag. I cannot for the life of me figure out why people praise douche bag. Maybe he should put a douche up his ass and clean it out. It's so full of sh*t.

2216 days ago


Who does he expect to be at his shows, it's redneck hillbilly music afterall....

2216 days ago


Breast !Hill! That's funny. Maybe she stuffs her bra like in the old days. She seems that old. She still looks like a Wal Mart Model

2216 days ago

Porky PigAndFamily    

I wondering who has the bigger breasts, Tim or Faith. Those poor children look like trailer park kids and Faith looks like they just pulled her out of a bar.

2216 days ago

Chris Curry    

He is my HERO! Maybe next he can bend a spoon with his mind or maybe break a cement block in two with his head. Lord knows he isn't using that brain for much else. No pattern of anger issues there. White trash.

2216 days ago


by must be a redneck idiot, too!

2216 days ago


OMG! Faith looks like a two bit whore. Why do people like these two country bumpkins anyway? They are both so overrated and are in need of so anger management counseling or just some good Bipolar medication.

2216 days ago


I dont know how "tough" Tim McGraw is. I saw the video and and while there wasnt much "fighting" going on you have to be pretty strong to lug a another guy onto a stage. Also If you watch the video you could tell it was something he didnt give much thought too. From what I understand and what has been reported the guy in the audience was assualting a woman and Tim reacted (like any real man would do) Was he supposed to just watch? Apparently security didnt see what was going on intill Tim M reacted the way he did......Just leave the man alone hes not waving a flag advertising what he did (which was the rite thing to do).. I dont think Tim acts like a macho man because a "macho man" would of laid some puches on the guy just to show how tough he was.. All he did was pull the sorry ass sob away from the woman....Tim McGraw cts he sure seems like a real person(which is nice in this sea of worthless celebritys. Of course acting the way he deos makes him a target of those who own integrity is lacking

2216 days ago


II am starting to doubt Tim's reaction of this man in the audience. The whole incident looks staged and I really do not think Tim could have pulled this man up on sttae considering his weight. I'm sorry Tim but I know you were wrong to do this to this man.

2216 days ago


It's really interesting to read all of the negative comments about Tim and Faith by people who are just jealous.

2216 days ago


They're BOTH trash. No amount of money and make up will ever cover that up.

2216 days ago

calling it like i see it    

I can't understand all the immature comments on this story. They are happily married and have three beautiful children. Tim pulled an unruley fan that was harrassing a concert goer out of the audience and kicked him out of his show. It's simple as that. They are filthy rich and extremely happy and if that pisses you haters off, well too bad.

2216 days ago


They are Happily married because they are both disgusting. Their children look like they came from an Orphanage. Many of their fan base are SIMPLE and will back them up because the are Plain White Trash.

2216 days ago

calling it like i see it    

To Walmart special,

What kind of person post something so nasty about innocent children? Can't imagine, only know that no matter what race you are, you are trash and that is a fact you have proven with your immature little comment.

2216 days ago
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