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Mike to Maybe Mama

Kettle, Meet Black

7/1/2008 8:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who's threatening Michael Lohan with a paternity suit better watch out -- Papa Lohan says she's got plenty of skeletons in her closet too.

We called Kristi Kaufmann to ask about Lohan's allegations -- including an alleged shady insurance claim -- but she didn't return our call. Lohan also showed us his paternity test -- nothing to be proud of.


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She looks like Cody.

2270 days ago


kill them all

2270 days ago



2270 days ago


He does not have the results from the paternity test yet and he is already slamming this girls mother and claiming insurance fraud on her part. I am sure his "maybe child" will appreciate that and it will help his relationship with her. I really do not like that guy!!

2270 days ago

This is Yuck!    

Kelli's comments are so typical. He's isn't any different than half the men in this country when it comes to women coming after them for child support. And I don't really blame him one bit. Do you know how many men are falsely accused of fathering children in this country because it "benefits" the mother? Put your whine, cheese and violin away.

If it's his child, HE WILL have to deal with it. It doesn't mean he has to like the mother nor the child for that matter. It'll be another court obligation for him. Just a lot more dreadful than probation or parole.

2269 days ago


Gypsy, I didn't say she wasn't making a false claim and do not care one way or the other. He can't put this childs well being first. Just like he didn't with the children that are his when he was fighting it out in court with Dinah. Did it help his kids to pubically disrespect the mother of his children? I stand by my comments. He has no class.

Adults need to leave the fighting to private and make sure any kids do not get subjected or exposed to it.

2269 days ago


doesn't this strike you as highschool hijinx? these are supposed to be adults contributing to society.

2269 days ago

Lenn K.    

Let me get this straight, he's not totally sure that this is his child and he's attacking the mom. Michael, you really haven't been to smart at very many thing besides being a dad. Think about this just STFU and get your facts first then and only then you might want to make a statement. If this is your kid, you don't want to be the person attacking her mother because you both screwed up.

2269 days ago


What an idiot. Just keep your mouth shut and wait for the test results. I cannot believe these two adults and what that poor girl is going through because two adults cannot act like adults. I can only imagine what she said to her daughter. I'm sorry honey, but the father you knew for 13 years is not really your father, but I'm going to find out exactly who your father is by making all the men I slept with take paternity tests. What???? This is why we have so many screwed young kids.. I hope this woman is telling the truth and saying that she had only been with Michael Lohan. Just idiots.

2269 days ago


I feel sorry for Ashley. I wouldn't want him as my father. No wonder Lindsey is so screwed up. Both parents haven't any class.

2269 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

So its ok for TMZ to use racest phrases????????????? What a bunch of Hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!

2269 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

oops racist

2269 days ago


Who would let that loser inside them, damm.

2269 days ago


Can't this guy ever keep his mouth shut and take the high road for the sake of the children that he already knows to be his if not for the sake of the poor child in question? I don't hear him denying that he had sex with this woman so if she is so terrible what does that make him?

2269 days ago


Thank you! I am glad other people see my side! Sorry Gypsy, guess your out numbered.

2269 days ago
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