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Mike to Maybe Mama

Kettle, Meet Black

7/1/2008 8:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who's threatening Michael Lohan with a paternity suit better watch out -- Papa Lohan says she's got plenty of skeletons in her closet too.

We called Kristi Kaufmann to ask about Lohan's allegations -- including an alleged shady insurance claim -- but she didn't return our call. Lohan also showed us his paternity test -- nothing to be proud of.


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I think she looks like Ali; only prettier. I hope she is humble; unlike Ali, who seems so full of herself (Ali, that is). I wonder: was Lindsay ever humble???? I think Dina's sons are nice; not snobby; just regular guys...Don't change... Please!!! Even Dina seems humble and also Gramma...

2305 days ago


Kelli you must be a fat troll. This is a gossip site and until there is hard core evidence why dont you put a plug in your fat ass! You trash a person you dont even know. Is your life perfect? my guess is NO!!!

2305 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go pee. TMZ is such a funny distraction! Night all, sweet dreams.

2305 days ago


Geez ....Why cant you leave this family alone?

2305 days ago


This guy has not been a father to the 3 Lohan kids and apparently, the public should be sympathetic about the 4th kid, which looks exactly like him. The video of Michael talking about the mother of the 4th kid is pathetic and is an additional embarassment to his kids with Dina. Ashley looks exactly like Michael, but that does not mean @$#@. The father is the loser.

2305 days ago

oh jeez    

Imagine what he is going to do his 2nd wife when they divorce? OH GOD!! Gotta feel bad for her. Doesn't she see this. I'd run for cover. Her whole life will be an open book. He slanders everyone. He really has a God complex. I wouldn't want him as my minister. He is just such disgusting white trash with not a good bone in his body. Watch the tables turn when he finds out that the little girl is his and he has to eat all his words. He'll try to be God again and say he'll do the right thing. Michael you are so predicatable you little flea.

2305 days ago


"Geez ....Why cant you leave this family alone?"


Uh, duh, they're celebs in the media. Now granted he is not a 'celeb' nor does he have foreseeable talent. However, he has put himself in the spotlight and seems to welcome the attention.

2304 days ago


It was very interesting to see mike Lohan talking about the fact that Mrs. Kaufmann is sueing the love of her life, her soul mate over an accident in which by the grace of God they all survived. Geez could this be about money. With her brain damage how is she able to home teach Ashley, drive, how much is real? I am not surprised about any of this . I believe from what I have read in another article the last man she believed to be Ashley's father was tested in 2005, I finally signed over any rights to future spousal maintenance (it was a battle to get any at all) and Wow out of no where here comes a money seeking lawsuit against mike Lohan (WHAT TIMNG )it's always been about money with them. I question either's parenting skills our son needed a lap top for one of his college classes and his Father Mr. Kaufmann said he would get him one, so they met half way up the hill to Payson so that our son could get it from his father, but instead his dad had bought a new travel trailer so that she would go camping and now couldn't afford a laptop. Needless to say my son was crushed. Just one of many let downs. I pray for them they are living what I would believe to be hell on earth. Kristy's accident was an act of God and what should of been a wake up call for both of them not a way to make money. MIKE, IF ASHLEY IS YOUR CHILD FIGHT FOR CUSTODY I KNOW THESE 2 AND IN MY OPINION YOU WOULD BE THE BETTER PARENT. A WOMAN THAT IS SUEING BOTH HER HUSBAND AND THE POSSIBLE FATHER OF HER CHILD MAY NOT BE THE BEST PERSON TO RAISE AN IMPRESSIONABLE TEENAGE DAUGHTER. This might be a good time for Mr. Kaufmann to stand up to his own responsibilities and make ammends with his first 2 children that he never financially supported. sounds like a bad case of the pot calling the kettle black.

2293 days ago

Living In Arizona    

I know the mother personally and she is a gold digging biotch. The only reason she is doing this is for the fame. Ashley is a sweet little girl that has never been able to be a child. When there were other children around at gatherings, she was in the middle of the adults - because her mother wanted her there. She had a few men take paternity tests. Now she's just narrowed it down. I think that Ashley is Michael's but I don't think that Kristi should get a dime. There have been several wealthy married men (that she has been a homewrecker to) that have taken care of her child financially. If Michael is proven to be the father - he can start paying reasonable child support - but for the past years - that's Kristi's fault for not knowing, which one of the several men she slept with, who fathered her child. Shame on Krist... for exploiting her child.

2292 days ago
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