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Brit's Secret Dude

7/2/2008 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears has been secretly seeing a suitor. You'll never guess who. What the hell, we'll tell you -- it's Adnan!
Britney Spears, Adnan
Our sources say over the last few months Adnan has been getting into The Summit, the gated community where Brit lives. They have been "together," though we can't say it's still going on. We know they have been texting back and forth, at times complaining that Daddy Jamie is too "controlling" by trying to put the kibosh on the relationship.

But here's the deal. Daddy Jamie's job is to be controlling -- that's what a conservator does. And, sources tell us, Jamie's concern over his daughter seeing Adnan is not just his opinion -- the doctors who are treating Brit have told him it would be a bad thing for Brit to hook up with the dude.

Stay tuned.


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Adnan is dangerous to America's health!

2247 days ago

neck slasher    

Okey, people really are confused.... I mean it's all good if you want to stand up fo someone, it's not like I'm saying Adnan is an untalented, unskilled dude who follows people around with a slr camera which he probably took a day course to learn how to use because odds are he didn't even take a photography class in highschool since he was too busy stalking girls... no no... what I don't understand is why people claim the guy is so great after he leaves his wife for Britney, and than they all go on about how he knows the system? What system is that? The devorce system?? How to get into Britney's house, supposdly??? That 'system"??? lol, gimme a break, that has absolutely nothing to do with the system.... it's the system that makes these people have such lame responses because its exactly that system that has brainwashed and indoctrinated them from the time they started day school. Please, Bitney is going to find someone as talented and loving as she is I have no doubt.

2247 days ago

yeh yeh    

4:03 you suggesting that ... the custody hearing is coming and TMZ is pushing this other story to jeopardize it, to K-Fed's advantage?

Adnan and children Adnan and children.

2247 days ago

yeh yeh    

Mallory, hang it. Of course Adnan is in L.A. You have another source of information?

You're right about K-Fed. I guess he is not snapped because it's not lucrative. He's that much of a non-interest. Few will buy pictures of him.

2247 days ago


Nice try! Hurrah hurrah or should I say Harvey?????

2247 days ago


Call ICE, quick!!

2247 days ago

yeh yeh    

wowz, maybe the system is escaping pap detection?

Also, do you think Timberlake was a talented as Britney? I don't. He was love-stoned because she was sig more photographed than himself.

I'm not sure another star power is the way to go. Better to have someone without a competing ego?

2247 days ago


I love it! So far from reading through these posts it seems poor little britney is the victim of a state wide conspiracy. Everyone's in on it. It's amazing!
All the while, poor little britney never did a thing, well maybe got high a
What a romantic version of what is in reality a woman so out of control that the child welfare system had to step in and eventually a judge. The judge read all the facts and determined this woman was a danger to her children.
As far as britney's ex, Kevin goes ,I'm amused that some here have painted Kevin as such a monster. I guess the interviews of Shar were never viewed. Shar does not come off as a victim. She's a strong, outspoken young lady with 2 kids who has said numerous times that the four kids are together all the time and kevin has never been anything but a good father.
Why look at the truth when you can make up some dramatic story about your icon, all so she can come out the victim and smelling like a rose.
It's almost masterful! Honestly, I've never seen such spinning, Some here would make a defense attorney proud!

2247 days ago


This bitch is too stupid for words.

2247 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Adnan knows the entire schedule of the gravy train, where it stops, the cost of riding it, and even when it is due to de-rail into catastrophe! Jamie may be a conductor, but even he can't find where all the stowaways are hidden! I just wonder what she'll do to top the head shaving incident! Maybe marry Adnan? That would be so extremely cool in a schadenfreudian sorta way!

2247 days ago

yeh yeh    

Deadon, K-fed sucks.

Shar? Saying k-fed is a good dad gets her two things. Continuous money, and publicity for herself. She had a career before k-fed came along.

2247 days ago

yeh yeh    

Thought she already married him in Mexico.

2247 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Deadon-4:34 is Spot On! Nice to hear that someone else sees this whole conSPEARacy bullchit! People just love to point fingers at everyone else when they are the cause of their own problems! It is the Way of the Loser!

2247 days ago

yeh yeh    

Hell yeah.

Britney is the only one not to speak of a conspiracy theory. But then she's not allowed or chooses not to speak, in public.

She didn't "blame" Sam she trusted him -- due to drugs, manipulation, proximity, control.

2247 days ago

just wondering    

Heck I can't read them anymore and besides I'm making a really spicey jerk sauce for my chicken and I am determined not to burn it on the barbeque! so no more Brit for me.

2247 days ago
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