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Christie Cookin' Peter in Court -- It's On!

7/2/2008 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We were there just moments ago as Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook stormed a Long Island court to start their divorce trial.

The proceedings have started -- order in the court! -- and we hear it could get juicy on Day One because Diana Bianchi, aka the new L.I. Lolita, will be testifying.


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1st! Poor Christie!

2273 days ago


Shame on Christie for FIGHTING to keep the trial in the should have been been kept private. Although her husband was wrong for cheating I do agree with him that it should have been kept private and not open to the public....what is wrong with these celebrities why they always want to air their dirty laundry...poor kids, now all their classmates will hear their parents dirty laundry.

2273 days ago

get real    

Sharon, sorry, but GET REAL.... Peter already created this mess when he cheated in various ways.... the air with already dirty with the rumored details of what occurred... it is just being reviewed... nothing is being created. And, if this is what it takes to stop Peter from getting a large share of money that he shouldn't deserve, so be it!

2273 days ago


If Christie is such a good mother, she would never put her kids through this. This whole case is about revenge on Peter. Christie is coming across as one bitter lady. I am begining to believe she is the one who is hard to live with. four fail marriages says it all.

2273 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Men are just dirty dawgs -- he this fool is banging one of the HOTTEST women in the world and he goes out sniffing around for some strange. It must be biological. How else to you explain leaving DNA behind inside someone that is not as good looking?

2273 days ago

just wondering    

I'm glad to see people r't bothering to pay attention to this posting. Pathetic how Christi spins this abt how it needs to be a open court proceeding in order for the truth to come out. Her poor kids. So a mother is getting a divorce from a philandering father. This will change the way those kids would have grown up , just like all the other children of selfish divorcing parents who put the kids in the middle, and this judge is stupid enough to allow the magnification of it in the media. Only in America.

2273 days ago

d johnson    

I say go Christie, string him up by the balls..........bring up every little detail, these f++++ men always want to do the " right " thing after the fact.... They will continue to do what they want , hurt who they want, and then all of a sudden have morals? Please........

2273 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Go, Christie! She's a smack-down girl..and she's living in a smack-down world..

2273 days ago


Re: Get Real...I am getting real...she can still fight him in a privagte court hearings...going public DOES NOT e the outcome of the hearings. Christie is the one that needs to get real and think about her kids....a public trial is not NECESSARY!!!

2273 days ago

More interested in your reactions    

It's interesting to me the majority of people are blasting Christie. If you feel it should be kept private, you should stop watching TV and reading pathetic stories about celebrity lives. Go volunteer somewhere you slackers..

2273 days ago


That's right Christie keep it public. Eventhough you have been married four times, you did not deserve to be hurt by this a$$hole.

Take him to the cleaners. He should be ashame of himself for having sex with another women and then paying her to keep it quite. These men think that they can mess-over their wives when ever they feel like it.


2273 days ago


Go Christie! Let em have it, the dirty bastard and little slut that slept with a married man. Her kids will be fine. They aren't there in court and they are gonna know about it anyways.

2273 days ago


QUESTION: If she is so great and so perfect why would he cheat on her? It's so easy to say men are pigs.....but why would he....maybe some of you should think about that a bit...! Maybe Peter should drag Billy Joel into court and ask him about her since she wants it to be public.

2273 days ago

She looks like hell    

Ok, first of all, Christie Brinkley has had, what, 250,000 pics at LEAST taken of her over the course of her career and THIS is the best photo you can come up with? I don't even know who the hell that is in the picture? WOW. Secondly, I couldn't care less about her stupid divorce. I don't care about ANY of their stupid divorces. They are all sluts, male and female who pop out kids and use them as bargaining chips or neglect them, get taped calling them horrible things and we are all supposed to support their lifestyle? I'll take the Discovery channel any day over their CGI, low plot garbage. The days of good cinema are gone. Sure, there was lots of scandal in the past but it wasn't on the news 24/7. Some things are meant to be private.

Oh and try to actually get a photo of the person if you're going to post about them. Idiots!

2273 days ago

O Plz    

O Please! Christie is as needy as they come. She's never wasted anytime on rebound marriages and then having children before she gets to know the person. She ended up with a toad and wants to prove to everyone he's a toad. Well, you picked him honey. Why don't you work on yourself a little??

2273 days ago
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