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Daddy Lohan

Loves Lindsay's Half $i$ter

7/2/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan should be named father of the freakin' century. Now Daddy Trainwreck wants to cash in on his might-be illegitimate daughter, whether he's the daddy or not.

We're hearing MiLo tried to seal the deal with at least two celeb weeklies over the results of his paternity: He's asking $10K for the story if he's not the dad -- and $20K if he is the dad. That's because he's also talking about selling the pictures of the first meeting between Lindsay and her new half-sister. People and OK! have politely declined his effed up offer.

And this was the guy who was slamming the girl's mom for selling pics to the tabs? Ma and Pot Kettle!

UPDATE: Michael Lohan tells us he never offered to sell anything to anybody, and calls our story "defamatory."


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Never 1st.

2311 days ago



2311 days ago


Why doesnt he just die already.

2311 days ago


The guys a jerk for doing it, and the gossip rags are even bigger jerks for paying that kind of money for the garbage stories.

2311 days ago


UGH - that sorry excuse for a father makes me want to hurl! GOOD for the mags for refusing.

2311 days ago


This gives a whole new meaning to the term "sell out".

For money. A parent selling out a child or children for money. For both parents to be guilty of the same thing, giving lip service only to caring for and protecting their children, is abominable.

And they do it for money. It is revolting. No wonder Lindsay is so messed up.

2311 days ago


it's idiots like magazines that buy them. we frankly don't care. i surely would not watch this movie

2311 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

What a douchebag media whore. No wonder their kids are so f*cked up; being raised by total losers like this assh*le & douchebag "white oprah" mommy famewhore would make any kid a psycho...

2311 days ago


Doesn't Lilo give him an allowance?She should set him up with some cash, so he doesn't have to embarrass the family.

2311 days ago


What a pig.

2311 days ago


TMZ sure loves to throw around the "pot and kettle" references lately. You're over using it -- just look at your recent posts over the last week. I count at least 6 times. Give it a rest!

2311 days ago

D Fas    

I Met Mr. Lohan in Hawaii in 2004, (he started out by bragging he was Lindsey Lohan's Dad). He was with an 80 year old woman. Mr. Lohan was using the 80 year old woman and bragging about how she wanted to buy him a car, a condo and she was paying for their hotel room stay at the Fairmont Orchid. After making an offer to buy the condo, The next morning the 80 year old woman came back by herself and cancelled the offer and got back her deposit check.

I feel for Lindsey, it is not her fault nor can she control what her parents do. Mom is no better, with that exploting, boring, reality show. It is a shameful the way Lindsey's parents have attached themselves to these media freak shows, regarding the children. Mom and Dad Lohan would be "nothing" if it were not for the "fame strings" they hang on to at their daughter's expense.

2311 days ago


Selling the meeting of Lindsay and his possible new daughter? That's sick. Lindsay is an adult and I surely hope she would refuse to make such a private moment public.. I'm sure it's traumatic enough finding out that your father has another child outside the family.

2311 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

At least he is claining to be a father.. don't American's have enough of the asses to claim not to be the Da Baby Daddy.

2311 days ago

Mindy Feinberg    

I feel it is really horrendous to be reporting on a child that may be Michael Lohan's. It is one thing to report on the "miss adventures of immature gossip column celebrities " but this is different. Her is a young girl who suddenly has her whole life put out before the world. Whether he is or isn't the father I could care less, what REALLY BOTHERS ME, is that what lasting affect is this going to have on not only the young girl, but the younger Lohan children. The fact that Lindsey and Ali along with their parents have put their lives out there for the world to see such that it is. This in no way possible should be allowed to be made SO public.
I really believe that if all of the reporting of every move some of the young "celebrities" when they are out drinking or doing drugs I think it is adding to the problem, it's almost like they keep doing these things just to be photographed. A great point is Brittney, she is the poster person for bi-polar disease. This should not be encouraged with the pot shots ans photos of her. When she shaved her head the fact that she wasn't immediately taken to a real psychiatric facility is instead of making wise cracks and jokes about it made me sick. Is everyone waiting for the next young "famous" child male or female to die. And when all the underage stars were in those clubs getting drunk, I thought the drinking age was 21 for the entire country. Why don't the clubs get in trouble??
Don't get me wrong, I love good gossip about people, just not when it deals with a real problems with the stars, drugs, alcohol abuse etc. That is wrong. Courtney Love being wheeled down the street in a shopping cart with a broken toe, now that is funny! At least your show isn't as bad as most of them. It's really like "Jerry Springer" for celebrities.

2311 days ago
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