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Kid Fashions Have a Cult Following

7/2/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because your kids don't belong to a polygamous religious sect, doesn't mean they can't dress like they do!
The Devil Wears Pajamas
Now that they've had their children of the corn returned to them by the government, members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints have created an online shop so all kids can wear creepy Laura Ingalls-esque, polyester uniforms. Perfect gifts for a teen readying for their first, second or third marriage!

The unisex site features everything any wannabe brainwashed, homeschooled, inbred, God-fearing child could need to fit in at Walnut Grove Elementary. All items -- from Pilgrim dresses to overalls -- meet "the FLDS standards for modesty and neatness." The devil wears long underwear!


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Am I first??

2241 days ago

kevin coe    

people please;

NO more FIRST !

2241 days ago


Gosh doggone it, that stuffs expensive!!

2241 days ago


Children of the corn re-united...RUNNNNNNN

2241 days ago


I must go right to this site now and order up some werid-o people's children's clothes!!!
For people who don't get into modernization what the Hell (pardon the pun) are they doing with 1.) a computer to 2.) need electricity to 3.) run said computer in order to have a website for "whack-o clothing"???????
Do you get another wife with so much ordered????
Or is it with each returning purchase?????

2241 days ago


Ok, I was homeschooled and that is NOT how we dressed. Trust me, you can be homeschooled and not be socially inept. Don't lump us all into that cult category. CREEPY!!!

2241 days ago


My whole family is Mormon, not FLDS mind you, but still insane. I managed to rebell enough that they didn't get ahold of me. I couldn't imagine having to wear those stupid underware the rest of my life. I asked my sister why they had to wear "undergarments", she said "It's to remind you that your body belongs to Christ". Funny though, she has a crap load of tatoos. They seem to only be Mormon when it's convienent, or when I'm around so they can give me crap about not being able to elevate to the 7th level of heaven or some crap like that. Mormons, jeeesh.

2241 days ago


If you think about it, isn't all religions a cult?

2241 days ago


Now I know where I am getting my halloween costume this year. Sweet!!

2241 days ago


Come on..... the little kids clothes are not that bad... the little sleepers and nightgowns are cute. I could see them becoming a big hit --- people are always looking for something unusual for their children... this fits the bill.

2241 days ago

Laura (not Engall)    

ha, I actually went to Walnut Grove Elementary. Nobody dressed like that. It is in Georgia though!

2241 days ago


Maybe if they make enough money they can stop collecting their welfare checks.

2241 days ago

just wondering    

Those kids are cute, but they all look alike, oh yeah I forgot, daddy likes to get around. What a farce and using religion for the men to have lots of sex and procreate with as many women as they like. Nice scam, and the taxpayers support in in government monthly cheques. Maybe Mr. Cook should visit the ranch.

2241 days ago


In all seriousness, I'm sure there will be a lot of Utahns buying it. My friends are LDS, and when we were in high school they all went out on week with their church to the prairie and "reinacted" the Mormon pioneers walking miles to get to Utah. They had to dress like that and pull carts and everything. So, sadly, people will buy this.

2241 days ago


Rocko, I think you're thinking about the Amish...they're the one's who don't do the whole electricity thing...

2241 days ago
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