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Kid Fashions Have a Cult Following

7/2/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because your kids don't belong to a polygamous religious sect, doesn't mean they can't dress like they do!
The Devil Wears Pajamas
Now that they've had their children of the corn returned to them by the government, members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints have created an online shop so all kids can wear creepy Laura Ingalls-esque, polyester uniforms. Perfect gifts for a teen readying for their first, second or third marriage!

The unisex site features everything any wannabe brainwashed, homeschooled, inbred, God-fearing child could need to fit in at Walnut Grove Elementary. All items -- from Pilgrim dresses to overalls -- meet "the FLDS standards for modesty and neatness." The devil wears long underwear!


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Everyone is talking about their clothes, they are expensive, but you know it's a change from little girl and teen looking like hooker. It a refreshing change from seeing A@@ all the time. Maybe God's trying to tell us something, through them. Not they are all that righteous, but God let us see thing in odd ways. I am so tired of parent dress their girls like they are grown, when they go out to play, they can't run, or ride a bike, because they have on shoes with a heel, or flip flops, dresses or skirst above their knees, instead of pants or not so short shorts!. Let stop and thing!

2272 days ago


I don't think I said anything about THEIR right. I said *I* do not have the right to talk about them in such a way. And the reason is because of the standards I have set for *myself*. Of course we all have freedom of speech, myself included. But I also have a brain in my head that allows me to choose which things I say and which are better left unsaid. I have rights, sure. I also have a responsibility to be a positive, tolerant person and try to contribute to the world in a positive way. I'm all for fun and games, but I don't have my fun at the expense of people who are uninvolved and undeserving. I hope TMZ will feel the same way and simply remove the unnecessary lines which feed into stereotypes of people who are from the country, who love God, or who homeschool their kids. It can still be funny without being so broadly stated. That's all.

2272 days ago


I am glad to see TMZ branching out into non-celebrity related snark! There are only so many cracks that you guys can make about Kim Kardashian's butt, even though it certainly provides a big enough target (pun intended). If anyone deserves to be trashed, it's these evil pedophiles! When the kids were returned to them, my heart broke, and it still does.

2272 days ago


I love how you intersperse the terms, inbred and brainwashed with homeschooled and God fearing. I'll forgive you on the grounds that you are located in Los Angeles, and therefore are probably the most brainwashed people in the united states.

I suppose you place much stock in statistics out in LA, do ya? You know... those statistics that clearly indicate that homeschooling is superior to all other forms of education:

2272 days ago


Target and walmart should start offering FLDS type clothing at a much lower price. They'd blow these guys out of the water!

2272 days ago


Goe these people a Break. its a legitimate business and these women need to earn a living to survive what the state did to them.
EVERY parent should buy something from this website for there kids because.
#1. Its made in America - Hand Made Support American small business
#2. It's charitable - It will help these woman start to earn there own independence
#3. your children won't look like Professional Prostitots -
#4. Environmentally friendly - handmade, not made in third world pollution spewing factories

For the highly intelligent people who find the clothes to expensive just remember for every cheap dollar you spend on Chinese and Indian made clothing you are taking away from your own economy. You are increasing Chinese and Indian buying power and they will continue to grow and compete for Oil and natural resources.

Lastly these people are not weird, they are just different from everyone of us. Its called freedom of Choice and Freedom of Religion.

2272 days ago

don't group homeschoolers    

I visit this site to view celebrity news and somtimes TMZ goes to far (more often than not) and sometimes it's just funny. But TMZ needs to stop grouping people together. I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors at that ranch, But I do know that if anything illegal occurs, it doesn't mean it's ok to group people together. I homeschool my child and I know many parents who homeschool and they choose to do it for many different reasons (school violence and quality of education being the top reasons). The homeschooled children I know are well-adjusted, bright, social, and normal, They don't dress, act, look, or behave differently than "regular" public school taught children, besides the fact that they are a couple of grade levels ahead due to the fact that they are getting a more personal education. I personally think that getting a homeschooled education is a far superior one if possible, as long as the parents are responsible and have their childrens best interest at heart. Books and supplies alone can cost $1,000 easily and sometimes double or more if you consider the cost of extra-curricular or sport activities and it takes alot of time to plan out everything that needs to be done. Just my opinion.

2272 days ago


If you believe this is a brainwashing cult, then you have to believe that the women were the first victims. That by living on the compound they were perpetuating the crime. Now some of these women have there children back and cannot live on the compound any longer and need to be able to pay rent, utilities and survive. They have chosen to do this because they can sew and hopefullly make a living. Any one of you who has to start from nothing and earn a living to survive should understand the importance of what they are doing. To continue to ridicule and belittle these people is petty and useless. You should applaud them for not sponging off the Welfare system,The same welare system so many of you have come to rely on.

2272 days ago


Is it just me- or are items way OVER PRICED? $60 for For kiddie polyester dresses? Hello- it's called WALMART!!!

2272 days ago


I find it quite despicable that people say such nasty things about an entire culture we really know nothing about. You may have your prejudices and judgements, which you are free to express, but directing them towards a people who remain relatively unkown is immature, unintelligent, and lacks all compassion. Yet, you are the same people who INSIST I agree with gay marraige (who am I to JUDGE how others live their lives) abortion (who am I to JUDGE who murders their own babies), and pornography (which is the root of most of mens problems and will be the end of society as we know it!).

As far as I see it, these people love their families, they are the sole providers for their families, and THEY AREN'T hurting you!! So don't go accusing them of things you REALLY know nothing about! I dare you to PROVE they are ALL child molesters, abusers and so forth...Bet you can't do it!!

2272 days ago


Wow, these wackos don't legally marry so they can collect welfare for these kids and now they're selling their clothing and making even more money? Seems like the good life (except for those funky hairdos)-'marry' a creepy guy that you only have to deal with once a week, kick out a few kids, live in a huge compound while other 'wives' and 'siblings' take care of your kids, collect a nice welfare check and now sell clothing online! Un-freaking-believable.

2272 days ago


Yes, cover the arms and legs to hide the welts and scars from those belt beatings and whippings.

What about summer clothes? It's hot in Texas.

2272 days ago


Who gave them back the children, should be put to jail! Poor children growing up and being brainwashed here in the USA!!!

2272 days ago


We homeschool now and I can tell you that not all homeschoolers are like that group. Please don't lump us in with that creepy group.

2272 days ago


People come on here and read the stories and find them funny until TMZ makes a comment that hits a little too close to home (like the homeschoolers) and then suddenly it's not funny and they get on their soap box. It's ok and it's entertainment as long as TMZ bashes people / groups that aren't applicable to them. It's TMZ and if you are that easily offended, maybe it just isn't the site for you.

2272 days ago
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