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Kid Fashions Have a Cult Following

7/2/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because your kids don't belong to a polygamous religious sect, doesn't mean they can't dress like they do!
The Devil Wears Pajamas
Now that they've had their children of the corn returned to them by the government, members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints have created an online shop so all kids can wear creepy Laura Ingalls-esque, polyester uniforms. Perfect gifts for a teen readying for their first, second or third marriage!

The unisex site features everything any wannabe brainwashed, homeschooled, inbred, God-fearing child could need to fit in at Walnut Grove Elementary. All items -- from Pilgrim dresses to overalls -- meet "the FLDS standards for modesty and neatness." The devil wears long underwear!


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The prices aren't cheap!

2270 days ago


Are they ever going to stop exploiting their children???

2270 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

we are mormon and we attend church and other meetings. i would never buy the FLDS clothes, it would be supporting them and i would never do that .. they are a cult and distance yourselves from them.... yikes they are weird

2270 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

kinda look like stuff the Duggars would wear

2270 days ago

that's all    

Who gave them back the children, should be put to jail! Poor children growing up and being brainwashed here in the USA!!!

Oh, yeahhhh........Everthing is so goood outside of the "cult". The kids would be better off learning about condoms, popping Ritalin and looking at reality tv everynight. I;m no religious freak, but please don't act like life here on the outside is any saner with the murders, child molestations, and crapola going on.

2270 days ago


Out of morbid curiosity I checked out the site. They say that they make affordable clothing...yea right! A onesie for $40?? So spout your religion but completly rip people off to have "correct" clothing? WOW.

2270 days ago


Nightline on ABC had a story on the cult and a couple of the unibrow grannies was baking some seriously delicious looking bread. Won't buy the clothes but I might buy a cookbook.

2270 days ago


Just because you may have been homeschooled or choose to homeschool your children and believe in God DOES NOT make you a freak. Im not a mormon and I personally do not find these clothes to be anything I would want my kids to wear...BUT is TMZ making fun of them because there will be 0 chance of seeing someone's britney? I mean they are conservative .. SO WHAT? DOes everything someone wears have to show boobs or butts? Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination????
BTW TMZ pleaase get some class and quit lumping people in the same category - oh and lay off the Jesus Jokes ok?

2270 days ago


75. They quoted this on their website "and they did not wear costly apparel, yet they were neat and comely. Alma 1:27 " . But when you check out their affordable clothing they are charging more than the Gap and Gymboree. They charge $65.93 for overalls and $31.81 for jeans for a baby!!! I'm sorry, Wal-Mart sells more affordable clothing and if you wanted to get more affordable you could go to goodwill and get the same look they are going for.

Posted at 5:07PM on Jul 2nd 2008 by Trisha

The Gap And Wal-Mart manufactur there clothing in massive quantities in the Third World. And Yes they do exploit child labor in those countries to make the clothes. Your cheap onesy was probably sewn by a 12 year old underweight child working 60+ hours a week for pennies to survive. But thats much better for you, you don't have to see them. So keep buying your cheap imported clothes. And support the exploitation. By the Way I used to work overseas for garment companies who sold to both Wal-Mart and the gap as well as every other major retailer and I have seen this crap with my own eyes. It took me a few years to get fed up with it and go to work for a 100% American made company. If Americans had any sense whatso ever they would support American companies 100% even if it meant paying more and buying less.

2270 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Brangelina haters should be buying like crazy...because atleast these people GET MARRIED AND RAISE THEIR KIDS IN A RELIGION WITH A MORAL UPBRINGING!!! God Love the good 'ol USA!!!!

2270 days ago


It takes a particularly messed up and sick mentality for an adult to mock and ridicule the way a child looks or is dressed. These kids are already victims of there upbringing and then they get blasted for being " Freaks" , "Children of the Corn" "Creepy" and "inbred" to name a few of the harsh comments. If you don't like the clothes..... don't buy them.

2270 days ago


I guess homemade stuff is expensive.

2270 days ago

Jennifer DeMatteo    

THIS COMMENT IS GOING TO RUB MANY THE WRONG WAY. First of all, my best friend growing up was Mormon and she had a huge family, but they were not a Poly family. Very strict. When our community schools had dances, she was not allowed to attend. Because I was not Mormon, her Father made me sit down with the young kids that travel around with the "Book of Mormon" and listen to them for hours on end". I did this all just to be her friends... I don't regret it, she was worth it.

FLASH FORWARD to 25 years and "GROWN-UPs-Ville" later......

WHAT KIND OF WACKED AND F'ed up religion thinks that marrying off 15, 16 year old daughters to 50 year old men is acceptable? I've snuck on to compounds before out in Utah and Arizona. (People think they are only in Utah and Canada, EHHHHH--------WRONG!). The women are treated like brainless idiots and as a female, I hate to voice my opinion on this---but they act like it too.

Sure, every mans dream to have 12 wives, right? Maybe in MORMO-WORLD where you don't pay child support on all 40 of your kids. COME ON? Someone PLEASE tell me why society attacks people that have children out of wedlock, etc and that divorce is a sin... NORMALLY THE ARGUEMENT BEHIND THAT IS SO THE CHILD CAN BENEFIT FROM HAVING BOTH PARENTS. I'm sorry, but if you have 15, 20, 30, 40, or over 100 kids (like Jeffs) HOW can you be a signifigant part of their lives? You have to spread yourself between all the wives, work, time for yourself, sleep and then juggle 15-100 kids? PLEASE. These kids are emotionally lacking. They don't have a real Father... self-admittedly, most of the children in POLY marraiges make up fake names or never use their Fathers. Some see their Father at Dinner 1-2 times per week, others see them once per month, others see them a few times a year. AND YOU CALL THIS RELIGION PURE?


Lets stop mincing words, it is what is is: Joe Blow is 50, he has 6 wives, he keeps 2 days per week to himself and divides the other days among the wives ages ranging 16.5 to 45. Each women sees him an average of 3 days per month (regarding sleep overs).. This ALSO APPLIES TO SAID CHILDREN WITH EACH WOMAN. So, lets divide up the time between each child per respective night.

I am not ignorant on this subject, I've studied it from afar and up close and personal and heard it from all angles....

I am sorry, but this is no religion, it's a cult-ish group with someone heading it that has a god-complex. Do you have any idea how many ppl were murdered for their "BLOOD ATONEMENT" because another leader had more followers? They can't all be the true profit, yet there are more sects just like YFZ out there. MANY!!!!!!!!! These women are treated like commodities and traded at young ages, it's disgusting. I HAVE SEEN IT FIRST HAND.


2270 days ago

Jennifer DeMatteo    

When I say I lived it...... I was not born into it, but I did stupidly marry into it. (Regarding my above post) I failed to make that clear.

2270 days ago


Those kids look like they could star in Children of the Corn part 8! Scary!!

2270 days ago
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