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Martin Sheen: Shirt Happens

7/2/2008 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things that should never be worn again: acid washed jeans, Cosby sweaters, Ugg boots ... and the coconut and pineapple shirt Martin Sheen is holding!

The 67-year-old -- whose birth name is Rámon Gerardo Antonio Estévez -- was picking up dry cleaning in Santa Monica on Tuesday, when the fashion police were called to the scene.

No injuries were reported.


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2282 days ago

You Poor Fool    

This commie pinko liberal degenerate whackjob should go live in North Korea, where he belongs.

2282 days ago


Why does a photographer constantly stand outside the dry cleaners. How many exciting shots of Mr. Sheen carrying his clean clothes do we need in this world? Give the man a break & get a life of your own.

2282 days ago

Diana Baker    

I could not live without my UGG Boots. I have 4 pair, back off!!!!

2282 days ago

Lenn K.    

I never understood why he hated his hispanic name, but his older son proud.

2282 days ago


Ok, so a 67 year old man is supposed to be in perfect fashion sense? He is a great actor, activist and actually has managed to keep his family together. What the hell is wrong with TMZ? As someone who checks the site daily, I think I may discontinue doing so when you pick on somebody just picking up their drycleaning. You know, I think as of today, I stop looking at this sight as it is the end of decent society. Say so long to at least one person! Bye bye. T

2282 days ago


looks like a tablecloth to me!

2282 days ago


one of the great ones. He has tried (unfortunately not always successfully) to keep his children growing in a successful and meaningful way. He has always been a true family man. Thank you for that. That's what counts in the end.

2282 days ago


I love Martin, always have, always will. Too bad Charlie didn't grow the same character as his dad.

2282 days ago


Oh my...a West Coast man with a tropical shirt??? Unheard of!!!! Come on now, TMZ. Must be a slow news day. And hey, I give the man my respect for being so down to earth as to pick up his own dry-cleaning!!! And for any of you complaining about him changing his the time he was starting out, pretty much everyone with an ethnic sounding name changed it to something more simplified. (And most actors are still doing it today.)

2281 days ago


Mr. Sheen does not hate his Hispanic name. It is on his driver's license & passport. When he started his acting career in 1958 or so Hispanics were not being hired with any regularity, nor were apartments being rented or any good jobs being offered. He used Sheen as a matter of survival. Before you jump to conclusion about a person it is a good idea to actually know something about them .

2281 days ago

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