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Maybe Baby Mama

Didn't Do It

For the Money

7/2/2008 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael LohanShould anyone be surprised that Michael Lohan may be the only one trying to cash in on the half-blood princess?

Daryl Kaufmann -- husband of Michael's maybe baby mama Kristi -- says the fam went public about the unclaimed kid because Mike's been repeatedly refusing to chip in some support ... not because they wanted to make a buck.

Daryl claims that they didn't get paid to go public -- they were just using the media to get Michael to own up.

What a big, big surprise.


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2305 days ago

hang him high    

if that were true, then they would have taken another avenue..i.e. courts, lawyers, etc. pictures wouldn't have been spread around...

comon they want the money

2305 days ago


I don't believe it. Makes no sense. Lady has affair on husband with Michael Lohan, 13 years later it is found out that the child is not the husband's so she says its Michael's child (AFTER 13 YEARS) and expect a man to just start paying money for this child???? Not even a bad movie can spin this drama. I don't know how they found out in the first place how this child wasn't really her husband's daughter, but the woman is an idiot and a con-artist to think she can scam money from Michael. I'm not defending Michael, but its not just that easy to go from one money cow to the next.

2305 days ago


She should have filed a paternity suit in family court. Family court judge would have ordered DNA testing. If he's the father, then the court would have made him pay child support. If he doesn't pay child support, they will put him in jail.

End of story. No media involvement required.

You can't shame an ass by proving that he is an ass. Geez.

2305 days ago


The system doesn't always work the way it's supposed to, especially if someone famous has the money to pay officials off. Unfortunately, going public to hold Mr. Lohan responsible was the only sure way.

2305 days ago



2305 days ago

Celeb Research Analyst    

This is just like that questionable question of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz having another daughter. I have heard about her for years and as a research analyst for this specific topic, I have been following these celebs closely. I found that there are two more granddaughters that are part of the Ball-Arnaz clan. One who self professes her DNA with her father (jr.) back in the 90's who in my opinion only looks a little like both Desi and Lucy. She defintely has her mom's eyes, not Lucy's. The other one who I found on my space is vaguely vague about who she is, but not afraid to post photos of her and her sons. Which if my calculations are correct WOWZA. She looks like both Lucy and Desi more than the juniors do. Not to mention hubba hubba on her older son whose a spittin image of Desi. She's a head on her shoulders not like jr's kid. They are night and day. I guess "Lucy, You've some splainin' to do" I found her on my space she's supersportsmom

2304 days ago

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