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Mother Knows Breast

7/2/2008 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the trashiest twosome since Pam and Tommy Lee -- but with bigger boobage!

Take one look at this mom and daughter (yikes!) team and it's easy to see why our photog barely paid any attention to their faces.


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I just threw up in my mouth!

2271 days ago

Rick Da Ruler    

I don't care WTF ya say you jealous, spiteful, hussies who are always on heree opening up your pieholes talking a whole bunch of stright BS when it comes to the kind of anonymous HOTT & SEXY WOMEN who are confident & secure in their physical appearance (and that you secertly wish to look like), but instead are confronted daily with all your very Plain Jane-ish, disappointing realities of the cruel hand that Mother Nature & fate dealt you everytime you take that dreaded look into your smudgy mirrors and see the reflection of your very "natural", but lopsided bodies...Wow, that sounds really desirable to a man who's about anything at all, dontcha think? NOT...

2271 days ago


In a word...slobs.

2271 days ago


Sheesh. I suppose the mother is trying to instill in her daughters that you don't need to feed your brain with knowledge in order to secure your future.

All you need is the name of a good plastic surgeon to blow up the old air-bags and you're good to go.

2271 days ago


I don't know who these two are but I have to be honest. As a man, I'd have no problem doing both of them at the same time. They are hot hot hot, especially the daughter. But I'll use mom to help teach the daughter and then we'll all rock together.

2271 days ago


yeah, they are both the hotness. I like 'em.

2271 days ago


Don't bother asking who they are, they aren't famous...just 2 skanks out on the town.

2271 days ago


I love the fact that these two wanna be, act like we are some rich somebody's are flaunting it like they are Paris and that other tramp. The funniest part is that the "mom" leans, eerrrrr bends over to check out the Ferrari. What's wrong coug, never seen a Ferrari before.....then the valet drives right off. Go back to hanging out at the Olive Garden in Ontario (no offense to the IE)

2271 days ago


Who the heck are they? Was your photog really that shocked to see two 2 bit hookers on the stroll like that?

2271 days ago

Out Dancing    

OMG! I danced with these two at Opera one night. They are both actually very sweet. Many, many people came up to the mother to have their picture taken with her. They both knew a lot of people. Can't remember their names but would like to know! I am big chested naturally so dancing with them was nice (distraction)

2271 days ago


I'd do 'em both, order breakfast in the morning (would not be seen in public with them), and do them some more.

Order lunch in (same as above), do them some more.

Order dinner in (as above), do them some more.....then go home and rest up the next day.


2271 days ago

She looks like hell    

Ok, they paid someone to cut them open and stuff stiff bags of chemicals into their chests and this I think not. It's stupid looking. People have forgotten the allure of natural breasts. They are soft and they hang. They are not stiff, skin stretching orbs that don't move. It's a shame that people prefer plastic. I'll stick to nature any day.

2270 days ago


geez! anyone know who the mother is??? don't care much for her daughter but i'd love to get a piece of that mom. TMZ: who's the mother???????

2270 days ago

Morris Day - The Time    

Look - It's Linda & Brooke Hogan.

2270 days ago
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