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Neighbors to Hollywood Club: Shut the Hell Up!

7/2/2008 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shocker -- living above a hot Hollywood club sucks! Several residents of the condos above trendy S Bar have filed suit, asking a judge to turn down the volume STAT.

In a lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, residents of the Broadway Hollywood building say S Bar is operated in an "unreasonably and unacceptably disruptive manner." They say the music is so loud, "many residents have been unable to fall asleep prior to 2:00 in the morning." They say the club's operators -- SBE and the Kor Realty Group -- have totally and "callously" ignored their complaints, all while raking in "huge profits."

S Bar's rep tells us they don't comment on pending litigation.


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Never 1ST.

2281 days ago


Stupid, What do you expect to live on the corner of Hollywood and Vine! If you want to live in the middle of Hollywood, you have to deal with what comes with it.

2281 days ago


Uh duh, what'd they think was gonna happen living above a club?

2281 days ago


if you knew there was a popular club in your building why would you move in there just to complain about the noise?

2281 days ago

Aunt Kiki    

Here's a thought... Don't buy a condo on top of a "trendy" club.

2281 days ago


this reminds me of the time i was at a bar that regularly holds club nights and the people who lived above it were screaming out their window at the people in the smoking area to shut the f*ck up. nevermind the hard pounding bass that no doubt was shaking everything throughout their apartment.

if you don't like the music/noise then move!

2281 days ago

Kor Hater    

Sounds like typical greedy KOR business practices. They are the masters of the rental "bait and switch" also it seems they don't like to address anything until a lawsuit has been filed against them. At the core of their issue is the inability to accept and or take responsibility.

2281 days ago


How is this related to the category, "Celebrity Justice"?

How about Wacky and Weird?

2281 days ago


I say if you don't want the noise from a Hollywood club to disrupt your sleep, then live somewhere else, preferably in a retirement community. If I were the judge in that case, I'd throw that case out if I could. It's silly.

2281 days ago


Here's a thought... Have some common sense and don't let a bar open where people have purchsed condos above.

2281 days ago


This is like those individuals who buy a house out by an airport and then petition to have the airport shut down because of the noise.

If the condos were there first and then the club moved in, then they would certainly have the right to voice their complaints and loudly.

If the club was there first, then all I have to say is "caveat emptor".

2281 days ago

Chris Taul    

You've got to admire these people. It takes true courage to stand up for your convictions and sue a nightclub for being too loud. You've got to have some serious cajones to look this stupid and show it to the public.

2281 days ago


The whole attraction to moving into that building was knowing that there would be a trendy bar and a trendy restaurant on the first floor. If you buy a condo directly above a nightclub, well, yeah, you're going to hear it -- maybe you should have sprung for a condo on a higher floor! Who the hell moves to Hollywood and Vine and expects peace and quiet? Morons.

2281 days ago


I've been over there a couple times a week and, even in the hot weather, you don't hear anything.
Keep you windows shut? Keep your brain open and your mouth shut? You'd think it was s reaidential neighborhood, but IT AINT. Maybe they're pissed because they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars MORE than those things are worth. Do they really have any vaule - they don't sell.... so the owners bitch and whine . ....
just as their mortgage payments reset on adjustable loans they took in utter speculation that the neighborhood would quickly gentrify (it hasn't in in the 20 years I've lived here....) and they had planned on quickly selling them for obscene profit - but they wouldn't bitch and whine about that.

Typical LA dumbasses acting like they're richer than they are and flat-asss broke - couldn't buy in a better neighborhood and complain about the one they could afford like they're somehow annointed with some superior status the moment they signed. How about just plain stupid? Yeah, that one sticks.

2281 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

I party with everyone at this place when I'm in town

2281 days ago
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