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Christina Applegate's BF

Found Dead

7/3/2008 6:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina ApplegateLee Grivas, the 26-year-old boyfriend of Christina Applegate, was found dead in his apartment.

His body was discovered on July 1 by a neighbor who found him in the living room of his Hollywood apartment. Grivas was pronounced dead at 5:25 PM.

Although the autopsy has not been completed, we're told there were no visible signs of trauma.

Applegate and Grivas dated on and off for years after the pair met through a dancer in her Broadway show "Sweet Charity."

The story was first reported by the National Enquirer.


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Sorry Christina best wishes J.D.

2304 days ago


RIP! Wish the best to his family and friends. That is too young to go no matter what the cause.

2304 days ago


it could be anything! people also die of strokes, brain anyresyms, heart attack, aeorta tears, drugs, alcohol, car accidents, lightning strikes. he could of gotten shocked by something not just drugs. i will pray for Christinia. Christinia, this bible verse help me thru some very tough times, Phil. 4:13, i can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. God Bless you.

2304 days ago


He hasn't been her boyfriend for years why are people acting like she just lost her husband?

2304 days ago


Christina this bible verse has helped me thru many crisis in my life. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.

2304 days ago


This is wat you get for cheating on him, GOD

2304 days ago



2304 days ago


Found this tidbit online written by Lee Grivas regarding a boarding school for at risk kiddos that he attended...sad story.

: Dear Kathy,

: I believe that you may have a few misconceptions about the Family School run by The Argiros family. Before I go any farther, please allow mw to introduce myself; My name is Lee grivas. i graduated form the Family in June of 2000. I spent twenty months at the school and my life has been a lot different ever since.
: It saddens me to think that you would be so eager to publish an article so demeaning to the Family School without mentioning any of the positive aspects of it. Perhaps you do not understand the basic principles promoted by the school. On the sign for the Family School, one finds the words HONESTY, PURITY, UNSELFISHNESS, and LOVE. These four words are what is important about the Family School.
: In autumn of 1998, my life was what you might call
: "teenage angst." Which you referred to as "behavioral changes in a normal effort to assert their independence from their parents." But I, like most(if not all) of my fellow students at The Family would beg to differ. I was expelled from public school for posession of Marijuana. I lied to my parents(who had been hurt by yours truly many times prior), attempting to convince them not to send me away. In turn , my parents decided to make it my decision. They told me that I had a choice. i would either leave the house or go to the Family School for help. Well, needless to say, i chose to leave the house. I was not about to spend two years in a boarding school. It took under a month to change my mind. In that month my life had turned upside down(even more upside down than before). I was using coacine, ketamine, marijuana, alcohol, lsd, and inhalants. I was also having unprotected sex and selling drugs for money. As it got later into the month of October, it got colder. It was not easy to find a placew to sleep and I found myself outside in forty degree temperature overnight. So I decided to "give up' and ask for help. Two days later, I was checking into the Family school.
: My success from there is nothing short of a miracle. After twenty difficult months, i graduated The Family School on a $16,000 scholarship to The Art Institute of Philadelphia(where I currently attend classes and major in photography). I also feel really good about myself. i now tell my parents the truth. I practice Christianity(by choice), live a sober lifestyle, maintain a 3.4 gpa, and have an excellent relationship with my family.
: I could go on for pages listing the miracles that have happened in my life as a result of the help and support that I received from my friends at The Family.
: My point is this:
: There is no need to fear The Family School. It is not a cancer! It is a REMEDY! My life has been saved due to the efforts of Tony and Betty Argiros. My story may be a little harsher than some. but is it worth taking the chance of losing a child under the assumption that a your son or daughter is merely experiencing "behavioral changes?" I, like many of the people at The Family, could have very well died as a result of such behaviors. It is not a matter to be taken lightly.
: So please, Kathy, the next time that you want to "help" your community by slandering and demeaning something that has saved lives(including mine), think about what you are attemting to do. Are you redding your community of cancer? Or are you letting children die of it?

2304 days ago



2304 days ago

Reed Devlin    

i kno Christina, and some of the pathetic comments ive just read from you people are just disgusting. seriously disgusting!!!. and im sure it's because your probably a fat or ugly or both playerhater sitting down in whatever pathetic little town you live in and have absolutely nothing better to do. i mean we're talking about the dead here!! you should all be ashamed of yourselves. rest in peace Lee. and my thoughts and prayers are with you Christina.

2304 days ago


i'm very sorry christina,
i lost my best friend and partner my husband mark in 2002. stay strong and once again i feel your pain..take care

2304 days ago


I did not know the actor, but I think Christine Applegates a great actor, I hope she finds love soon.

2304 days ago


is there any way we can get her address to send a card or flowers, I am sure this is a very difficult time for her, even if I could get a p.o. box, anything so I can send something.

Thanks TMZ

2304 days ago


is there any way you can get an address or po box she we can send a card or flowers??????????

Thanks Janice Power

2304 days ago


Jeez... if I was doing her, I'd stay alive AT ALL COSTS. No smoking, no drinking, only healthy foods, no dangerous hobbies, excersizing daily, plenty of vitamins, 5 under the speed limit, etc.

2304 days ago
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