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Christina Applegate's BF

Found Dead

7/3/2008 6:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina ApplegateLee Grivas, the 26-year-old boyfriend of Christina Applegate, was found dead in his apartment.

His body was discovered on July 1 by a neighbor who found him in the living room of his Hollywood apartment. Grivas was pronounced dead at 5:25 PM.

Although the autopsy has not been completed, we're told there were no visible signs of trauma.

Applegate and Grivas dated on and off for years after the pair met through a dancer in her Broadway show "Sweet Charity."

The story was first reported by the National Enquirer.


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Ed Bundy did it.

2303 days ago


I lost my 29 year old brother to a senseless murder a little over two years heart goes out to all who knew this young man, his family and friends are, I am sure, devastated at the loss of such a talented condolences to all who knew him...

2303 days ago


Maria @ No. 15, I thought your comment was pretty accurate until you referred to addicts as, "losers" and said you wished they would all die.
First off, Heath Ledger and the Olson twin were living on the east Coast; Applegate's boyfriend was found on the West Coast -- in Hollywood. Ya still think they have the same dealers? Not that it really matters.

If you want to call these people losers, go ahead, but keep in mind that the drug epidemic is not just reserved for wealthy, Hollywood celebs.

It's this "loser" stigma that causes addicts, their loved ones, and, in the case of Hollywood, their agents, to burrow underground so as not to call attention to the problem. A much-needed approach to this problem would be for these people to come out of the "losers" dressing room and call attention to the burgeoning addiction crisis here in the U.S.

Celebs. possess the power, influence and money to effectively publicize and promote the need for improved drug and alcohol treatment services here in the U.S. Instead of making disparaging comments about people such as Heath Ledger (R.I.P) and others, we should be encouraging celebrities in active addiction to come OUT and get help while they still can, so that the nation's attention can be turned to the problem in a constructive way, and to generate funding and support for this most worthwhile cause.

2303 days ago


38. i kno Christina, and some of the pathetic comments ive just read from you people are just disgusting. seriously disgusting!!!. and im sure it's because your probably a fat or ugly or both playerhater sitting down in whatever pathetic little town you live in and have absolutely nothing better to do. i mean we're talking about the dead here!! you should all be ashamed of yourselves. rest in peace Lee. and my thoughts and prayers are with you Christina.

Posted at 9:43PM on Jul 3rd 2008 by Reed Devlin


Obviously you don't know her that well or you would have her phone number and be able to call her instead of posting on a gossip site that she will never see.

2303 days ago

Bleep Blop    

Stick to mushrooms!

2303 days ago


This is such sad news. Mr. Lee Grivas, the 26-year-old boyfriend of Christina Applegate, was found dead in his apartment. He was no one famous. Why are you saying that "all young Hollywood..." He was just the boyfriend of Christina Applegate, who happens to be famous. I mean the pair met through a "dancer" in her Broadway show "Sweet Charity". I'm sure her dancer friend was concerned about getting Christina back out on the dating scene after her marriage fell apart. I don't, nor won't disagree that it was probably prescription drug overdose, but it seems that the doctor's are giving them out so freely in Hollywood, I'd believe that some one of a higher authority would find it in their hearts to look in to them....those doctors.

2303 days ago

Pamela Jean    

In Simpathiy an Sorrow* My Prayers Go Out to To His Love Ones ;May God ease Your Pain An Help you though each passing day . P.S. From VA

2303 days ago


Oh my gosh.... how tragic. And I'm sickened by some of the comments on this post. What is wrong with the people of the world today?

We are huge fans of Christina, and we just send our best wishes and very heart felt condolences during this really sad time - And also of course to Lee's family.

2303 days ago


Hey Luz, you putz... it's "what comes around goes around" not "what comes around comes around."


2303 days ago

captain obvious    

45. Ed Bundy did it.


2303 days ago


Hmmmm...maybe Al (Daddy) found out they were dating lmao

2303 days ago


15. They are all druggies. He died just like Heath Ledger. I am very disappointed with young Hollywood.
They are all a bunch of losers. Christinia and the Olsen Addict are friends. They all have the same
drug dealer. They call all die as far as I'm concerned. LOSERS

Posted at 6:40PM on Jul 3rd 2008 by Maria Smith

Your a moron! Being so callus about death you should be ashamed of yourself. I weep for you mother cause she raised a rotten human being

2303 days ago


Lee, you will be missed, hopefully some good will come out of this tragedy, your death like Heath Ledger's and Brad Renfro's< might hellp other addicts get clean. I know you tried to stay clean and struggled with this f-d up disease, I just wish there was more I could have done for you to help you battle this demon. I love you man and may you rest in peace.

2303 days ago

Spell Check.    

Sorry Donnie,
You have broken Internet Commandment 4:
Thou Shalt Not LMAO At Thine Own Comment

2303 days ago

Shirlaine D.    

Damn... Corinne Bailey Rae, Michelle Williams, Christina Applegate,etc...

After the breaker Of Hollywood babies, now, The wind Of "Widow".


Life Is Really Precious!

2303 days ago
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