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Design on a Dime Host Gets XXXtreme Makeover

7/3/2008 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has finally uncovered the connection between the HGTV show "Design on a Dime" and hardcore pornography -- a host who really enjoys interiors.

While the network continues to regularly air episodes featuring former host Lee Snijders, we've learned the guy who helped homeowners for more than six years is still giving advice to couples -- but purely of the girl-on-girl variety nowadays.

Snijders used the cash he raked in from "DoaD" and his stint as a Disney Imagineer to start his own porn company with porn star girlfriend Jett Angel. You can even catch Lee in several of the reality-style skin flicks manning the camera (or so we've heard).

Calls to HGTV were not returned.

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Linda Hogan Knows How to Pick 'Em

Linda Hogan keeps making one ridiculous decision after the other.
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We reported yesterday that L. Ho is on the outs with her 19-year-old Nick-alike and may have found her rebound guy. Turns out he's a convicted felon.

Linda's date, Louis Adkinson, was arrested five times in two years for fun things like carrying a concealed weapon, giving cops a false name and writing bad checks. This guy makes crazy Hulk look like a prize.

Rachael's Show Hates the Skinnies

An anorexic guy -- yes, you heard correctly -- says Rachael Ray's show spit him out because he blew the whistle on their skinny-hating ways.

Admitted anorexic Aaron Ferguson just filed suit in Manhattan, alleging that his boss -- the "Rachael" accountant -- slammed the show's executive-in-charge, Priscilla Taussig, as "too skinny to do her job," demeaned anorexics as "sick in the head," and even commented, "Did you see Priscilla today ... all you can see are her sickly bones."

Ferguson says when he went to HR to complain, they digested his complaints -- and then his boss promptly made his life "so miserable" that he had to bail. He claims he was offered $4K to sign a separation waiver.

Aaron wants $1.5 mil in damages. Rachael herself is not named in the suit. Rachael's peeps didn't immediately return a call for comment.

No Hair Is Better Than That Hair!

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Kim's Eardrums as Big as Her Booty

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Ronaldo Spotted with a Biological Woman

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo -- not to be confused with the ridiculously super hot Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo -- vacationed on a yacht ... without any transsexual prostitutes!
Ronaldo hung out in Ibiza with his pregnant girlfriend Bia Anthony on Wednesday. As far as we know, Bia is not a pregnant man.


No Avatar


what is he wearing?

2269 days ago


i am sorry about the design on a dime guy going porn. i love doad...well, i used to. i'm done with it now. yuck!....tep

2269 days ago

never liked the guy    

The other people on the show were great but I didn't like this guy or his designs. Lots of dark stained stuff that crapped up the rooms. The guy is so full of himself...yuck!!!

2269 days ago

never liked the guy    

This guy is so full of himself I could not watch the show when he was on plus his designs were horrible. Lots of dark stained crap for the walls.

2269 days ago


Let's get his DoaD buddy Charles Burbridge to do some Bear porn!!!!

2269 days ago

uneek angel    

Cristiano Ronaldo is SO freakin' hot ...his girlfriend is so NOT (i know this hasn't got anything to do with any of these stories but i'm sorry his name was mentioned in the last story!!!)

2269 days ago

Future Sister In Law    

I know him personally he is a great designer and even better at porn! His girlfriend my sister is a great photographer. They are both grown adults and can do what they let it be...relax it's just sex...

2269 days ago

so what if it is    

Future-sister-in-law....Are you bragging? I bet your parents are so proud of you and your sister.......or did they raise you to be......well you know what I am saying.

2269 days ago


anorexics ARE sick in the head, and they NEVER look as bad as they THINK they do. and they'll NEVER look as good as they want b/c they're sick in the head. it's a vicious cycle only they can break. when ppl call them on it, we shouldn't bash the messenger. they NEED help. sometimes being told BLUNTLY how WRONG you REALLY ARE is kick in the pants you need to get yourself straight. filing suit isn't gonna help the girl. it's only gonna coddle her more. HR should look into getting her, and this crybaby "friend" of her's some help. her health may actually be hindering from her doing her job well. it's kinda hard to do a good job on a cooking show when you're starving yourself to death. i will say that the boss was very wrong about pushing this guy to quit, tho.

2269 days ago


where can i see the vids?

2269 days ago


Future Sister In Law, who sounds a bit like you are bragging, didn't the report say that your sister was a porn star, not a photographer. So, you must mean she's a good porn star. But, yes, these people are adults and can do what they want.
I used to like that show, when that girl was on it, she did wonderful designs...

2269 days ago

Dell H.    

Lee's designs were innovative and well executed. First host to give his assistant designers credit. Money motivates us all. Personally, I will miss him and his great designs.

2269 days ago


Ranaldo needs some Spankz

2268 days ago


EWWWWW! Not going to miss him at all. What goes around comes around though!He won't like someyay-hoo taking those kind of photos of his little girl someday!

2268 days ago


Okay so bashing anorexics behind their backs is a GREAT way to help!!!!! I can't remember the last time I heard a person called 'sick in the head' automatically run to treatment. As an anorexic (in recovery with no relapse in two years, thank you) the only thing that made me get help was an intervention with my family and friends not people bashing me. I'm still very skinny and now I get upset when people call me skinny. They think its a compliment, but it still can be hurtful. I am a female but it must still suck for a guy maybe even more so. Its still harassment no matter how you look at it. If I went around an obese coworker and called her too fat to fit in her chair, I'd be in trouble.

As for the porn guy.....hmmm...who cares??

2268 days ago
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