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DUI Suspect Lives In Sugar Daddy City

7/3/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's the lowdown on the suspect from Wednesday morning's nasty hit and run accident.

Her name is Heather Auger and she's a 27-year-old from Orange County. We're told she went to Cal-State Fullerton, but that she doesn't work now -- she's got a rich BF. Must be nice.

We tried to go down to her apartment in Bev Hills yesterday, but we were rebuffed by a rude roommate.

As for the legal stuff, she was held on $52,500 bail and posted early yesterday morning. She's due back in court on July 23.


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I really hope she does serve time in prison for this event. However, I know how stupid Los Angeles is - rich people always get away with crimes. I know her rich boyfriend will hire the best attorney and somehow get it reduced to a misdemeanor. She clearly broke the law and could have killed that woman or any other person in the street. Not only did she drink but she also fled the scene. I have no empathy for Heather Auger and hope the judge gives her the maximum.

2268 days ago


You know, I was going to post here about how TMZ has no right to specify all of this information, etc she's just a civvie, leave her alone........but the truth is, she was plastered out of her mind, got behind the wheel of a car, plowed into someone, and is lucky as hell that she did not kill her victim.

So, you know what? She is TOTALLY fair game. Someone who behaves as irresponsibly as that is someone who thinks that they live without consequence. She deserves as much of a wake-up call as, say, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, etc, all did.

2268 days ago

pattie in cali    

very sad, you do the time for the crime, can't understand why people keep doing this, you have the money to call a cab, WHY??? please tell us, i hope an pray that poor girl is alright,
WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP DRIVING DRUNK ????????? i hope that poor girl doesn't see the video , where her boyfriend is hugging you, you hit her, then took off, why??????? if you are reading these, please tell us why, was it worth it?

2268 days ago


Ya gotta drive drunk, how's your car gonna make it home?

2268 days ago


I suppose TMZ is making much of this story because their paps were "lucky" enough to be staked out when all of the action took place.

This sad story is replayed ad infinitum across the globe. Drunk drivers out having a good time, never giving a thought to who their drunken paths might cross. Have drinks, have vehicle, will travel.

Why is it that no one ever seems to learn until it is too late? At that point the damage has been everyone. I don't think this selfish, self-involved chick ever gave it a thought while she was drinking or when she got behind the wheel.

It's just freakin' senseless. Getting her drink on was more important than the lives or safety of anyone else.

2268 days ago

nothing special    

if the rich boyfriend owns the car and/or she is on his insurance, the injured girl can still go after him...his insurance policy should be pretty good.

2268 days ago

nothing special    

guys, a consensus vote... Would you still hit it? no pun intended

2268 days ago


Ugly little troll!

2268 days ago

pattie in cali    

call someone, the car will be fine,

2268 days ago


i agree that this little girl needs to be punished for what she did. she was driving drunk and almost killed an innocent person. the fact that the victim is in serious condition and now has to deal with thousands of dollars of medical bills is just too unfortunate for words.

but to call the drunk driver's roomate "rude" when you went to their apartment....
what did you want her to do when you came around with your microphones and cameras? invite you in for lemonade and cookies?
get real.

2268 days ago


Was she on the Dr. Phil show ...for a couple thing.

2268 days ago


A good DUI lawyer will get this woman a year probation, suspended driver's license, AA meetings/classes, 100 hours of and community service. The civil suit will get bills paid and pain and suffering. . Meanwhile the victim gets to spend months in a wheelchair, have chronic pain, and never be the same again. Sounds fair to me.

2268 days ago

Teresa Adam    

OMGG tht gurl is INSANE she was like "i dindt noe...i didnt SEE" wat r u....BLIND?
and OMG the guy was even MORE crazier then HER, i think he has some kind of personality disorder
cz @ first he was soo pissed and tehn he started calmin her n then he started to yell again, n then just huggin her :Ssssss

2268 days ago


"Maybe being away from his girlfriend laying on the ground like that is the only way to keep himself sane."

^^ That guy was NOT the victim's boyfriend.

2268 days ago


i hope she gets the full extent... im tired of people getting off so easily with something like drinking and driving... she did do a hit and run with MANY people watching. but in california, if your "famous" you get practically nothing when in trouble with the law

2268 days ago
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