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Hit & Run Girl: Crushed Pelvis Only the Beginning

7/3/2008 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was hit by an alleged drunk driver in Hollywood last night is not doing that great -- she's got a crushed pelvis, head trauma and possibly a punctured bladder.

We caught up with Wolf -- the guy who chased down the driver -- who says his girl will be in the hospital for at least another five days, and will need a ton of rehab after that.

He also breaks down why he was so calm after chasing down the woman who nailed his girl with her car -- he's got a baby now, and says his fatherly instincts kicked in.


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There is no such thing as reality tv    

Another instant celeb wannabe.

2268 days ago


all I know is if someone ran me down and I was with my any of my friends I would pray they would chase that freakin car down, he totally did the right thing.

2268 days ago

Jasmine RIP    

Brooksie - I think everyone is aware of the situation and hopefully an investigation will be launched on the people/person/club that enabled this minor to drink. There are many issues with this situation as this happens every 15 minutes; a person is killed by a drunk driver. Minor or adult. Hopefully this posting on TMZ will make people think about drinking this holiday weekend and getting behind the wheel. Everyone, please have a safe holiday and if you choose to drink, please don’t drive.

Good bless you all. . Lucy needs prayers as well as her family to be able to support her. Please think of her when you are drinking.

2268 days ago

Jasmine RIP    

People - like Brooksie - check your spelling and use it correctly To = Too.

2268 days ago

nothing special    

uh brooksie (hogan), How about going after the ones who go into clubs with the intent to drink under age? She may have had a pretty good fake ID and she looked 21 to me.

2268 days ago


First of all, I have to give the guy props for handling the situation with such composure. I think most people would have snapped. That being said, this guy is a walking cartoon. Who talks like that? I mean, a white guy in a Land Rover in Hollywood who NOBODY has ever heard of trying to talk and act like he just popped up out of the hood. And not from Holly"hood" (as he calls it). Wannabe's are such a sad case. I'm sure his rich parents are proud of the way he's spending their money.

2268 days ago


What a role model this nutjob is. Good grief look at him---that hat, those tats, on the neck, the whole get up---what a clown, and a mixture of races beyond melting pot---weirdo, creep-o.

he gave me the creeps when he was the one who leaves an injured person to chase down another girl---and when he caught up with her after he realized she was freaked out and broken down, starts holding her and rubbing her---the guys a weirdo, stay away from him, he's dangerous.

Daddy? Whats daddy doing at the clubs? Good Dads stay home and spend time with their children...freaking weirdo, not the type society welcomes into their fold when they look and act like that. Imagine him at a job? No

2268 days ago


Dude is an idiot ! (the girlfriend or baby momma is hurt so we will just wish her the best for now) His girl is almost killed and he wants to be the HollyHood Hero! Who's with the baby? Maybe he's looking to knock up the chic who ran his girl down, so she can keep the kid while he gets his band off the ground. (Did'nt work for his girl but we'll see) LOL

2268 days ago

nothing special    

creepo, this is holly"hood" no dad stays home. neither do the mothers. who lives in hollywood hoping to have a normal life?

2268 days ago


If someone I loved was in a major accident I wouldn 't be out at the club chatting up the paps about how much you love your girl and your fatherly instincts. If you have a loved one in intensive care and a kid(s) at home, this is the last place this dude should be. Hey my girl is laid up, time to get my party on!

2268 days ago


Does anyone else see the resemblance to KFED?!

2268 days ago


OMG.. people.. leave him alone! He's NOT her boyfriend.. he's her friend (girl can be ghetto talk for friend.. kinda like.. that's my boy). He did a good thing and nobody should be judging him. If it weren't for him.. who knows what would've happened to that drunk driver! She may of hit other people...perhaps causing death.. or even causing her own death.

2268 days ago



2268 days ago

nothing special    

I'll throw this out there cause i wouldn't mind getting to hug up on the drunk driver LOL, why didn't the victim look both ways before crossing the street and what was the victim's blood alcohol level?

2268 days ago


He said "His girl" that doesnt mean that shes the mother or his girlfriend. Friendgirls people.....

2268 days ago
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