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PETA Wants

Sharon Stone's Brain

for Research

7/3/2008 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has offered to front the bill if Sharon Stone will get a brain scan, to determine if her insensitivity is caused by an underdeveloped prefrontal region of her brain.

In a letter to Stone, obtained by TMZ, PETA prez Ingrid Newkirk says "We are used to the indifference that you flaunt and the callous remarks that you make..." Newkirk mentions that whole China thing as well as comments about animals.

PETA makes an offer to pay for a brain scan "to determine if comments and actions that seem to demonstrate a lack of empathy are the result of a physical defect."

You may recall, Sharon Stone is famously in "Total Recall," so she may be able to get a brain scan discount and underwent brain surgery in 2001.


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I'm sorry, What? Why would PETA even be involved in this?

2267 days ago

Chinese Face    

Why the F does anyone care what PETA says, they should all just tell PETA to go F themselves while eating some chicken and Hamburgers. OH NO PETA IS TALKING TRASH OH NO. freaking morons

2267 days ago


Is my imposter at it again?

2267 days ago


What a bunch of IDIOTS! I'm not a huge Sharon Stone fan, but this ridiculous "offer" is only designed to insult her intelligence...nothing more. Maybe if they didn't waste their time and resources with antics like this, people would take them a bit more seriously. Although I doubt it.

2267 days ago


Boy, will they be surprised when they find out she has no brain!!!!

2267 days ago


PETA is a group of wack jobs. I love to eat meat, wear leather, and I wish I had a nice white seal skin coat. I am going to go and by a big thick steak now and grill it up this afternoon!

You GO Sharon!

2267 days ago


I'm a member of PETA.

People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

2267 days ago


I think PETA has gotten too powerful, they are nus, want to salute them, like Hitler. People are afraid to say the eat meat besue PETA GETS TOO MUCH PRESS. Get off peoples back. Yes, I love pets, I have many of them, love them, take care of them, and call the police if I see or heard of anyone mistreating pets. But these stormtroopers are just too much. STOP THEM FROM BECOMING SO POWERFUL. They need MRA's as they seem to think they run the world.

2267 days ago


Classic!! right on PETA I think people are missing the point here what you are trying to accomplish, but thats what happens when they reply and have IQ's about the same as bordeline retardation

2267 days ago

blue pen    

Bless I do love the effort people go to try and get animal lovers all angry... People like Rob there who might as well have worn a big fur sign on your head reading "I have a small penis".

2267 days ago

al loanese    

peta going out for a burger soon........gonna wear my real fur lined uggs and my leather jacket.........did i say peta sucks...they do

2267 days ago

al loanese    

this is the crap PETA uses their donations for...this and violence...BOYCOTT PETA DONT SEND THEM MONEY ANYMORE

2267 days ago


Why is PETA sending out letters like this? The donations they receive are not for this purpose. It appears this letter was sent to make the point of how animals are treated and killed to provide fur. I for one will never send PETA a dime if this is what my donation pays for. It's no wonder people don't take PETA seriously. This letter borders on insane. There are so many ways to draw attention to the issue of fur . . . this is not it. The Board of Directors for PETA ought to take a good look at the idiot they have as President. Hey Board of Directors! Get someone with some sense of reality that will get the message across without looking ridiculus. Hire someone with some composure, dignity and sincerety. It can only help your cause. This person is only succeeding at making people laugh at your organization. Open your eyes.

Oh, and more to the point, Sharon Stone really does have a problem with empathy.

2267 days ago


Did anyone else think the letter was kinda funny? Im not a PETA member nor will ever be one. Dont get me wrong I am all for fair treatment of animals and youll never catch me dead in fur, but I am a meat eater. I think of it this way, the killing of these animals for our meat will never stop, so when you refuse to eat it your not stopping the killing but your just letting that animals death go to waste.

2267 days ago

al loanese    

10. Bless I do love the effort people go to try and get animal lovers all angry... People like Rob there who might as well have worn a big fur sign on your head reading "I have a small penis".

Posted at 12:41PM on Jul 3rd 2008 by blue pen

Rather have a small penis than be some freak that has joined PETA an idiots association. SEND MONEY TO REAL CHARITIES AND NOT THIS FARCE..what does PETA stand for anyway...."PENIS ENVY TRANNY ASSOCIATION"...oh blue pen.......small penis or least ROB has a brain that wasnt used for a crack pipe....what an idiot you lets see...let me take my money (and i have alot) and buy a new leather vest...some new boots ...a leather jacket and some fur lined gloves...oh yeah and some chicken from KFC and veal...boy do I love veal...very blue pen...go suck a small penis.....thats all youre good for!

2267 days ago
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