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Pregnant Man No Longer Pregnant!

7/3/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie -- the 34-year-old former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who went on Oprah -- has given birth to a biological girl.

We're hearing the whole thing was totally cloak and dagger. He checked into the hospital in Bend, Ore. under a fake name after going into labor early Monday morning and his room was sealed off, away from other expectant moms. The baby was delivered by C-section later that day.


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A MOMMY OF 3    

Its still a woman, If you have ovaries and a uterus your a frikkin woman! werthre or not you have a penis or what have u that was put htere by a sugeon! Jeez peopl egive it up!

2271 days ago


My heart goes out to this poor child. She is starting out with 2 strikes against her- namely, her so-called parents. Should people who don't know who they are or what they want to be in respect to gender be having babies just for the notoriety? The person who gave birth to this child has thumbed their nose at God and changed what God made them to be. This person? is neither a man nor a woman. They are an IT. Their child is the first SHHEIT ! No cause for being proud. God does NOT make mistakes, people do, and this one will be paid for by another innocent child. Very sad.

2271 days ago


Just looks like a guy with a beer gut! LMAO..........

2271 days ago


You people are ridiculous. Anyone on here that is saying that he is a woman has no idea about the difference between gender and sex. I suggest you do some reading on the subject and open your narrow little minds for once in your life to realize that just because someone is biologically female, they are not female in gender. This person chooses to identify as male, has taken hormones to become male and therefore is male. You should treat this person with respect and tolerance, because I'm sure if you knew half of the pain that comes with being transgendered, you would want the same.

2271 days ago


Its absolutely hilarious how stupid people are. Let me ask a question; if I have a bulls horn surgically implanted into my forehead have I become a unicorn ? WAKE UP YOU IMBECILES !!!!

2271 days ago


If this man is a loving parent he'll change his name and move so that ignorant jerks won't give the poor kid trouble. Just reading this board makes me realize how cruel even adults can be, much less unmannered children.

2271 days ago


Why is this story still around? It is a trangendered WOMAN, giving birth, as all WOMEN are capable of doing barring any medical/sterility issues. It happens every day!! Should lead the "not necessarily the news" headlines....

2271 days ago


FREAK SHOW,I feel for the Kid to have a FREAK as a whatever it is SHIM ?

2271 days ago


Congratulations Thomas and Nancy! There is no doubt in my mind that your child will be brought up in a home with two people who love her very much. It doesn't matter how she was brought into this world.

2271 days ago


As a former post partum nurse I can tell you that women who just had a c-section do not walk with such a bounce as shown in this video. Makes me suspicious as to whether this is a decoy.

2271 days ago


What a crackpot story. He was NEVER pregnant.

2271 days ago


While he(she) was pregnant, was he(she) taking male hormones.??When I saw him(her) or TV, I noticed that he(she) had a beard. I wonder what effects that had on the baby. So is he(she) going to have the rest of the sex change surgery now that they have a child.??

2271 days ago


The media likes a story! He is a she so what is the big deal. I hope she breast feeds the child.

2271 days ago

Mc Hooligan    

I too am a man who is pregnant!!! I am having a Baby ELEPHANT and the trunk is alredi showing!!! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOPIE!!!

2271 days ago


So? Have you people not adapted to sex changes yet? The only different thing about this is he (please for the child's sake don't insult her father by calling him a she or her, if you said something about my father I would find you and make a necklace out of your teeth)had a child. Homosexual couples adopt children and these children are loved and cared for somethimes better then some biological couples. This is not an extremely biziarre situation. Get a life and get off the computer. Take a walk and do something good for yourself. just stop feeding off of others differences.

May God Bless the new family and yes, God will love these people and their child just as much.

2271 days ago
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