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Pregnant Man No Longer Pregnant!

7/3/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie -- the 34-year-old former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who went on Oprah -- has given birth to a biological girl.

We're hearing the whole thing was totally cloak and dagger. He checked into the hospital in Bend, Ore. under a fake name after going into labor early Monday morning and his room was sealed off, away from other expectant moms. The baby was delivered by C-section later that day.


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Angela Cain    


2270 days ago


My only issue is that the tv here in Oregon state "Man has baby". Really, stop. Have we also found the weapons of mass destruction and the man on the moon?

2270 days ago


I think Thomas and Nancy have every right in the world to have this child, just like all the everyone else out there has the right, Straight, gay, jewish, black or purple. I say Congratulations on the birth of a happy little girl. I hope they keep the world updated, in a way, because I would like to see their little girl as she grows, but on the other hand I wish they would stay out of the spotlight now with her. They had the chance to tell the world their story and gain a little respect and understanding from the world as a whole but come on, the little girl will probably be ostracised enough, that she doesn't need cameras on her as she grows up too. So I guess I am not sure of my exact point on that one. But regardless, i think she is a lucky little girl and again CONGRATS THOMAS AND NANCY!!!

2270 days ago


This "man" is not a man. I've read about this case - having your breasts removed and taking male hormones does make you a man. That's like saying a woman who lost her breasts due to breast cancer is a man. Not so! This is quite an insult to woman who have survived breast cancer.
I was surprised to find out that this woman's doctors agreed to do this (remove her healthy breasts and give her male hormones) when she was only in her early twenties.
Her partner is not able to bear anymore children due to medical issues, so the mother (this so-called 'man') stopped taking male hormones in order to get pregnant. Had she had a full sex change, with all female organs removed, she would not have been able to carry the baby. The sperm was obtained from a sperm bank.
They plan on raising the child with the biological mother being the father figure. What happens if the "father" turns out to have some sort of genitic condition and has to tell the child that "he" is actually mom? That's not fair to the child.

2270 days ago


First of all this is just nasty. She is a "MOM" not a dad. Just because she had her parts removed doesn't make her the DAD, she will always be female. And for the stupid ppl that say "of course its a girl, because they aren't men", well you are stupid, because everyone knows you hav to fertilize an egg with sperm, in order for it to even make an embryo. "BABY" Duh!! Well over all I think this is just horrible for the baby girl that will have to grow up with crazy loons as parents. Poor child will grow up confused and she will suffer for her "TWO MOMMY'S" mistakes. As if life isn't hard enough. Poor baby girl. They don't deserve a child. They need mental help!! God Bless the baby!

2270 days ago

purple avenger    

First, to whoeved said they contributed 2 "X" chromosomes: Beattie, having a uterus and ovaries, could only contribute an "X" chromosome, which is always from the female. Beattie, born a female, has NOT had gender surgery, and thus does not have any male organs. There is no way that a female who undergoes that surgery could ever produce sperm; sperm contributes either an "X" or a "Y" chromosome which completes the gender characteristics of the fetus. The Beatties may have used a sperm bank, or a male friend as a donor, but they have not named whoever the donor is and that is their right. But Thomas Beattie is still biologically a female, since she carried the child to term.

2270 days ago


This is bull! the he is really a she so dad is really mom! I mean come on, i feel sorry for the baby when she grows up and finds out her mom is really her dad, this gotta be trama for her when she goes to school and kids all laugh.and why do they keep calling her a he when he is still a she? maybe if he was a he she wouldnt have gotten pregnant so this aint the first man to get pregnant its a shemale! is he going to breast feed and maybe this experience will make he become a she again! total confusing!

2270 days ago


First of all, "Thomas" is a woman, NOT a man! Just because she took male hormones in order to grow a beard and appear more "manly" doesn't mean that she is any more a man. I have seen all natural women with more facial hair than her and do not claim to be a "man". She has female parts i.e. a uterus, ovaries, and a vagina that have enabled her to not only carry a child for nine months inside her, but to give birth to it also. (I know your story says it was delivered c-section but nonetheless "Thomas" did state on Oprah that she still has a vagina). So where in the world does she get off telling everyone that she is a pregnant man? Any idiot knows that a man cannot give birth to a child. It is genetically impossible and an absolute ridiculous notion to try and convince the world of. Anyone who buys into this whole thing needs their head examined, seriously!

2270 days ago

Paul Harris    

Let's have a little education here. Transgendered people, male or female, are allowed to change their gender identification, but that does not mean the are actually no longer the gender they were born with. As a caring society, at least some of us, this is an answer to gender dysphoria, a very real condition. Secondly, history in the last 50 years has recorded pregnancies among several women who'd had partial hysterectomies. The wombs, or uterus' if you prefer, had been surgically removed but the ovaries were retaind to prevent artificial menapause. ( spelling) Since there was no womb delivery was achieved by c-section. The womb is a muscle and besides acting as a place for the infant to develope, it's main purpose is to expell the baby during the birth process. The placenta, umbilical and every thing else is contained in the combined ova and sperm. The newly fertilized fetus attaches itself to the interior of the abdominal wall and develops normally. Consequently, a man, whose gender identity has been altered by gender reassignment surgery could very easily become pregnant. It always facinates me how utterly ignorant most people are about functions of the humn body.

2270 days ago


F R E A K This whole thing is a joke. Media calling HER a MAN giving birth. It's not nice to fool mother nature. lmao Poor kid.

2270 days ago

waa waa cry babies    

Biology lesson.....Women have XX chromosomes, Men are XY.....Each parent contributes one chromosome to their offspring. Women can only pass on X.....Men can pass on either X or Y.....If this person was artificially inseminated, their would be an equal chance that the baby could have been boy or girl.

2270 days ago


Im sorry but God does not make mistakes, people do. This child is a sweet inncoent baby that will have enough hard choices and lessons in life as it is - so it is the most selfish of acts to bring a child into this world for no other purpose other than to exploit it for personal/poltical gain. The child is the only "innocent" person in all this and she will have all of my prayers -I urge others to do the same. People have the right to be who or what ever they want - right or wrong, But do not ever forget who gave us the right of freedom ( free - will) .. our Lord. Now, I am a Christian and I have no clue (as it's not my job to say) if these parents will go to Heaven or Hell - That has to do with what they believe and is between them and God alone. But what I do know is that when this person - Thomas - decided to live life as a man - then he should have embraced it fully instead of creating this hideous mess for this baby girl. Whatever the moral (spiritual) consequenses are here really have no revelance when it comes to bringing a child into the world to use as a platform for Gay Rights. My prayers and thoughts go out to this child who I hope dispite their parents mistakes finds a loving secure home with them.

2270 days ago

Me, myself and I    

How is this story any different than when two lesbians have a child with donated sperm?

This is two women living together as a couple, having children, with one woman agreeing to be fertilized and to give birth. That has been going on for years. Unless the other woman is unable to give birth, then that woman can take her turn, too.

Then they will have two children, with each child having half the genes of the mother who gave birth to that child. BTW, a male child CAN BE born, since the sperm is anonymously donated from a male.

2270 days ago


Congratulations to the new parents. The child will be loved and well taken care of. Why are people so intollerant of others?

2270 days ago


The "guy"was a gal. Wake up folks-"he" started out as a she. No big miracle here.

2270 days ago
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