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Pregnant Man No Longer Pregnant!

7/3/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie -- the 34-year-old former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who went on Oprah -- has given birth to a biological girl.

We're hearing the whole thing was totally cloak and dagger. He checked into the hospital in Bend, Ore. under a fake name after going into labor early Monday morning and his room was sealed off, away from other expectant moms. The baby was delivered by C-section later that day.


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Poor little kid!!!! Imagine the torment she will go through in school ... kids are cruel!!!! : (

2281 days ago

hip 70+    

Thomas is the baby's loving parent....nuff said.

2281 days ago

Tom B    

seems to me your poll needs another option, "other" comes to mind or maybe "neither" or "both"

2281 days ago


This is the most bogus of all hypes I've seen in a long time. Oprah has been touting this woman as being a man having a baby, and yet she never calls this man by her true sex, which is a she. This story is only a story because the woman is a freak show. I wonder how much money she and her lesbian partner have made hitting the circuit with their stupid hoax. Such a crock. Such a lie.

2281 days ago


The only thing is that I hope the baby is healthy, and that the fact of the matter that it was not a man who gave birth. I do not care if 'he' was legally declared a man. He is not 100% a man when he can still conceive a child and give birth to the baby. A 100% man would NOT have any ovaries, eggs, NOTHING.

2281 days ago

Get the Story Straight - it a Woman.!    

Get the Story Straight - The person is Not Straight - Its a wanna be Male - and is 100% Female.
You can't change nature, and you cannot change your chromozone's.

She wants to pretend to be a male, But then turns around and takes 100% advantage of having the convenience of Her being a Female, by having a baby.

If there so proud about being gay, and had the whole sick issue twisted to the point the press doesn't know what to call this person - male or female... Then why hid from the press now.? and change their names during the high point of their story.?

I feel really sorry for that child, their going to parade it like a side show freak, and it will be when the press finds them out. Making money, at the child's expense, that should be against the law.

Its Sad, Many people have no shame or guilt of what they do these days. And they don't care how their actions - result in others being injured...

2281 days ago

Someone who understands...    

I'm sorry to say this...(no, I'm not), This whole thing to me is just "SICK." For the news to carry this story saying that a "MAN" is having a baby. Puh-leeze!!! Come on. This man/woman got what he/she wanted (15 min of fame). Now, what? DOES the happy couple/family get free diapers for a year? A new reality show? I really feel sorry for the baby. What a way to come into this world! PS...I do hope the baby (and Mom?) are doing fine.

2281 days ago

Jared ATX    

this is the worst story ever..... I dont even need to say why just because you try and look like a guy doesnt mean you are one it takes a lil magic from the chromosomes.. if I get breast implants.... would I be the first girl to impregnate a women?

2281 days ago


This is going to be one freak kid unless the Lord intervenes and gets the child out of this mess.
Oh, btw, hate to tell you all, know you WISH this was a first, BUT THIS IS A BORN WOMAN _ NOT A MAN !

So there's really no great surprise here, huh? I know you wanted drama, the only drama is the mama's perverted choice of lifestyle!

2281 days ago


omg stop saying he's a man, it's a woman!!!! geez, anything to make the headlines....even a stupid tittle such as this one :p

2281 days ago


Just glorified lesbians nothing else.

2281 days ago


this supposed man is a woman i dont know why they make such a big deal out of this. women have babies all the time, this is a stupid article

2281 days ago

Typical coming from a HO    

Why does Drudge Report that SHE delivered the baby naturally and not via C-Section. I've had a C-Sec and believe me, I wasn't walking out of the hospital- I was in a wheel chair. This is a sham.

2281 days ago


It was never a man.It was always a woman and still is.Pretending it was anything else is will not make it so.

2281 days ago

Sarah Mitchell    

What are you a man or woman, and what kind of person airs what you have done on national TV, this poor baby has no chance, put the babay up for adoption, you are unfit. Take a look people may this be total shame for this creep.

2281 days ago
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