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Pregnant Man No Longer Pregnant!

7/3/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie -- the 34-year-old former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who went on Oprah -- has given birth to a biological girl.

We're hearing the whole thing was totally cloak and dagger. He checked into the hospital in Bend, Ore. under a fake name after going into labor early Monday morning and his room was sealed off, away from other expectant moms. The baby was delivered by C-section later that day.


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Get the Story Straight - it a Woman.!    

I disagree with what was said about Transgender. Someone that Thinks they are something, that they are Not, has a Mental issue.
If I said I was a Bird, and went around flapping my arms like wings, swooping around stores, and peaking food off my plate. I'd be slapped in a straight jacket and sent to the Phyco Ward asap.

Its a Mental Deviation, abnormal and negative. Negativity breeds Negativity, its a natural and normal responce within us.
Negative responces result in something like this, because its a vulgar and negative issue, and its healthy, normal and natural to feel this way.

But now, they force our children, and us in the work place and in socieity to tolerate this form mental illness as normal.
When its down right blasphimous and vulgar.

2282 days ago


STOP THE INSANITY!....THIS IS A WOMAN, NOT A MAN ! STOP judging ! Only GOD can judge them and trust me, he will !!!! Instead, let's all pray for the child. When selfish people, such as these two dopes, do selfish things - it is the innocent children that suffer.

2282 days ago


That is a female on male hormones. That is not a transgender either. It's a woman plain and simple. I pity the child.

2282 days ago


i am from, Missouri, the show me state and I have to be shown that this person who now claims to ba a male actually carried the baby to full term.
What a world we live in - the news said that when couples signed up for same sex marriage instead of bride and groom, it is Party A and Party B. And with all the technology can help people "give birth" can't you see the birth certificates of the future: Baby is: Girl Boy To be Determined at a later day when baby is old enough to "choose"
Baby's Name: The cutesies choices are limitlesss i.e. Invetro TeSTube
Mother: Party A Father; Legal -Party B Biological - Sperm Donater
Weight, lenght, DOB, time: Natural: Caeserian: ad nauseum ad nauseum

2282 days ago


This "man" is actually a woman. "He" still has a uterus!! When the press proclaimed that a "man" had given birth, they lied. The press likes to sensationalize and blur the lines between the sexes. I feel sorry for the child.

2282 days ago


Folks, This is a FEMALE who became Male via surgery. She/it still has all the inside equipment obviously to carry a child. And yes, she was either artifically inseminated or had sex. Sperm had to get there some how. Also... since it was a female child, it has to have only X chrosmosones. XY would have made it male. Males have X & Y chromosones. Females only have X. Back to Biology we go!

2282 days ago


GetTheStoryStraight you are so wrong. Transgender is not a mental disorder; it is a natural disorder; a birth defect that occurs when a baby is in utero. There is nothing mental about it. Nor is there anything deviant about it. It may deviate from the societal norm, but it is not deviant behavior.The only negativy that is garnered comes from those who are negative about what it means to be transgendered.Believe me, if you had a transgender child, you would understand.

2282 days ago


Show me... You really don't need to be shown. If it is human, and it gave birth, believe me, it's a woman.

2282 days ago


The couple was shown on Oprah a few months ago. Although it is bizarre, he is the father/man in the relationship. The mom has two daughters in their 20's, well rounded, articulate who are proud of the example their mother and step father are showing them regarding successul relationships. If their background wasn't known, you would not know their situation was unique. Bless everyone who is able to have a successful relationship, to be loved, in this cruel world.

2282 days ago


Frommissouri (89). A child does not "choose" to be transgender; they are transgender at birth. They are able to communicate who they really are when they reach an age as young as 18 months. My son was 3 years old when he communicated to me that he was in fact a boy and not the biolgogical girl I though I had. He knew that his body did not match the gender he saw himself to be. He went through years of emotional strife and hardships with this until he transitioned to live as the boy he is. And from that point on he has blossomed into a wonderful young man with a world of opportunity ahead of him. Now tell me, who would "choose" to go through the years of strife, pain, etc. Not a single person!

2282 days ago


That thing is NOT A MAN. It is a sick thing. God made her, and it should stay that way.

2282 days ago

yeah sure    

Jeez, what's with so many posters being so literal? Are you guys 12 or what? Gender is more than genitalia or sex., I nuance I figured people realized as they aged. I'd still be a woman without my uterus/vulva/breasts. My husband would still be my man without his penis or testicles. We're all more, and more complex, than our naughty bits. Even the gov't can manage to recognize this. I honestly didn't realize transgendered people still got such a raw deal in this country. Congrats to this couple on their lovely baby.

2282 days ago


Not a man. Her name is Tracy and she was a former model and finalist at the MISS hawaiin. She started to become a man at her late 20's

2282 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

#12 Just Me-LMAO at your comment!

2282 days ago


Why do people keep say she is a MAN? This is ridiculous. I do understand the people who have sex changes that say they are now the opposite sex. I don't understand a woman who doesn't have a sex change calling herself a man. Just because a woman takes testosterone doesn't make you a man and a man taking estrogen doesn't make a man a woman.

2282 days ago
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