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Pregnant Man No Longer Pregnant!

7/3/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie -- the 34-year-old former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who went on Oprah -- has given birth to a biological girl.

We're hearing the whole thing was totally cloak and dagger. He checked into the hospital in Bend, Ore. under a fake name after going into labor early Monday morning and his room was sealed off, away from other expectant moms. The baby was delivered by C-section later that day.


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Sorry - not a man....

BTW - when they surgically change a man to a woman it's called a lopitoffame (lop it off of me)....what do they call changing a woman to a man? other than absolutely disgusting....

2268 days ago


This was NOT a pregnant man, it was a pregnant pre-surgical transgendered person. It's not a surprise when you have working ovaries and uterus and you seek to get pregnant and you achieve your objective! Duh - the baby-making equipment was still there and in working order. This is a non-story.
I am happy for the parents who achieved their goal of parenthood, but this is a non-story. I hope they provide a loving and stable home for the baby.
Chromosomes also don't tell the whole story, I know XY females who didn't discover their condition (that they were chromosomally male) until after they should have gone through puberty and discover they don't have working ovaries. It's actually a fairly common birth defect, and takes several forms. You would often never guess the woman is chromosomally male. We should treat people with compassion - who among us was born perfect with no defects?

2268 days ago


Please stop referring to this thing as "he" or "him" , "it" would be most appropriate. It takes more than a skin graft rolled into the shape of a penis to be a "he" or "him". Just as it takes more then removing a mens male organs to be a "she or "her". These people are freaks and the doctors who performed theses surgeries should have their medical licenses suspended.

2268 days ago


I'm in agreeance with Snookums and Pderk. Poor kid is going to be confused when SHE grows up...

2268 days ago


She-He may be the last transgender to ever keep their ovaries and womb if they are going to convert to the opposite sex. Hopefully, the AMA is now onto this conversion and we will never hear of another freak pregnancy done for fame and fortune. If Oprah has this pair on her show, again, she deserves to have her ratings completely plummet.

One can only imagine the outcome of this child's life!

2268 days ago


Hopefully the baby doesn't end up screwed up like her mom...........poor little baby!

2268 days ago

miss pea    

this is just ridiculous---just leave them all alone to live in their sick twised messed up world. they are the ones who have to deal with all this not ua. so why do we all care? unless you are directly affected by this---let it go. not worth wasting your time on.

2268 days ago

ed gomez    

If he's a man where is his PENIS

2268 days ago


FixeDeLune, why do you think their daughter will be confused when she grows up? She has a father and a mother. She will call her father "dad" and her mother "mom". She will be loved unconditionally by both. Where is the confusion?

I presume you feel her confusion will come from certain gender body parts. Well tell me this, how often do you walk up to someone you just met and say, "hello, my name is ___________ and then drop trou to show this person that your gender body parts match your name?

It didn't take any visualization of my parents' body parts for me to identify my father and my mother. Why should this little girl have any difficulty?

2268 days ago


Sorry if I offend anyone buttttttttt.................I have no problem refering to a person who has completed a sex change as their new role.. But this person hasnt completed anything.... If she truely felt like aman she would of taken care of everything and not left herself in the middle. There would not be any middle ground for someone who truely felt like they were born with the wrong sex....She left herself a way out so she could change her mind which she did becuase she decided to bear a child.... I always thought states/courts didnt let you "offically" let you change ur sex until you completed the entire transition wonder how she convinced a judge to let her say shes a man when she still has the biological functions of a female......I noticed some people made a comment that they didnt beleive she had a c-section because she could walk out of the hospital after such a short recovery. I had a c-section and I was able to walk around just fine (wasnt going to be doing any jumping jacks but I was fine the next day) of course the pain killers and having a Dr. who knew what he was doing always helps. Hope the kid is doing good because I dont care abt the woman she can take care of herself its the child is where the concern should be directed at

2268 days ago


Marika (92) - Yes, God did make him. He made him transgender. Female bodied, yet male minded. God made him just as he made a baby with Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, or autism. God created him in the womb to be who he is.

2268 days ago


SHE IS NOT A MAN, AND THIS IS NOT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

2268 days ago


It clearly say, "former" woman, turned man. So this is not a "male" having a baby it's a freak who can't make her mind up. I feel so sorry for this child and the confusing home life she'll be living. And we wonder why these kids today are killing each other and themselves.

2268 days ago


"Wasting Time" - did you not read the whole story? He had a C-section, stupid.
"Pderk" - He is a man. The story on CNN shows that he WAS a woman before, but had a sex change. Of course, she asked to keep her eggs. Other than that, I don't know, what else there is.

People need to stop giving this thing publicity. If you had a baby, wouldn't you want to let it live a normal life? Don't you think that this family wants the same thing for his child? Stop criticizing him, for what you don't believe in, or don't approve of.

2268 days ago

lilly lou    

Anyone can have cosmetic surgery to look different, medication to bring on certain hormones, however we can not change how God made us, he made this person a woman and she still is a woman! I hope that the child is healthy and will not grow up to think she is some kind of freak because of all this nonsense!!!!!!!

2268 days ago
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