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J. Lo's Twins Go for a Swim

7/5/2008 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez took her newly toned butt out for a swim in Italy yesterday.

Who needs a life preserver when you have your own floatation device?


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she looks really good for just having TWINS. Not everyone in Hollywood can look perfect after having babies.

2299 days ago


are those stretch marks up and down her thighs and by her bubble butt, or marks from where she had just been sitting? She doesnt look so good in that shot.

And sucking face with rat boy Marc is about as gross as that shot of him last week without his shirt on. Is he still doing hard drugs with a body like his?

She'll never look hot again after unloading two babies through her...she'll look ok, but not hot.

2299 days ago


It sure makes you wonder why people marry the people they do. She surely knows he is a little guedo hood but then again, she also hooked up with Diddy or Piddy or Pimp Daddy or whatever the hell he is calling himself now. She must like men that our "in the hood."

2299 days ago


Give it a rest TMZ, what do you want? An anexoric looking celebrity that spends their time at surgeon to get rid of every little inperfection that they have. We have enough of those freaks already. Let this woman live her life and be happy. She doesn't need to prove anything anymore, let all the slutty 20 something year olds do that.

Obviously TMZ has writers that are still in their teenage years, because woman to get stretch marks when they have children and if you lose weight as well. I atleast applaud her for not having surgery. I think she looks good.

2299 days ago


Even though I can NOT stand this woman-I still wouldn't mind having her body ( NOT her looks OR lack of morals, mind you!)

2299 days ago

michael bruce ross    

may i place an order some cottage
cheese on the side for breakfast ?

2299 days ago


she has a big ass. she knows it. tmz knows it. everybody knows it.
they're just sayin'....

2298 days ago


Wow - when that back-end goes south (and it is well on it's way) I'll have to laugh at all those people that talk about how great it is to be curvy. I'll take my small ass any day of the week over that.

2298 days ago


She looks okay for having had TWINS. She looks fairly firm so I'm thinking she is on a fitness regimen and is still working on getting the pregnancy fat off. It will take time. She was after all carrying a double load of baby there. She's probably thinking tummy tuck down the road too for that excess belly skin. Marc could use some exercises for the upper body. I like his face though.

2298 days ago

michael bruce ross    

kim DISCARDashian or J-HO ?

2298 days ago


Let me guess...those "twins" are either her cellulite packed thighs or her big fat ass cheeks...

2298 days ago


Something about this couple has always "grossed me out". Don't know what it is. Also, I've never thought she was "all that".

2298 days ago

nelly forbush    

Ewww, gross! Can anyone say; Turkey legs!

2298 days ago


For me it's not a good look. she has grass and cellulite near her butt.

2298 days ago


Apparently, the ripples in the water are contagious....

2298 days ago
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