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'Home Improvement' Kid

Don't Tase Me, Bro!

7/7/2008 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know how it is with child stars -- they grow up so fast before our eyes and before you know it ... they're being tased by hotel security.

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Zachery Ty Bryan, who played Brad Taylor on "Home Improvement" -- is suing Choice Hotels International over an incident back in April 2008. Zach claims he was staying at a hotel in San Diego when he and a few friends went across the street to grab a Gatorade. When he came back just after midnight, Bryan's lawyer claims the hotel wouldn't let him upstairs, since the room wasn't in his name.

Then things went really bad ...

Bryan's lawyer claims Zach tried explaining his wife was in the room, but the hotel refused to call her. He claims an off-duty manager, who was not involved in the initial argument, came out of nowhere and tasered Zach in the neck. Cops came but no charges were filed.

A hotel employee tells us Zach went nuts on the staff, a lot of alcohol was involved, and tasering the dude was the only safe bet.

Zach is suing for damages in excess of $25,000. A lawyer for the hotel had no comment.

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PS no one wants to read your page and a half sized responses.

2296 days ago


He is hung. I remember his huge package on that show.

2296 days ago


Mark ( #5 & 12)I totally aggree These little hasbeen stars that ride big names coattails. start chit to get their name in the news. another Danny Bonaduce = LOSERS His wife was probally doin someone in the room

2296 days ago


i agree with mark 100%...couldnt have said it better myself.

2296 days ago


that pedo across the fence is dead!... i had no clue tel like a few months ago and apparantly it happened years ago.... and everytime i tell people... they had no idea either....

2296 days ago


Funny how people keep calling him a "has been". This "has been" is laughing all the way to the bank.

WTF is he doing staying at a chioce hotel? Yuck...

2296 days ago


what happened to the other 2 kids from that show?

2296 days ago


I am sure he gets an okay paycheck from Home Improvement being syndicated in reruns and all.. But really his career kind of has gone nowhere since.

2296 days ago


The kid was intoxicated, cut him some slack. I don't believe his actions stemmed from any sense of entitlement. He was just a bit drunk. Coming from an obnoxious ex-drunk, I can see the big picture. Yes, he probably was out of control because he was drunk, but he has no history of obnoxious behavior so cut him a break. It happens sometimes.

2296 days ago


whoa..can I hump him real

2296 days ago

jesse lee cook    

I hope he sues and get a lot of money!!jesse lee

2296 days ago

Barbara Ann    

So...not to change the subject...but...WTF happened with the poor guy lying on the speed bump after being shot? You remember, the one TMZ caught the shooters getting away, got a partial of their license plate? Haven't heard a word on any of the news stations, not in any newspapers either...

"I'm just saying..."

2296 days ago

chop chop    

As a hotel manager, I can tell you that the hotel followed the correct procedure. If the front desk had made him a key and he went to the room and did something illegal (Rape?) the hotel would be liable. I NEVER give a key to a room without the ID being shown, and it better match the name on the room or NO key.

2296 days ago

The Observer    

#31 wrote: "This is a wonderful Amy Winehouse picture...........You just might vomit a little."

I dunno, it must be the heterosexual in me that thinks the picture is kinda hot.

2296 days ago


Ok the man just wants to get back to his room they should let him and they should have called his wife I mean come on the guy wants back in his room

2296 days ago
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