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'Home Improvement' Kid

Don't Tase Me, Bro!

7/7/2008 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know how it is with child stars -- they grow up so fast before our eyes and before you know it ... they're being tased by hotel security.

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Zachery Ty Bryan, who played Brad Taylor on "Home Improvement" -- is suing Choice Hotels International over an incident back in April 2008. Zach claims he was staying at a hotel in San Diego when he and a few friends went across the street to grab a Gatorade. When he came back just after midnight, Bryan's lawyer claims the hotel wouldn't let him upstairs, since the room wasn't in his name.

Then things went really bad ...

Bryan's lawyer claims Zach tried explaining his wife was in the room, but the hotel refused to call her. He claims an off-duty manager, who was not involved in the initial argument, came out of nowhere and tasered Zach in the neck. Cops came but no charges were filed.

A hotel employee tells us Zach went nuts on the staff, a lot of alcohol was involved, and tasering the dude was the only safe bet.

Zach is suing for damages in excess of $25,000. A lawyer for the hotel had no comment.

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Um Mark, you might want to take a 6th grade english class before your next intellectual endeavor to demean someone online... the word is "courtesy".... a concept you might take a look into.

2276 days ago


Am I the only one that wonders what kind of hotel keeps a taser on hand... is the front desk behind bulletproof glass too?

2276 days ago


His WIFE??! He was outed by one of the tabloids, at one point, and by a bunch of blind items. He likes "daddy" types. I love the closet-thing in Hollywood. They all think they're going to be Tom Cruise. (who's straight, straight, straight...I'm sure of it).

2276 days ago


Mark, I was on your side until you had to respond to Granny. She was trying to get a rise out of you, and it obviously worked.

2276 days ago


I work at a hotel and don't understand why anyone had a taser? I work overnight when its just me and a security guard and neither of us have any sort of weapon. To let someone into a room we do require ID, but we also call the room and ask for permission if the person is not on the room. To me it sounds like the hotel was in the wrong from what is described.

2276 days ago


He is lucky I was not there, I would have beat him down like the punk-bitch he is.

2276 days ago


Seriously, WTF is a hotel staff doing with a taser?

2276 days ago

Lord of the Volcano    

He's as gay as they come!!! He was visiting his boyfriend Brandon "Step By Step" Call who live in San Diego. Oh, and to the other responder, Zach has at least a 9 incher.

2276 days ago

Al Borland    

The neighbor guy across the fence, actor Earl Hindman (who never showed his full face) died in December of 2003 from lung cancer at age 61. BTW, he finally showed his entire face in the final episode of HI.

2275 days ago

Al Borland    

The neighbor guy across the fence, actor Earl Hindman (who never showed his full face) died in December of 2003 from lung cancer at age 61. BTW, he finally showed his entire face in the final episode of HI.

2275 days ago


Um okay Whitney Lay. I'll enroll in that 6th grade English class straight away.

Pretty girl like you should know better than to try and be a spelling cop. You never know who it is you are correcting.

2275 days ago

kelly renee    

Ha. Miss Lay, behold the powers of Google search. That's pretty cute, Mark. I probably would've done the same thing. Oh, wait, I did. Still clever, though. Would've been guaranteed to freak her out to Bonkersville.

And Wilson was not a pedophile! But of course people would say that; he was intelligent, wise, and great with children, so clearly something serious had to have been amiss with the man's brain. How unabashedly cynical of you.

As for Zachary, who really cares? He's a kid from a popular sitcom who tried to expand his career to include movies and failed miserably. If he's just hoping for an upsurge of attention from this incident, I hope it dies down quickly and he's forced to dig deep for some actual talent if he's looking to resurrect his career. However, any discussions on here about whether the hotel was in the right can only be speculation; employees of other hotels can spout protocols and experiences and claim that they know what really happened, but nobody knows the exact details of that situation, so anything said here can't be anything more than pointless squabbling. I get the feeling though, that that's exactly what most of you guys are looking for anyway.

2275 days ago


Who gets a Gatorade at midnight? Going to a bar, I can see but people get Gatorades at 12pm not 12am. I think he'll lose this one but it can go either way. Good Kid though.

2272 days ago
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