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Madge -- A-Rod's Not in My Batter's Box

7/7/2008 1:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At last, Madonna speaks about A-Rod – and says she's no homewrecker.

She tells People that she is "not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez" and has "nothing to do" with his split from wife Cynthia. Madge even went so far as to disclaim any role in A-Rod's involvement in Kabbalah, what she calls his "spiritual path."

Oh, and by the way: Madonna says she's not getting divorced from Guy Ritchie.

Usher –- Mama's Boy Once More

Usher could be climbing back into the womb, sort of.

Rush & Molloy reports that Usher is "quietly talking" with his mom about making her his manager again. Apparently he's "livid" that music bigshot Benny Medina –- whom he hired to replace the mom, controversially –- couldn't deliver big sales for his latest album, which only sold 433,000 in his first week, far less than his last CD.

The final straw might've been the big numbers that Lil' Wayne did –- and that Usher did not.

Party Favors: Diddy Too Popular for His Own Good ... Keith Urban "Very, Very" Pregnant

P. Diddy hosted a big Ciroc Vodka soiree at Lily Pond in the Hamptons, but it was so crowded that he had to go in the back door, says the New York Post. ... Keith Urban played in Nashville Saturday, and he spilled the beans on his baby to come, calling his wife "very, very, very, very, VERY pregnant."


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Lenn K.    

I believe everything that Madonna said, yeah right!

2237 days ago


Is Usher really that ignorant to think that his latest CD has not done that well due to his new manager....................Usher dear, maybe it is because you can't sing worth a flip! Anyone can whisper there way thru a song!!!!!

Whatever Madonna says is the absolute gospel.................Right! She is so full of it she doesn't even know when she is telling a lie!

2237 days ago


Benji is very protective of Paris and I love him for that. The Madden twins are the hottest rockers alive and Paris & Benji are a super cute couple!

2237 days ago


Good to see Paris with a true blue American boy who knows what he wants and how to make things happen.

The Madden twins are successful rockers who made their own money, instead of sitting on their asses in Switzerland like the Niarchos clan, waiting to inherit money I

HATE gay greeks!

2237 days ago


Uh, no. That would be "Keith Urban calls Nicole very, very pregnant" OR "Nicole Kidman very, very pregnant." But Keith Urban is not very, very pregnant.

2237 days ago


Benji and Paris, Joel and Nicole, Billy and Linzi are the cutest couples EVER!


2237 days ago


I actually liked Usher when I saw him on "Dancing With The Stars." He seems to be one of the few who shows a little class when performing and off the stage.

Can we give the Madonna and A-Rod stories a break, why so many?

Call me crazy but I think Benji is good for Paris.

Keith, I think you left out a "very."

2237 days ago


Paris looks happy and beautiful again. So glad to see she got her groove back. Her and Benji make a great couple. Great match!

2237 days ago


I LOVE Benji Madden. Oh Benji,Benji kiss my mouth.
Paris is so very lucky to have Benji.
Joel is hot too but I like Benji the best.

2237 days ago


umm. ok. paris- if another person has the power to make you more likable then*cough bulls#@t cough* you weren't sh*t to begin with. ALSO thought it was tacky for all she said about nicole richie then she's was all up in her face when she was getting more press than paris and then dates her dudes brother is a diaster waiting to happen.

usher's mama needs to make him suffer through it. all the hoolah that he talked in the media 'member usher " YOU DECIDED TO RETIRE HER AND MAKE HER A FULL TIME GRANDMA." didn't that happen before your kid was born? tacky wifey is not what you signed up for is it. AND HE'S RUDE IN PERSON. Was at a party in AN NY club AND SOME CHICK TOLD HIM SHE A BIG FAN AND HE SAID " THANK YOU" AND PROCEEDED TO PORE HIS DRINK ON HER. RIGHT THERE IN THE CLUB. AND HE'S RIGHT THIS LAST ONE SUCKS. THERE IS MAYBE 4 SONGS on the whole album.

A-POD - did that on purpose- quack quack....ducky. she knew after the first baby that the man was not doing right and she had another thinking that would help. What part of stripper traveling in your place didn't you get the last time. he been slippin' since day one. don't act hurt and surprised now. she had that second kid in an attempt to get as much as she can around the prenup. getting a job would be more time effective

2237 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

The best thing for Paris is to step back and let Benji run the show!!!

2237 days ago


Paris and Benj Madden seem good for each other.

This time she found herself a decent guy, instead of those whipped Greek wussies who depend on their families for money.

Things are definitely looking better than last year for Paris.

I just hope they wait with having kids. Who needs screaming brats at age 27

2237 days ago


Paris recently donated a huge chunk of money to the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. They were happy to get it.
Anyone who loves kids and helps sick kids is ok in my book.
Y'all stop bitchig about Paris. She ain't perfect but who is.
Oh ya, and Benji is a super good guy. No one can say anything bad about him to me.

2237 days ago



2237 days ago


Usher might want to consider the CONTENT of his last cd. "Love In This Club" was pure garbage. And his fans are still pissed about his marriage to Tameka, though that is none of their business.

2237 days ago
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