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TomKat -- They Walk Among Us

7/7/2008 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In L.A., you'd never see TomKat just strolling around town with the kids. But in Telluride, Colo. this weekend, they moved around like a couple of normal, psychiatry-hating OT VIIs.


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Katie looks terrible and she looks worried and haggard. Tom sincerely looks like he lacks testosterone. Not that he looks gay, per se. He just looks, wide in the hips and un masculine. The little girl is sweet and innocent.

2298 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Or...maybe...Katie is just pregnant and is tired from the hormones raging and is wearing a coat to cover the possible baby bumb. Maybe she is a better trooper than even Nicole was! Maybe once she can say she is pregnant again, she will return to being happy again. But, what happened to her always hanging out with Posh and Brooke? Suddenly, it is like Katie isn't allowed to have friends anymore...ever since Tom slapped the baby store with the lawsuit for outing their spending...maybe this Katie on restriction!!!! Maybe she has been a bad girl spending all Tom's money and embarrassing him publicly be showing the ridiculousness of their wasteful spending and so now she has to dress like an Amish woman and be osticized from their 'celebrity' society until she has learned her lesson. Geez, go back and watch the small film Pieces of April. She was so friggin great in that! If she would have stayed the course of these small, but really well received film roles and passed up the Batman, big time movie roles, she could have had a great career without ever having had to stoop to marrying Tom Cruise. And, she was with Chris Klein before Tom. Someone keeps posting that it was Josh Hartnett.
And a barrette in Suri's hair will not fix what is wrong with this picture!!!

2298 days ago

Anomymous supporter    

Does anyone else think Suri is showing signs of autism?

2297 days ago


There is nothing normal about that family.

2297 days ago


OK, as someone who works with Autistic children everyday-there is NOT a "look"! How insulting to my children whom I work with!

2297 days ago


I raised two girls and when you're growing their bangs out, you use a barret or headband. You don't let their hair hang in their face like an untrimmed sheepdog's. And Katie has look beaten, zombie-ish and defeated for some time. Tom is so in love with his ignorant self he wouldn't see the truth if it bit him on his ever-widening ass.

2297 days ago


Oh, and Miss Telluride Coffee Shop? If we're not supposed to judge people until we meet them, how can you pass judgment that we're all jealous of the Stepford Family? Believe me, I'm GLAD that my husband isn't a closet queen control freak that wants me to look like a 12 year old boy!

2297 days ago


I've just finished reading "Tom Cruise : The Unauthorized Biography" by Andrew Morton. It's shocking. It talk a lot about the horror that is Scientology. The Church of Scientology is outlawed in countries like Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain.
Tom Cruise is the second most powerful man in the Church of Scientology after their leader David Miscavige.

God help Katie Holmes and her precious daughter Suri.

2297 days ago


Some of us just feel bad for Katie, we aren't jealous. It's sad to see someone once so vivacious and full of life look like she's aged 30 years in 3. It's shocking. As for wanting what she has? There isn't any amount of money in the world that could persuade me to be indoctrinated into Scientology, be constantly monitored by "minders and handler's" and live with a man who forced me to "cleanse my thetans" on a regular basis while waiting for L. Ron Hubbard to return. I would think it must be gnawing at Katie, raised as a Catholic to turn her back completely on her religion. Must've killed her parents. I'm so happy for Nicole that she got away, and congratulations on the baby!

2297 days ago

gossip fan    

Katie can't leave Tom because she'll lose her baby. I'm so glad that Nicole has her new daughter and doesn't have to worry about her being raised in the freak Scientology cult. Too bad she's lost her other 2 children to the cult. They aren't allowed to be around anyone else but Scientologists. Why are they afraid of their members being around anyone but others in their cult??? Because once their are old enough to figure it out they will want to leave. Study up on it and you'll see.

2297 days ago

Anomymous supporter    

Excuse me, #70, I'm the mother of an autistic boy, and have worked with scores of autistic children. Autistic TODDLERS have a hallmark expressionless, vacant "stare"; psychologists call it "flat affect". Since you're such an "expert" on autism, maybe you should review your facts on the early signs of autism.

And if you "work" with autistic children, I'm the queen of England.

2297 days ago

Anomymous supporter    

Yikes -- I mean, #69, not #70.

2297 days ago

aussie girl    

Notice how Tom used to always whisper into Katie's ear now he is doing it with Suri.Suppose you got to keep up the brain washing otherwise they might get wise.CONGRATS to Nicole and Keith on the Birth Of their daughter "Sunday Rose".

2297 days ago


damn. Katie looks horrible. She looks so old. Like a Grandma. Tom has ruined her. Even though they try to act "normal", they are still the craziest couple. Tom is a psyho! and Katie fell into the trap. Tom sucks!

2297 days ago


Where are his other children, Isabella and Connor? For a "family" man, he sure seems to have a biased opinion of which child(ren) to spend time with. He dtiches his adopted kids for a biological one. No wonder people hate this guy! He is a total hypocrit and a pimple on the butt of humanity!

2297 days ago
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