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We Are Not a Fanilow

Of This Outfit

7/7/2008 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While his hot sidekick looked ready for the beach, Barry Manilow's ensemble was more fitting for happy hour at the Copa.

Of course, is Barry really someone you'd really want to see wearing less?


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Gill Waker    

Can I just add that one of the many reasons for Barry keeping his partner a secret is because of the crazy "fanilows" that stalk him on a regular basis out here and would no doubt kill in a heartbeat. When they're not in Palm Springs staking out El Mirasol Grill they're trying to book tables at Nobu (and yes, they've been turned away). It's no wonder Barry rents more than one property to relax in Malibu

2265 days ago


He's a great writer, great entertainer and great humanitarian. Who gives a damn who he loves?

2265 days ago

Gill Waker    

See Barry in Palm Spring. He look unhappy no family then they come he happy again. Smile Barry we love you!

2265 days ago


Post #39, you should do your research before you make comments about Barry's career being dead. He has the hottest show in Vegas, his Greatest Songs of the Fifties entered BIllboard at #1, Greatest songs of the Sixties entered at #2. His Hallmark Christmas cd went gold, his recent DVD release, Songs of the Seventies went Platinum as did his release of the Television Specials, and the release of his First and Farewell DVD from his 2004 tour also went platinum. and he won an Emmy for his Music & Passion show filed at The Hilton. He's been in show business since the early 70s and still has a great career. It'll be interesting to see how many singers from today are still around 30 years from now.

2265 days ago


Hi Denny
I think your posts are great about Barry. That man tires to keep his personal life away from the media and I don't blame him. If his girlfriend is big, huge or whatever who cares. It just shows that he is happy and he is not your male pig that you have to be a goddess to be loved like most of them in Hollywood.
Great post
Maryanne from New Jersey.

2265 days ago

Gill Waker    

Barry's motto is: Treat women like Goddesses.

I've been lucky enough to see this first hand and she , the lady I've seen him in Malibu with recently - for the record - is beautiful!

2264 days ago


Hi Denny - What happend outside of Nobu last night that made you realize that he is living a lie. What is the lie? I have been a fan for only a short while so I don;t know that much about him. I had been wondering if he was married, had any children.


2263 days ago


Hi Denny
Can you tell me if Barry's girlfriend is "big" because everyone is making fun of her??? Can you at least let us know what she looks like??? Only curious as I would like to know what kind of women Barry likes thats all.
Maryanne from NJ

2263 days ago


Poor Barry. Looks like he is in pain. But dude. he needs some clothing advice. and untuck ya damn shirt.

2263 days ago



If you respect Barry for keeping his private life private so much, why are you asking Denny questions that are none of his business?

2262 days ago


I do respect Barry's personal life. I just was wondering what kind of women he likes that is all and anyway I was asking Denny the question so why are you butting in???

2261 days ago


When I first heard about this video they said that he was walking on the beach with cigarettes in hand. I see no cigarettes in his hand. The guy with him is just a friend, not a lover. You guys should quit pickin' on Manilow. He really is a great guy only wish he'd gain a little weight. He is limping here cause of his hip surgery. Duh?..........

2259 days ago


Denny how do we know you're telling the truth? If it's true why can't you provide more specific information, not just bits and pieces? Does Manilow have a girlfriend, if so what does she look like and how do you know for a fact that she's not just a friend? You gotta give more information if you want us to take you seriously, man!

2259 days ago


"55. Barry's motto is: Treat women like Goddesses"

Im sure Elisabeth Hasselbeck would disagree

"I've been lucky enough to see this first hand and she , the lady I've seen him in Malibu with recently - for the record - is beautiful!"

If he's dating a larger woman, shame on him for hiding her. Maybe if more high profile men dated larger women and actually strutted them out in public, then anorexia in Hollywood wouldn't be as fashionable.

2259 days ago


This may have been shot shortly after his hip surgery. Maybe he is just trying to get a little exercise/physical therapy?

2239 days ago
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