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A-Rod Not the Only One Grand Slammin' Madge

7/8/2008 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FOX NFL hottie Jillian Barberie and hunk of a hubby Grant Reynolds are up for a swingin' good time with the Material Girl and her rumored Yankee lovah -- and they don't mind a little switch hitting.


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To "Cdaddy"

I could not have put it better. I use to watch Fox every morning but have long since switched. Hearing her voice and her incessant interjection into every story use to throw me into a blind rage. I would get so happy on days she was on vacation. I really should not have been so emotionally invested in any morning news broadcast.

She is far from a hottie too. I never found her attractive, but she becomes even less attractive when you see and hear her talk over everybody. She has to be involved some way in everything.

Even writting this and seeing her face makes me angry.

2263 days ago


ITA that those Nutrisystem ads are a bunch of BS. LipThis is correct...if you look closely at the "before" pic, she's PREGNANT!! Well, duh...after the baby is born, you lose quite a bit of weight. lol Besides, Jillian is an annoying shrew.

2263 days ago

just me    

I love Jillian and Nischelle!!! Watch every morning. The annoying one is Dorothy! Steve is pretty cute too!

2263 days ago


THANK YOU # 1 !!!!!---I HATE that commercial! I even wrote Nutrisystem to complain. She say's "I'm not like most girls, I love football!" Then she catches a toss and proclaims " How many girls can do that?" Women can't catch balls? How insulting! I say protest Nutrisystem!

2263 days ago


I cannot STAND THIS IDIOT! She is so annoying and she is the reason I stopped watching the morning news on Channel 11. She is the most unprofessional, condescending, name-dropping JACK ASS of all time.

She is the worst and should be off the air.

2263 days ago


I love Jillian! I want to co host w/her. Yes the Nutrisystem ads were when she was preggers, but she did drop her baby weight to what she was before. Actually i WANT HER JOB. Reading the tabloids, then walking 5 feet and talking about the weather, drinking coffee, being a smart ass. What more could you ask for in a job?!!!! If I'm in a serious news mode, then I'll watch serious news. But in the AM when I am coming to...I don't want to be pounded with heavy news right after waking up. And she has that scratchy morning voice that her comadre who does the gossip (Dorothy Lucey) has. Ever notice?

Sign me,

I want Steve Edwards Chair for a day (or two)

2263 days ago


I hate that this skank thinks she is knowledgeable about sports. YOU DO THE WEATHER during football games. Screwing baseball and football players doesn't increase your knowledge on the subject. It only increases the size of your vagina, and obviously the air in your head.

"How many girls can do that?" The majority of three year old girls can catch a ball that was tossed to them, you dumb hussy. A lot of girls can also not sound like annoying, drunken bar sluts. Can you do that, Jillian?

2263 days ago


I also used to watch Fox in the morning. I love Tony, Jean and Steve but Jillian and Dorothy anoy me so much I can no longer watch. She's never been attractive and her ugly personality makes her even less attractive. She was such a joke on the NFL. I can't wait until she's replaced on Fox then maybe I'll watch again.

2263 days ago


cant stand this bitch.......the entire time she was pregnant with her ugly ass baby thats all she talked she was the only person on earth ever to get knocked up and give birth.....she talks over vulgar and rude...cant stand this horse faced bitch and her husband does look like christian bale (the retarded twin)

2263 days ago

Blinded by the light    

Jillian has bugged the crap out of me since she first aired on tv. Between her always talking about whether her boobs are fake or real and Dorothy's attempts at being funny, I cannot watch FOX in the morning anymore unless both of them are on vacation or something They both have that same scratchy, squeeky voice that makes me want to poke my ears out with a
really sharp knife that's been dipped in acid.

2263 days ago


hey *that's a dude*...

if i think she's HOT then that would make me a LESBIAN, not BI....

just saying

she's cool, stop hating. watch cnn if you want boring news.

2263 days ago


Jillian thinks she looks like Sharon Tate and she thinks her husband looks like Christian Bale...Could this woman be more deluded!!!!! She looks as hard as nails with those freakish drawn on eyebrows and caked on make-up!! Grant is a bum who sits at home and lives off of her the way he's no Christian Bale...You could watch a movie off of that huge forehead! Get a grip Jill...Take off about 5 lbs of that 60's make-up (it really ages you and makes you look like a tranny) Stop acting like you think you're a "big star" with all that obnoxious name dropping....lose that leech of a loser husband, (actor wannabe) and that would be a start! By the way I watch the show for Dorothy and Steve I love those two.

2263 days ago


This skanky ho is annoying to watch..that's why i haven't wach the Fox 11 Morning News due to this ho...she is annoying and ugly..I couldn't believe either they allowed her to dress so trashy...she looks very vulgar and has nothing interesting to say...she is a total airhead bitch...She is crappy and if I hear her on t.v. or see her I inmedieately change the channel or turn off my t.v. I hope they give her the boot soon!!!

2263 days ago


hate her, hate her, HATE HER! i want to be able to get paid for not doing my job. she does not do the weather - she just stands around, BSing while the forecast rolls behind her. i'm surprised that Steve Edwards has not put a bullet in his head for having to sit between her and Dorothy Lucy. note the the "ladies" - YOU ARE NOT FUNNY! SHUT THE F UP AND DO YOUR JOB!

2263 days ago

I Knowz It    

Jillian is SO lame. She has the biggest EGO... she sickening to watch in the morning. For those of us who live in LA you'd know that she suddenly DISAPPEARED off he Fox A.M. broadcast for a few weeks -- then came back less 30 pounds right in time for her Nutrasystem Superbowl ads to air. Fat farm anyone??? And YES -- in the "before" tent dress shots she is PREGNANT! Nutrasystem should be sued for false advertising. Jillian's inane blather and total preoccupation with herself is so grotesque. I actually like the other morning anchors but Jillian ruins it for me. Oh yeah, she also has a hideous horseface, tree stump legs and can't someone for the love of God get a rat to gnaw that THING off her face? I would also like to know why her hairstylist HATES her so much (well... I think I can guess) to keepcoloring her limp, lifeless turd-curls such dreary, unflattering colors. Oh my God I feel better now having vented. Thanks TMZ for the slow news day!

2263 days ago
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