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Kelsey Can't Stand the Heat -- Sued Over Kitchen

7/8/2008 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer is being sued by a company that installed his kitchen -- not once, not twice, but, we're told, three times.

In the suit, filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, The Last Detail claims it did a ton of work for Kelsey and Camille but got stiffed to the tune of $148,135.52. Sounds like a lot of money -- even for Malibu -- except our spies say Kelsey and Camille kept changing their minds. She didn't like the color, he didn't like this and that ... blah, blah blah. Plus, they kept expanding the scope of work.

We're told they kept promising to pay and at one point the company was allegedly told they would pay when Kelsey was in a "good mood." Apparently, she has irritable bowels ... he's just irritable.

Grammer could not be reached for comment.


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First comment : bling :

I've heard nothing bad crappy things about Kelsey! Hope he gets whats coming to him, he looks cheap too!

2306 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Hate those that always say "first"

2306 days ago


Now Camille...picking at that nose job won't make it look any better than your kitchen!

2306 days ago


Well , I guess Kelsey's true colors are shining through. All the money he has and he refuses to pay these hard working,blue collar workers after all he and his wife put them through. He needs to settle this now before more of his fans hear about this.
What a JERK OFF !!!!!!!!!

2305 days ago


$148,135.52 for a new kitchen! Wow and I thought I was being extravagant for wanting a new toaster that toasts 4 slices of bread at one time instead of two. If I had that much money, I could pay someone for a few years to come in and cook breakfast for my kids before we head out for work and school.

They should have to pay interest on what they owe the company.

Quit injecting your lips and pay your bills!

2305 days ago


well this doesnt surprise me jim carey is always a funny dude but changing to mcarthys swimsuit lol

2305 days ago


Doosh should just die like his brothers and sisters and parents and all the other people who died
because they can't stand being related to a doosh

2305 days ago


So he's going to pay the workers when he get in a good mood???? Geeesh his moodness is irrelevent. Im sure other vendors and workers out there are taking notice of this. Next time he should be charged up front !

2305 days ago


Perez site has fun new twist, but the comments are GARBAGE, all GARBAGE

2305 days ago


Irritable bowels? Good thing they weren't remodeling the bathroom!

2305 days ago


Their kitchen probably didn't come with a toilet. I wouldn't have paid either if the left out the toilet.

p.s. November 10th is toilet day in Japan

Just thought you should know!

2305 days ago


Hate those that always say "first"
by Geemoo

Dear Geemoo, #2

I noticed your comment, and I just had to respond. You may hate "those that always say first", but there's a lot of us who like to play that game. It's the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat that makes us even more competitive for the next opportunity to participate. Actually, I didn't understand it until recently, but once I did, and once I tried it, I loved it. So, that's that. I hope you comprehend my explanation.

On another note, I love Kelsey Grammer. I think he's awesome. I hope he and his wife don't lose any sleep over this; however, if he is responsible for that bill, he SHOULD pay it, and pay up as soon as possible. I don't like that "game", nor do I "play it." I surely hope it's a huge misunderstanding. People's reputations shouldn't be tarnished over a bill that could be easily paid, at least I'm assuming it could be easily paid. He IS a celebrity, and they seem to all have disposable income, so to speak. *SIGH*


At any rate, I do have one more thing to add. If you give to a charity, please donate to a more rare cause, meaning something that's not of the usual, if that makes sense. There's so many out there, much more than you would ever even think, and if you would just educate yourself on these, there may be more happy endings.

2305 days ago


Pretengious people are so annoying! Why can't they take up a hobby like knitting or golf?

2305 days ago


I met Kelsey on two occasions, and I have to say that of the dozens of celebrities that I have met and worked with over the years, he was THE biggest jerk of ALL by FAR. Total pompous ass, probably guilty of anything you could imagine and more besides.

2305 days ago


All this frikin' $$$$$ for a damn kitchen she'll NEVER cook in! What a bunch of hooey! This just shows you how self absorbed some people can be with all their money.

Kelsey, pay up the company, and while you're at it, hire a professinal/personal chef 'cause you know Camille probably can't boil water, much less know where to find a cook pan!

2305 days ago
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