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Mr. October Desperate to Be Mr. Relevant

7/8/2008 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When we caught up with Yankee great Reggie Jackson, 62, yesterday in NYC, he jumped all over the coattails of Mr. Anti-October, Alex Rodriguez, just for a little pap-preciation.

Who knew Reggie was such an attention whore?

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didnt know he was still alive

2298 days ago


He was fine in the little interview....but it did remind me of when I met him in person...I couldnt get over how short of a man he is. If you saw the Japanese people walk by in the video you can get an idea of just how little of a guy he is---they were taller than he was. He reminds of the Randy Newman song, "Short People".

The TV never was able to show how short he is, the did close ups and he hit all those home runs so everyone thought he must be some giant of a man....Not the case at all-----a short, short, short little man.

He's said a lot of bone headed things along the way of life too---was glad to see in this clip he left out Race, Religion, Politics, and George Steinbrenner.

2298 days ago


It seems to me your photog approached him, I didn't see Reggie chasing him down. To some of us this guy is a million times more relevant than 3/4 of the "celebs" you guys have on here. Your photog must not be that familiar with who Reggie is...you give the guy a mic and he's gonna go on and on and on about his favorite subject...REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!

2298 days ago


Leave that Hall Of Famer alone!!!!!! You guys don't know how to respect those that deserve respect. That man LOOKS ABSOLUTELY wonderful @ 62! Wow! GO REGGIE! :) Ms. Proud2bBlack......

2298 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Why do old baseball players, even legends, think it's fine to look so ancient...with their no hair, white hair and wrinkles? Women hold themselves to a highegr standard than these old things like Reg.

2298 days ago


Reggie Jackson is one of the all time great Post Season Performers.

Why would you rip on him.

He's a Legend.

I hate the TMZ. You Guys are Lame.

2298 days ago

Puter Boi    

Attention whore?

You ass wipes are the ones pointing the cameras at the guy.

2298 days ago


The only ones who are desperate, day in and day out, are you sickos at TMZ.

2298 days ago


LOL, Little K are you for real? Not every ballplayer is like Keith Hernandez...they are athletes not actors or models. They don't need the wigs, dye jobs or plastic surgery, they look they way they look! He's known for his bat, not his mug.

2298 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Looks like he's had a few too many Reggie Bars!!!

2298 days ago


Reggie was walking inside the ropes at the US Open golf playoff last month between Rocco and Tiger. As he walked by and fans like me noticed him, he simply blew us off. I guess he wanted to be associated with Tiger Woods, but he wouldn't give the fans as much as a smile and forget an autograph. It was dissappointing. He's definitely a lot shorter than I thought he'd be and unless he was giving Tiger Woods golf tips - he's certainly just an attention whore!

2298 days ago

Maude Jennings    

"Attention whore?" If he had refused to talk to TMZ, you would have posted this picture with a caption calling him "Rude". Reggie is a baseball legend. TMZ should really start treating people with some respect. Why not try to change your reporting style to something that is a little more respectable.....just a thought? You could try reporting in a more "Grown-up" rather than "Adolescent" style. The guy actually took some time to speak to TMZ, and you slammed him. What a way to treat one of America's baseball greats!

2298 days ago


Hey man, leave the guy alone.

I like it so much when TMZ does the occasional story of a classy celebrity or athlete.

When TMZ gives props to classy people or classy outfits I find it heartwarming.

Sure I love watching the pretty young train wrecks and all those shots of Kim Kardashian's booty (which is actually beautiful by the way) as much as the next TMZ fan.

Girls in skimpy outfits, a tipsy Cheryl Burke and stars generally acting goofy is what makes TMZ the TMZ I love to watch.

But why pick on a sports legend?

Sometimes it's just better to leave a simple story alone and let it carry itself rather than trying to spice it up when it doesn't need it.

2297 days ago

set the record stright    

Talk about spin! You guys approached him and you have the audacity to say he is an attention whore! Come on. The guy is a baseball hero. Stop trying to create an inflammatory story when the only story is that Reggie Jackson is a nice classy guy who looks great and still loves New York!

2293 days ago

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