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John Cusack: You Played Me, Now Pay Me

7/9/2008 10:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Cusack is suing a movie production company because it didn't have stopping power. Let us explain.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Cusack claims Intermedia Film Equities USA convinced him to star in a film called "Stopping Power." According to the suit, Cusack was guaranteed $4.5 million, whether the movie was made or not. And he was promised all his expenses would be paid, including $50k to cover the costs of his staff on location.

Pitbull lawyer Marty Singer, who filed the suit, claims Cusack traveled to Germany and began production, but Intermedia came to him and said they couldn't afford to pay him the guarantee and eventually canceled production.

The suit claims Intermedia and the other defendants never had the funds to pay Cusack and fraudulently induced him to travel to Germany and then tried and renegotiate a lower fee. Now that's a Grosse Pointe.

Cusack wants $5,600,000 plus punitives.


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***Brenda***Couldn't have said it better myself sweetheart! How true!!!

2296 days ago


I cannot stand him and his whiney self. He lost the lead role in War Games to Matthew Broderick years ago and has been a crying whiney baby ever sinse. His acting is below par. If he is in a movie, I refuse to watch it. Even if its on ABC Monday night movie. YUK!

2296 days ago


Give'em Hell John. Love what you've done over the years and with a 1yr old at home, LOVE that Joan's the narrator to Peep and the Big Wide World -- love the animated show for the wee lad. Cheers from Ottawa, Canada! -- Dave & Jenny

2296 days ago


He's a mediocre actor making big demands. Who sees his movies anyway?

2296 days ago


He's smart, I hope he wins it. To all you cranky haters, leave my Lloyd Dobbler alone. Cusak is a great actor, it's not his fault Hollywood would rather use younger idiots ot make moronic movies that pander to the ignorant masses rather than let all these seasoned actors go to waste and never make interesting or intelligent films.

I'm sick of superhero/comic and raunchy comedy movies. When is Hollywood going to realize we aren't all frat boys and make movies for the rest of us? So help me if they put another lame sequal out there I'm afraid God may turn an earthquake on Cali that makes all the studios fall into the ocean. FOR REALZ!

2296 days ago

Buck Turgid    

Limp wisted? Weelwee.

2296 days ago


Sorry but this is what contracts are FOR. If he signed the contract and then tried to back out they'd be suing HIS ass. If they don't have the money, they can file bankruptcy and prove it.

2296 days ago


"Lawsuits don't get released, movies do."

2296 days ago


Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Such an angry liberal. Get a real job John. Maybe Hugo Chavez will pay for his next trip?

2296 days ago


Ah should he get that money yes only to give to people who have been plagued by him all that had to endure ,,,,,,,,,,,,TO ALL THAT HAD TO ENDURE............NEVER MAKE A MOVIE AGAIN PLEASE LET US GO>>>>>>>>>LET US ( WE ARE PEOPLE) GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2296 days ago


мне 15 лет и мне нравится джон

1431 days ago
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