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Miss Washington Blames Seedy Friends

7/9/2008 9:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington should know better -- everything shows up on the Internet!

In a press conference today in Tacoma, Wash., Elyse Umemoto said the photos posted earlier today on TMZ were "stolen electronically" by someone she trusted.

Miss Bad Apple claims the photos were shot over two years ago, while she was Miss Seattle. The Executive Director of the pageant tells us the matter has been referred to authorities for investigation, although when we talked to local cops, they had no idea what we were talking about.

Umemoto -- who gets to keep her crown -- will be on hand this Saturday night to crown her successor.

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No Avatar

Never inked up!    

When did it become okay to behave so, lets say, loose? Girls today are a trip! They think its a game to play the slut off as I call it. They ACT like they are bi, when MOST of these girls just kiss other girls because they think they need to impress the boys, then they all think they need to have the slutty dance off, then maybe we may see some little girl boobs next.
Who knows, maybe they will let some perfect stranger lick their chest doing a shot. Hey anything is possible with girls today.

WHAT is happening to you young girls? This is a "having a good time"?!!!! Its the MTV, the Jerry Springers and Girls gone wild that all of you thinking this is the way to be. PLEASE STOP ALREADY, YOU MAKE US ALL LOOK BAD!!!

Too bad, I wish these Mothers would teach these grils how to be a LADY!!!!!! Not the tramp at the bar.

You need to decide in this life, do I want to be a nice girl or a pig? I chose nice girl, there are MANY more benefits.

2264 days ago


With all that is going on in this world we live in, I don't find the need for these pictures to be nearly as big a topic as they are. Americans need to learn to relax. The fact that she is a beauty queen doesn't then make her perfect. All of the self-righteous people on here calling her a whore etc... Please!!!!!! There are regular television commercials that air daily in countries other than the USA, which are much, much more provocative and sexually explicit than these ever-loving pictures. Everyone, with a few southern Baptist exceptions, has had fun with their friends and made funny pictures etc. while in there twenties. Give her a break. Ever think there is the small chance she is Miss Washington and Human all at the same time? Don't go cleaning someone else’s closet out until yours is empty is all I'm sayin'!

2264 days ago


The photos don't bother me. I believe people should be able to expect a certain amount of privacy no matter how public their lives are. That being said, could she have made that speech any less passionate or sincere? That speech was clearly written by a PR firm, and not some beauty pageant contestant, and was read like it was Dr. Seuss. If that was her idea of "genuine", she might want to go a different way next time. I didn't buy it one bit.

2264 days ago


Why don't you oh so holy people get a life and shut the hell up morons. Leave the girl alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2264 days ago


I am only but a man and she is beautiful.... are these pictures at????

2264 days ago


Let her keep her crown. These girls are supposed to represent the values and the best that their state has to offer. Since she is a graduate of Evergreen State college and a Washington resident, I believe she displayed the exact morality of this liberal, secular, socialist state and the teachings of her Alma mater. After all, what do you expect from an air-headed liberal?

2264 days ago


She is is the business of being a role model, ya know? So she should be that. I'm so over all these beauty queens getting themselves photographed doing questionable things! It's almost like it's on purpose now. A ticket to stardom.... maybe a reality t.v. show if they are lucky enough.

2264 days ago


Why doesn't she blame HERSELF? She knowingly put that stupid crown on her head, and then knowingly faced a camera and knowingly presented a rude gesture. So what if someone 'stole' the picture, the fact is, she did it and how the picture was leaked is immaterial.

I'm no pageant fan myself, and other than the obvious qualifications of needing to look good, I realize I would be hard-pressed to act the part of a pageant contestant. I am surly, mean and rude. I flipped the bird, tell people to f* off and delight in questionable humor. Even with that knowledge, I'm better qualified to wear that crown than this loser, because I understand about honor and commitment and respect. I am an athiest, but on the occasion I've found myself in church for a wedding or funeral, I have conducted myself in a manner befitting someone who respects the institution and the people who do believe. My behavior and dress are in keeping with that respect for others. That's what you do.

When you voluntarily opt to enter an organization and expect support and encouragement from them, for financial gain, then you are obligated to extend the courtesy of respect and honor. To do otherwise, and then shrug off responsibility because you were just having 'fun' is the sign of a weak character and poor upbringing.

2264 days ago


Umm, why couldn't admit that she was genuinely wrong and stupid? She talks about being the victim, but she's not. Not only does she have bad judgement in conducting her personal life, she also has bad judgement in choosing friends. Girls who enter and win these pageants are not expected to be perfect or 'on' 24/7, but when they do 'let their hair down' the nature of the character they claim as beyond reproach in all their interviews, should be on display. Character and morals and ethics never ever change when you're 'relaxing with friends'. Those qualities are a part of you. They can be faked for limited amounts of time, but they are intrinsic to your personality.

Also, from the video, it's obvious her 'talent' wasn't acting.

2264 days ago


Since when is flipping the bird "fun" ? I hope she loses her crown AND I hope her "career" is destroyed. Get a clue, you branless bimbo's trying to skate through life on have to have some class, too. She makes me sick!

2264 days ago


Those were shocking pics. I feel bad for her. But like Courtney said. they were pictures of her, and they did do those things. So Miss Washington is to blame.

2264 days ago

Luv Miss Washington    

These photos match up well with most women aged 21-24 and what they are doing. What's the big deal? She rocks, I'd like to go party with her.

I can't believe the furor when some young beauty gets caught partying like everyone else in the demographic. Go to any bar and you'll see this same stuff.

2264 days ago


what a pathetic whore!!! stop lying bitch!

2264 days ago


Well, that makes sense. The photos were taken during her reign as Miss Seattle when she was still turning tricks. That changes everything.

2264 days ago


What a stupid bitch! I wouldn't want that slut representing my state. She says that it was when she was Miss Seattle like that makes it acceptable to act like the trash that she is.

2264 days ago
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