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Miss Washington --

One Bad Apple!

7/9/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington 2007 might wanna take the crown off before flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on and making suggestive oral sex gang signs.

Elyse Umemoto
Elyse Umemoto, who was the second runner-up in this year's Miss America pageant, ran on a platform promoting diversity and women's empowerment. The Evergreen State must be so proud.

Miss Washington Executive Field Director Mike Miller tells TMZ the organization is "embarrassed," and issued this lengthy statement.


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Diana Lara    


2261 days ago

Chris M    

A little bit nutty. A little bit slutty. I'm a fan. My first thought was that she seems smart.

2261 days ago


Well, I was a girl growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, and endured watching many a Miss America pageant on tv (this was B.C. - Before Cable, not much on and I didn't have any say in the channel selection). I just thought it was boring entertainment. They were trying to win prizes, just like on some other game shows. It was an advertising gimmick, nothing earth-shaking about it. Nice for them if they won something, but really nothing to do with me.

It never once occurred to me to consider the participants as anything but entertainers, just like professional athletes, actors, comedians, etc. - certainly not "role models" or anybody to "look up to".

Honestly, how can you take anything seriously that features a "swimsuit competition"?!? Even in grade school, I knew there were other ways to get scholarships...

If this was obvious to me by the age of 8 or 9, I'm sure today's young girls won't be crestfallen or in danger of losing their immortal souls if they happen to notice the off-stage antics of Miss Washington.

2261 days ago


Oh Yeah The Dark Knight, all women in So. CA are gorgeous. NOT! Pumped up fake-boob bleach blonds and fat hispanic chicks make up 99% of the women I've seen there...

2261 days ago


The fact that she posed for all those STUPID pictures is not the big deal (although they seem more appropriate for an immature 17-year-old than a 23-year-old woman) -- the big deal is that she posed for them WEARING THE DAMN CROWN!! How stupid can you get?

2261 days ago


I think you all that are so uptight and bent out of shape over these pictures are a bunch of morons. take a pill and chill. there nothing really bad in any of the pictures first. second if they were ripped off from her personal pictures than you should and would have never seen them. only some other person wants to shame her or make a buck off her. she flipped the bird on a picture whoopie you ever think maybe at the time the picture was taken that she didn't want to be bothered and the pertson takening the picture kept bothering her someone she knew. get your heads out of the stoneage. theirs like maybe three not so nice picture involving all hand gestures. another in bra and boxers? taken by the other gal in bra and boxers? see camera flash. big deal you see more of women in bikinis these days than that picture. go to and beach in california or florida. heck their almost wearing nothing,nowadays they might as well be at a nude beach.most of you are just bent out of shape way to much. you need to get a life. as I said so she flip the bird whoopie thought I might see something bad. these photos big deal.what are you all 100 years old. never seen someone flip the bird. must not drive down a freeway at rush hour in any major city. so she was wearing her crown a couple of times.doesn't every girl want a tara. just shut up and get a life people.

2261 days ago

Media whores    

Sorry... intelligent, respectable girls of any age do not act like this. They simply don't.
And the only reason any of you women would condone this is to justify your own lifestyle.
But hey, if you want men to treat you as a brainless sex object and nothing more, then by all means follow her lead!
We men will continue to use you for our own pleasure (but we won't be taking you home to mom).
But hey, who needs respect?!

2261 days ago

pop eye    

163. Sorry... intelligent, respectable girls of any age do not act like this. They simply don't.

You are absolutely, 100%, one trillion percent, correct. Good girls do not do this. I don't care what anyone says. The vast demographic on this site may think it is normal and cool, it isn't normal or cool. A good girl who has enough beauty and connections to win the state crown does not do this. Legitimate state beauty winners start making their rounds at charity events, tea parties, and upper class social gatherings to further their future propects and education. What a complete idiot. If I had that beauty, prevelige and honor, I would be milking that bessie's teeters with both arms and legs at the same time. (No, I'm not a farm girl). But damn, what a lose of opportunity.

2261 days ago

washington res    

Hey dark knight, spread your love for socal around and tell them to stop moving here. There are too many people from cali coming up to live in Oregon and Washington. Thanks

2261 days ago


As a Washintonian I am disgusted. As someone who cares about young women, it's troubling that she is a role model. If she had any class, she would voluntarily relinquish the crown. I was a skank like her once, but I never had the audacity to think I could be Miss WA! These pageants are stupid anyway. Perhaps these pcitures more accurately depict what beauty pageants really ARE about. Sex. Why else do they have swimsuit contests? DUH. Perhaps as this kind of lude behavior becomes more and more common place, we'll all stop paying attention. Then TMZ will have nothing to report. Ahhhhh shucks. HAHAHA! It's all such BS. There are so many grave issues facing us and here we are talking about this crap. We're all stoopid. It'll be the death of us.

2261 days ago

The Buz    

The photo's have ID'd the wrong girl. This is Miss I Da "HO"

2261 days ago


I have worked with Elyse at a few speaking engagements, and let me tell you that she is an incredibly smart and gracious woman. Thos of you who are trying to jusge her entire life over a few "adult" pictures that were her own private pictures need to get a life.

When did we as a country become so offended by a photo of a person making a funny flip off the camera photo? It's not like she took the photo on a red carpet or took out an ad in the Seattle Times. The "eating out" photo was pretty graphic. But as adults I think we can handle it.

The one of her in her bra is actually showing less skin then she does in her sanctioned Miss America swimsuit competition. Yet you all want to condemn her for these photos. Yeesh.

2261 days ago


This is so weird. As a young girl, I used to watch Miss America. They were always so poised and seemed like, "the perfect woman"...whatever that means. so miss america is supposed to mean what exactly? because they are blessed with perfect looks, perfect features, they can use their looks to "help out other countries"...
(i dont really like "quotes")

you look at these pictures...they are boring! every 20something and younger has boring photos like this on their myspace pages.
miss america is just young kids really...19, 20-23 year olds...
i dont know? forget it...

2261 days ago

R U 4 REAL    

In appropriate? Maybe, but how about punishing the fool who stole her camera in the first place? Did TMZ give the name of who they bought the pictures from to law enforcement? After all they were stolen.

2261 days ago


Well before the pageant she cheated on her capstone, was caught, and denied a degree. So why should she be a better role model now? She and Megan should both be ashamed of the complete ass's that they made of themselves, you think you look sexy? Think again. Good luck finding true friends who will respect you. You will forever be thought of as the sluts, and drunks that you have captured yourselves as in these degrading photos. Who needs a degree any way? right ladies?

2261 days ago
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