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Miss Washington --

One Bad Apple!

7/9/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington 2007 might wanna take the crown off before flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on and making suggestive oral sex gang signs.

Elyse Umemoto
Elyse Umemoto, who was the second runner-up in this year's Miss America pageant, ran on a platform promoting diversity and women's empowerment. The Evergreen State must be so proud.

Miss Washington Executive Field Director Mike Miller tells TMZ the organization is "embarrassed," and issued this lengthy statement.


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Looks to me the girl in the first picture with her , her little friend that is making some retarded lip thing, idk, guess she thinks it's hot, BUT, to me it looks as though she took the pics, kind of set the girl up, u know how girls get around eachother, JUST so she could have 15mins of fame, I BET she was the one who ''let'' the pics out, i mean come on, look at the bathroom pic, ANYWAYS, and it is a big deal,I won't go into it, because others have done such a great job calling this tila wannabe trash and it's shi* how she is representing and blah blah blah, I AGREE, that's that. O and to the IDIOT who obviously doesn't have kids, saying, whats the big deal it;s nothing too bad, HA, yea you are '' RIGHT'' showing signs of giving oral pleasure to another female isn't bad, or flippin the camera off ( saying Fuh-q) ins't bad, O and drinking? Looks like she had about 4 different drinks, but that isn't bad? That isn't having fun, that's being a disaster and when you get the oppurtunity to be in the public eye of such a legite contest ( miss anything) then wear it well, which she did NOT in any way shape or form, BE THANKFUL, which SHE isn't. Anyways I wonder if they tested her for drugs how many would pop up

2297 days ago


I thought she was suppose to be a roll model...well... she ain't..someone take the crown. Young people are WAY out of hand..this world is going to be a nightmare in about 10 years..this gneration doesn't get it...RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS!!!!

2297 days ago




2297 days ago


Oh jeeeeze...another beauty queen gone bad. Its funny, they have to act all prim and proper in order to get the crown and then they do a 180 after. If you're not gonna represent the crown the right way, then dont' bother even trying to wear it. You're supposed to be a "roll model", even as silly as the tradition is, so act like it.

2297 days ago


You can't say that it's a double standard if Mr. Universe took pictures like that. Miss America and Mr. Universe are totally different things so no comparison. Mr. Universe is a BODY BUILDING competition and has nothing to do with trying to be a role model for anyone other than other body builders. They don't make stupid speeches about trying to save the world and about being a role model for young girls like these women do in yes, she SHOULD be held to a different standard because of what she is trying to pretend she is. Yes, she's young and will make mistakes...but at least wait until you finish your reign before making a drunken ass out of yourself and for god sakes, don't do your crap wearing your stupid crown. What an idiot!

2297 days ago

washington res    

Scooter, you sound like a bitch.  Get that stick out of your ass and relax.  Why do you assume the whole state is involved?  There's lots to do up here.

2297 days ago


This would have been better if it was Miss Utah.

2297 days ago


Yet another sign that many young people have completely lost connection with morality. Sexual aggressiveness in behavior, dress and attitudes seem to be becoming the norm rather than an anomaly. Are they mimics of their "role models", what they see on movie screens and television? It has to be coming from somewhere.

And it's not getting any better, either.

2297 days ago


She is young and dumb. If she was going to allow pictures to be taken she should have taken off the crown. It is unfortunate some girls do not realize the permanacey of film and photographs, they never go away...

2297 days ago


I 100% agree with #30. If you had met Elyse you would know exactly why they are not pulling her title. Besides the fact that she will be giving it up in a matter of days anyway - she is an amazing speaker, person AND queen. We will always be honored to have had her as our Miss Washington. Elyse is such a funny girl (of legal drinking age) who made a mistake. I know she feels horrible for the embarassment she has caused herself and the organization - but I agree she should retain her crown for these last few days. Whats worse is this person that "leaked" these photos during her final week - an aweful betrayal of friendship.

2297 days ago

Gavin McGavin    

Once again the puritanicals are at it again. She's a kid. Let her live a little. Why don't you get back on the Mayflower and go back to your mother England.

2297 days ago


Each of you who are talking bad about someone you don't know should keep your comments to yourself. You obviously are basing your opinions on this one instance and haven't done any research on the girl she really is and what she has done for the Miss Washington program. For those of you who are not a fan a pageants do not know the true pageant world. The Miss America program does so much for young women and our country and no they do not just say whatever they think will make them "look" good. While the choices she made during these pictures were not the best, think of the times you have done something you regretted and someone found out. That probably wasn't your intention and I know this wasn't hers. Miss Washington is a wonderful young women with great potential and huge plans for her future. I am proud to have her as a representative to our state. How dare you speak ill of someone you don't even know.

2297 days ago


She is terribly ugly. I don't see how she received a crown in the first place. She seems to be a little slow, (missing a few cards out of the deck) if you know what I mean. I say take her crown and beat her with it. It couldn't hurt can bet that.

2297 days ago


Leave the girl alone...she gives up her crown to the next Miss WA in 4 days anyway. Let her enjoy her last week as Miss WA.

2297 days ago


I can only imagine how this girl is feeling.

2297 days ago
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