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Miss Washington --

One Bad Apple!

7/9/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Washington 2007 might wanna take the crown off before flipping off the camera, getting her Beer Pong on and making suggestive oral sex gang signs.

Elyse Umemoto
Elyse Umemoto, who was the second runner-up in this year's Miss America pageant, ran on a platform promoting diversity and women's empowerment. The Evergreen State must be so proud.

Miss Washington Executive Field Director Mike Miller tells TMZ the organization is "embarrassed," and issued this lengthy statement.


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john b    


they are being drunk and stupid. and if no one has ever acted funny or stupid for a pic, then you are on the wrong website.

Sounds like a true representation of any state to me.

2274 days ago


To summarize the statement: There's nothing wrong with being a trashy skank; the problem is getting caught. Lesson: Don't get caught.

2274 days ago

i hate hollywood    

Are you shocked at all? im not. This is how most girls that age act. Arrogant, trying to be "urban" or gangster when they are pure white bread, and trying to be as "fabulous" as the twits they see on tv like Paris and all the other brainless faces that make money for being a face and a skank whore....this is what america is turning into, and the parents are allowing it.

2274 days ago


..shut up. soo irks. =0)

86. Each of you who are talking bad about someone you don't know should keep your comments to yourself. You obviously are basing your opinions on this one instance and haven't done any research on the girl she really is and what she has done for the Miss Washington program. For those of you who are not a fan a pageants do not know the true pageant world. The Miss America program does so much for young women and our country and no they do not just say whatever they think will make them "look" good. While the choices she made during these pictures were not the best, think of the times you have done something you regretted and someone found out. That probably wasn't your intention and I know this wasn't hers. Miss Washington is a wonderful young women with great potential and huge plans for her future. I am proud to have her as a representative to our state. How dare you speak ill of someone you don't even know.

Posted at 11:32AM on Jul 9th 2008 by Yoshi

2274 days ago


Wow... this is news? This is about as shocking as Oprah's bunyon photos. Seriously... no one else out there acts like an idiot when they party with their friends? Give me a break.

2274 days ago


Throw her crown away from her she is a cheap whore ,low class ,disgusting to be a Miss she she doesn't deseve it the crown is a title to someone is deserved she is not the one for it she took this pageant for granted she will be good doing phonography she should change for that life style is her best career.,she makes the pageant look pretty cheap

2274 days ago


Great..another nasty chick in the public eye!

2274 days ago

TMZ reader    

hahahah most of the people are overreacting to this. Oh wow shes drinking and goofing off and partying with her friends just like EVERYONE else does with their friends. Half the people on here who are claiming shes was "inapropriate" probably did the same thing when they were her age. geez just leave the girl alone and let her have some fun. She works so hard and does all these things to make her self look like a role-model, does that mean that a role model isnt aloud to have any fun??? and with the "gang signs" hahah they arent gang signs they are just oral sex gestures... another thing that most kids start doing when they are like 15. at least she isnt knock-up, a druggie, an alcoholic or anything else that most people are in the world. shes just a teenager having a little fun with her friends so leave the god damn girl alone.

2274 days ago


people act like they have never done something as silly as this. We are all human and have fun with our friends whichever way we choose to. i think people need to get of their high horses and let her party how ever she wants when she is with her friends... that is none of our business..............

2274 days ago


Oh come on..... A) she's actually of LEGAL DRINKING AGE (unlike half the celebutramps we hear about getting DUI's lately) B) she DID NOT get a DUI (not even any shots of her driving a car, only in the back of a limo.... Paris, Nicole and LiLo should take her lead!) C) she isn't doing anything anyone else who is 23 years old hasn't already done (and I bet 50% of you reading this did it LONG before you were 23!!!!)

The only thing she did that I don't approve of is being in the public eye, representing a reputable organization, and making the 'lick the crocth' hand sign. Woo hoo. How horrible. Why yank her crown??? The last Prom Queen who actually got BUSTED for something FAR worse than drinking with her friends and flashing a less than lady like innuendo hand sign, DID NOT get her crown yanked... So if you wanna stip a girls crown, don't rag on this girl, go for the jugular and get the last tramp that f*ed up worse.

2274 days ago


Care to explain THAT RACIST remark, John and OMG???

2274 days ago


TMZ reader ~ You might want to "damn" someone you know!

2274 days ago


Who cares, pagents are out-dated anyway. This isn't 1950. They serve no purpose anymore.

2274 days ago

New National Queen    

She did not!! Take her crown away! I am shocked. She got scholarships & now her job is to represent Miss America & her platform and do it well. The public is her customer. If I went in to work & flipped off customers & my boss saw pictures of it, don't you think I would be fired immediately?! She should apologize for her lack of common sense & give her title up on her own. Who can take her seriously as a role model?
The point of a crown is to do good with it. It is not a "trophy", especially not at Miss America. You don't get bragging rights for your pretty face. There a million pretty faces. If you want to show off and get a trophy for having a pretty face then go to Playboy or Maxim. You get bragging rights for how you were involoved with your platform and who you helped! If a genuine girl is taking her title to heart & seriously, she will always be a CLASSY LADY and flipping off cameras is NEVER classy! What is worse is that she has the crown on! NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE!!!! Miss America title holders on every level are women people are supposed to look up to, women who enjoy doing good for others. They are not supposed to act like everday trash! NO EXCUSES!!!! When her year is up, she can do whatever she wants but that title gives her a responsibility and since she can't act like a classy, responsible adult, it should be taken away from her. Period.
I am sooo sick of girls who are using pageants only to get into the world of Hollywood & celebrityism. That is what model, talent and strictly swimsuit competitions are for NOT beauty pageants that require a platform.
I will be using my new crown to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It feels good to volunteer & help raise $$ so kids with life-threatening illnesses can have that one special moment where their greatest dream comes true. For me, acting like an irresponsible adult with no respect for my title would not feel good & I promise you, you will NOT ever see me drunk and partying with my crown on and you will not see me flipping off cameras! When I won my tile, I was told "You can drink in public but remember the world is now your stage. Don't ever do anything you wouldn't want to see on the front page of tomorrows paper." That is just good advice for everyone whether you have a title or not!

2274 days ago


I wonder what kind of lives the sanctimonious, "yank her crown, she's a slut" crowd lead...never made a dumb mistake, like posing for dumb photos when you were hanging w/friends? Or maybe you did your dumb stuff b4 the internet, which has spawned our minute by minute celebrity-obsessed culture and changed our privacy standards. Furthermore, how can you make the jump from dumb photos to sex tapes? That's like saying a mother who slaps her daughter (for taking dumb photos and posting them on her MySpace page) will end up abusing her.

As for the "standards" pageants many really want their daughters to aspire to a "scholarship program" that involves marching around in a swim suit as a major component? People who believe that pageant reps (and actors, models, etc.) are responsible for setting the moral tone of our country (the world) are living in denial. Since Hollywood was born, since pageants were born, there has been "immoral" behavior - the difference bet. now and 30- 50 years ago is that there was a studio system (Hollywood) which protected its actors (see "Hollywood Babylon") and similar protections for pageant participants.

I participated in pageants, and benefited and grew from the experience for 6 years. I made some lifelong friends and learned to appreciate my family's and community's support - I am from an economically depressed area, and it was my ticket to college and grad. school. I also learned some sad, hard lessons - I met participants who were abused by handlers, parents, boyfriends; beautiful girls w/no self esteem or common sense; girls w/severe eating disorders; girls who had emotional break downs; girls who were addicts - alcohol, presc. drugs, illegal drugs; girls who had abortions and girls just doing dumb stuff...just like everyone else (except, apparently, the negative posters). Look into your own glass houses and stop throwing stones at everyone else's.

2274 days ago
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